Review: Z-Through Spa in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


Z-Through Spa is an erotic massage parlor in Ubon Ratchathani. It is rather unique for the area. There are a couple of soapy massage parlors and several Thai massage shops in Ubon. But Z-Through seems to be the only business of its kind in the city.

Z-Through offers nude body to body massage from attractive Thai women in their twenties. In that way it is reminiscent of similar massage setups in other parts of the country like the previously reviewed Absolute Paradise in Chiang Mai.

Z-Through Spa in Ubon

Z-Through Spa is easy to find. It is located on a main road. It has a big sign out front and another inside, and both are in English. The shop also looks like a massage parlor, complete with plenty of shoes outside. Since there isn’t much else around besides some small shops and residences, Z-Through would be difficult to miss.

The lobby at Z-Through is a little cluttered but it gets the job done. There is a board on the left side of the room that displays the prices with writing in both English and Thai. An oil massage is 1200 Baht ($40 USD). A nude body to body massage with happy ending is 1700 ($57 USD). The fee is paid up front and they make it clear that no sex is on offer.

Women at Z-Through

There are anywhere from six to ten women working Z-Through most times. They would all be considered attractive by most men in the area. I believe Thai guys make up most of the customer base, even though farang clearly visit with some regularity. After a customer comes in, the female managers has each lady come out from the back one by one.

The ladies at the shop tend to have light skin. None could really be described as brown. They are mostly on the tall side for Thai gals. Quite a few have cosmetic surgery as well. Several have obviously had nose jobs. A few have had boob jobs, though those are not as obvious in the lobby.

The massages

The massage rooms upstairs are much better organized than the lobby. Each has a solid massage table with a good mattress. They also have their own shower booths, which are clean and well maintained. The rooms are nice and quiet and they offer real privacy. The air conditioners work well too.

The sessions start with a shower. The ladies take off their clothes, often revealing quite nice bodies. Then they wash customers fairly well with soap and water. As per normal, they wash themselves next as the customer relaxes on the massage table.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Z-Through Spa is that the women can and do actually give massages. Over the years I have often talked about the lack of real massage in so many “massage parlors”. But at Z-Through the ladies give a real pressure point massage that lasts quite a while.

Happy ending

Only after that massage is through do the women move on to the sensual services. They start by rubbing oil all over their bodies and then sliding up and down on the customer. This isn’t a nuru massage by any means. It’s more of an erotic massage to set the mood. Once they get things going the gals start with the happy ending handjob.

Handjobs are widely available even at many “regular massage parlors” in Thailand. But they are often done mechanically with the goal of finishing as soon as possible. At Z-Through the women take their time and integrate their jerking motion with other erotic activities. Rather than jack away like a factory worker while day dreaming, they kiss, lick and rub while they use their hands in all sorts of ways. They are not in a race to get it over with either.

Z-Through Spa isn’t a brothel, and they make that clear. They have attractive women on staff who deliver happy ending massage with gusto and expertise. They deliver exactly what they promise. And they do it well. The people at Z-Through Spa clearly aim for customer satisfaction. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:58 11 Khuanthani Rd, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 086-224-9981
Hours:12:00 PM - 10:00 AM
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