Review: Narin Massage in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


Narin Massage is a massage parlor in Ubon Ratchathani. There are of course countless massage parlors in Thailand. At some point, most of the shops start to blend in with one another. But there are shops that stand out from the pack. Especially in Ubon Ratchathani which is a fairly quiet place for a city of its size.

Narin Massage is notable for a few reasons. The first is that it is one of just a few Thai massage parlors in Ubon. The second is that it employs a very large number of women for a shop of its size. The third reason is that the women actually give thorough therapeutic massages. And perhaps most notable of all are the

Narin Massage in Ubon

Narin Thai Massage is easy to find. It is located on a main street across the road from the previously reviewed Palace soapy massage. During the day it is rather inconspicuous. But at night the shop is more visible thanks to lighting and the presence of numerous women seated out front.

The lobby at Narin is quite long and cluttered. The seats on both sides of the room are filled by Thai women in their twenties, thirties and perhaps forties. Few can speak much English besides the female manager. She has a decent enough grasp of the language to book sessions for farang.

Prices and staff

A one hour oil massage at Narin is 500 Baht ($16 USD). A two hour Thai massage is 300 Baht. But when a foreign guy shows up, they seem to just assume that he wants an oil massage. Probably that is because an oil massage is typically performed on a nude customer and is more likely to end happy. Although Thai guys make up the biggest customer base for adult entertainment in Thailand, Farang have a reputation for seeking out sensual services.

Narin Thai Massage menu

At Narin they usually team the next lady in line with whoever walks in. It seems like they might push the older and less popular ladies towards foreigners too. Of course customers can actually select their own service provider. But they have to take charge to do so. In any event, the older and perhaps less attractive ladies can actually give great massages.

Inside Narin Massage

Narin Massage is in a fairly large building. The private massage rooms are all located upstairs. Getting to them requires passing through an upper level with a hand made multi-lingual “no sex” sign on the wall. These signs don’t necessarily indicate anything as they can be found everywhere from the Z-Through Spa across town to 252 Massage in Phnom Penh.

no sex sign Thai massage

The massage quarters at Narin are pretty big, and they’re generally better kept than the lobby. One of the rooms is very large and comes complete with a reclining chair, old television, massage table, and mattress on the ground. The ground mattress is used for Thai and oil massage.

Massage and more

As stated above, some of the ladies at Narin can give very good full body massages. They are thorough and skilled. And even in their oil massages they combine some aspects of Thai massage like stretching out various parts of the body. They are not mechanical and they don’t rush or skip through things. They give very good massages.

There isn’t much in the way of eroticism to the massages, even on the front side after the flip. But the women can quickly get into giving a happy ending by hand. And they don’t have to haggle or even ask before grabbing a fist full and going at it. Perhaps most notable is the hand finishes aren’t fast cranks to get the job done. Instead they are done with the same care and attention as the rest of the massages. So it’s a sort of “all over” therapy that almost seems incidental to the rest of the massage. In that way, the place is reminiscent of Mandarin Thaimassage in Berlin where the happy endings are included as a matter of fact.

I can’t say that every woman who works the shop provides a happy ending to every customer who walks in. Since such things are done unofficially, the only way to confirm such a hypothesis would be to have multiple guys go into the place and try massages with all the various women on staff. I can only report on what I have seen. There are at least some masseuses happy to lend a handjob for a tip of three to five hundred Baht, which is somewhat standard across Thailand.

Narin is an average Thai massage parlor in many ways. But because of its location and the ladies on staff, the place is notable in some ways. Even with a full service soapy parlor across the street. If Narin were in a city like Bangkok it wouldn’t stand out as much. But it is in Ubon where the streets are often quite quiet. Two-and-a-half stars.

Address:127/7 Phalochai Rd, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 046-262-267
Hours:10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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