Sex and prostitution in Ubon Ratchathani: An overview


Although the casual observer might not notice, there is quite a bit of sex and prostitution in Ubon Ratchathani. In some ways that is to be expected. Although the city can seem a bit sleepy, Ubon is one of the “big four” cities of the Isaan region. It is also located in Thailand, which is famous the world over for it’s immense commercial sex industry.

Spread throughout Ubon Ratchathani are numerous bars, clubs, massage shops, soapy massage parlors, and karaoke clubs where gals and guys mingle on a nightly basis. The obvious result of the intermingling is a copious amount of copulation. Especially when cash comes into play. Money has long been considering a leading aphrodisiac. In Isaan, it can definitely have an effect.

Massage parlors in Ubon Ratchathani

Regular Thai massage parlors don’t necessarily abound in Ubon. But they can be found. As you might expect, some even staff ladies who add happy endings to their full body massages for tips. They places aren’t necessarily easy to find, but they are somewhat obvious. Narin Massage has a large number of ladies seated out front each night. At least some of them are happy to provide hand service for a few hundred Baht on top of the price of admission.

sexy lady from Anaconda Bar

Other places are more straight forward, but they are even less common in the city. Z-Through Spa is the main body to body massage parlor in Ubon. The shop has a number of attractive ladies in their twenties. They offer a nude erotic massage with lubed up handjob finish for 1700 Baht ($57 USD). To their credit, the management and ladies at Z-Through are upfront about the fact that they do not offer full service.

Soapy massage parlors

Ubon is home to two soapy massage parlors. There was a third called Long Beach, but it finally went out of business after staggering along on its last legs for a while. Still even two soapies might be too much for a city of the size.

Palace on Phalochai Road. is the older of the two soapy massages in Ubon Ratchathani. The building shows a lot of wear and tear, but it’s far from the worst place of its kind in Thailand. There are only a handful of ladies on staff, but they are friendly and welcoming. Some are surprisingly skilled when it comes to sensual services too. A session with bathing, blowjob and banging costs between 1300 and 1500 Baht ($43-50 USD) Baht depending on the lady.

Atami is a much bigger and brighter place. It is more popular too, especially after the goes down. The Atami soapy is in a recently refurbished building. It has nice big rooms complete with large jet tubs. There are a lot of women working the place. On average they are better looking than the gals at Palace, though they don’t tend to be as masterful at their craft. The price for a session of soaping, sucking and sex with a rubber is 1500, 1700 or 2000 Baht ($48, 55 or 65 USD) depending on the service provider.

Karaoke and bars

Ubon Ratchathani has its fair share of bars and karaoke clubs. Most cater to Thai guys, but they are all accepting of foreigners. English speaking ability is fairly low, but that can also be the case even in big cities like Bangkok.

There are a couple of farang oriented bars in town, but they aren’t exactly hot beds of activity. The Wrong Way Cafe is like an open air beer bar without the women. They do have plenty of cold beer and a pool table. But the place closes fairly early for a bar.

Bars for Thai guys can be found all around town. They often have hostesses, or at least some beer girls who promote various brands of brew. Anaconda Club has a reputation for staffing the most attractive women in the city. Having been there a few times I think that is a pretty accurate assessment.

Another popular bar with Thai guys is The View. It’s like a hybrid between a live music venue and a hostess bar. The ladies inside are happy to sit with foreigners as long as they are supplying drinks. The gals don’t speak much English, but one of the managers has a surprisingly good grasp of the language.

There are several regular bars and clubs around Ubon too, and some are amazingly popular considering the location. Pletplern Bar on the main drag in town seems to be filled with a friendly mix of men and women every night of the week. And it keeps going after it is officially supposed to be closed.

The most popular nightclub in Ubon is probably Country Club. It fills up almost every night. The crowds intermingle and drink as they enjoy a mix of live dancers and pounding dance music played by DJs. Mixx66 on Phichitrangsan Road is another popular place that fills up with people from wall to wall. They also have a mix of live and recorded music, and it’s all played at a very loud level. On the plus side, they also have ladies on stage who dance in lingerie and nighties occasionally. Farang are somewhat rare in both places, and so are any freelancers. But there always seem to be some ladyboys waiting to pounce on any available guys.

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