Review: Anaconda Club Karaoke in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


Anaconda Club is a karaoke-cum-hostess bar in Ubon Ratchanthani. The place is sort of out of the way and discreet. Yet it has a reputation as being home to some of the most beautiful adult entertainers in town. It is known by taxi drivers and even women at other adult venues such as soapy massage parlors.

At first glance there is not much going on after hours in Ubon. Although the city is one of the “big four” of Isaan with a population of around 200,000 people it does appear to be a pretty quiet place. But the appearance is somewhat deceptive. There are actually some adult entertainment venues in town. They just aren’t right out in the open on the main drag.

None of the places like Anaconda or the previously reviewed Atami soapy massage are really oriented to foreigners either. In fact English is only rarely spoken in most of these places. The main customer base is local. Foreigners are accepted at all local venues of the sort. And farang and Asian visitors do show up with at least some regularity. But there is not much in English or other languages for non-Thai patrons of adult entertainment in Ubon Ratchathani.

Location and layout

Anaconda is located in a small alley called Soi Buraphanai 1. The soi is only one block long. It connects to a main road called Buraphanai but is itself a sort of side street. There is an open air Thai restaurant across the street but patrons there don’t seem to pay any attention to the comings and goings over at Anaconda.

As stated above the place is somewhat well known. Taxis and even most Grab drivers know of the place. It is also correctly located on Google maps. So there is really no challenge in finding Anaconda at all.

babes at anaconda club

Anaconda Club itself is easy to see. It isn’t plastered with bright neon lights or anything. But the front wall has the word ANACONDA spelled out in large English letters. There is a door next to that that leads into a small entrance room.

Beyond that a door to the left leads to what is a rather large bar. The place is done up in a black and red layout reminiscent of The Den in Pattaya. Anaconda isn’t dirty but it isn’t sparkling and new either. For example there are tears in some of the seats. And the dirty water odor typical to so many places in Thailand can fill the place early in the evenings before copious amounts of air freshener are sprayed. This is not to paint a dim view of the place though. It is not a “hole in the wall” by any means.

beautiful woman at anaconda club

There is a large square bar in the front of the room. On the far end of the room there is a stage where live bands can play. To the back there is a decent pool table. Large and clean bathrooms at the back. Most of the rest of the space is taken up by tables and love seat style seating. And the walls have their own flat screen televisions that play programs no one seems to pay attention to. Various music is played at a loud but manageable level.

Upstairs there are private karaoke rooms. They are about what you would expect in a place like this. They’re not necessarily lavish. But they are certainly not bad either. They get the job done and allow for the kind of entertainment the ladies at Anaconda provide.

The women at Anaconda Club

There are twenty or more women working at Anaconda Club. Many different styles are represented but there is some uniformity. The gals all range in age from twenty to maybe thirty. But most are in their early twenties. Most also follow the sort of beauty standard so beloved in Thailand. That means they tend to be tall and thin with large breasts and high nose bridges. Since few people in Ubon naturally have those features that means a lot of plastic surgery and cosmetics have been used.

There are at least some full natural women working at Anaconda too. One ever-smiling babe I met was as pure as the day she was born. She didn’t even sport much makeup. Still she was quite light skinned with a rather high nose. She also sported a pretty big rack for the region.

women at anaconda club

Anaconda opens at 9:00 PM. The bar is fully functioning but rather empty as the entertainers are not yet on call. Starting at around 10:00 PM the ladies start filling up the seats that line the walls. Some wear normal dresses. Others wear things that are more sexy and revealing up to and including bikinis that barely conceal their big boobs.

The gals don’t really approach customers. Even when they pass through the main bar area they barely make eye contact. They aren’t cold or standoffish. But they aren’t aggressive in any way at all. It is only when a customer calls for the ladies that they really light up and come to life.

Prices and services

Although Anaconda Club is clearly an adult entertainment venue it doesn’t actually offer any explicit sexual services. You won’t find any full service or happy endings on the menu. Instead the gals are there to interact with guys and entertain them in ways that can be alluring. And while some ladies might meet some guys outside of the bar for money or simply enjoyment that is not standard. In fact there is no barfine in place at all.

There are sitting fees at Anaconda though. This is common in many karaoke clubs. Customers have to pay the bar to have a gal sit with them. And they’re billed per hour. The rate to sit with a regular woman for an hour is 350 Baht ($11 USD). There is a “higher class” of women who get 500 ($16 USD) per hour. Then there are the “models” in bikinis. Sitting with them costs 650 Baht ($21 USD) per hour. Private rooms are available for singing and drinking. But the gals can also sit in the many seats downstairs.

The prices aren’t outrageous. Drinks are sold at a reasonable rate. A large bottle of beer costs 120 Baht ($3.90 USD). And it can be shared with any of the ladies at no extra charge. Some gals do request additional drinks such as five glasses of vodka for 500 Baht. But they are not pushy or demanding about it. And it is somewhat standard for customers to tip a couple of hundred Baht at the end of the night.

When I first learned of Anaconda I was told by a Thai guy that Anaconda was full of very hot women who wouldn’t even let you shake their hands. I didn’t find that to be the case at all. No one jumped on me as I entered or anything like that. But everyone including a female floor manager was very friendly. The gals I called over got right next to me and we all had a good time. No one stuck their hand down my shorts but it wasn’t anything like a “no touching” strip club in the West either. It was about what I would expect from a bar of the type. Or perhaps even a bit better. I was even able to order up some very delicious food at a reasonable price. For the type of venue it is I think Anaconda is quite nice. I give it two-and-a-half stars.

Address:Soi Buraphanai 1, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. (Map)
Phone:+66 083-330-5558
Hours:9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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