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Review: Kings Club in Tokyo, Japan

Japan has a famously large commercial sex industry. I have been reporting on Japanese fuzoku for nearly a decade. Yet I have not even scratched the surface. I have tried to paint a balanced picture and cover different sorts of venues that exist in the land of the rising sun. Soaplands are widely considered to be the king of Japanese sex scene. Kings Club is one of the many soaplands in the country.

Although there are countless soaplands across Japan most do not accept foreigners. Many have policies outright forbidding foreign guys from coming inside. Others are more selective. So it may be up the manager or doorman to decide who can and can’t enter on a given day. That may be based on nationality or something else all together. So there are cases of Asian men with western citizenship being asked to show a passport to prove they are not Chinese to enter a particular establishment.

Then there are the women inside the soaplands. Some simply will not work with foreigners. So a gaijin guy that gets into a place like the previously reviewed Darling Harbour may find that only one or two of the ten women working will actually service him. This is just the way it goes in Japan. At least for the most part. There are exceptions. Kings Club is one of those places that is more or less open to all comers as long as they can follow the rules. It’s what I call a foreigner friendly soapland.

Kings Club in Yoshiwara

Kings Club is located in the Yoshiwara section of Tokyo. This area has been home to soaplands and other sex work facilities for a very long time. Yoshiwara become the designated red light area of what was then Edo way back in 1617. Today it is a neat and clean area that just happens to be home to a large number of soaplands.

sexy woman from kings club soapland

When customers enter Kings Club they are shown a number of cards with pictures of the women who are working. If any of the women are unavailable their cards are briskly removed. Customers are expected to select a woman then pay the admission price. The prices depend on the session and the national origin of the customer. There is a gaijin tax here. So a Canadian would pay more than a native Japanese guy. To put things into perspective a 70 minute session runs 25,000 Yen ($240 USD) for locals. For foreigners it’s 35,000 ($335 USD).

After customer pay they are led to a nice and comfortable waiting room. There they are provided with refreshing towels and water while they wait for their women to prepare. This is pretty standard across Japanese soaplands and helps show why these places are so highly regarded. The customers comes first even if they do have to pay a surcharge.

Staff, soapland service and summary

There are several women working at Kings Club. They are all basically fit and attractive. But they are also on the older side for a soapland. That may even be one of the reasons that this place is so accepting of foreigners. Don’t get me wrong. This is no Academy or Secret Touch with elderly women on staff. But most of the gals at Kings Club are well over thirty. The ages shown on the cards and the Kings Club website are not honest or accurate. They rarely are in these kinds of places.

In any event the women meet their customers when they are ready. The gals typically wear quite lovely dresses with matching lingerie underneath. This is the sort of thing that has helped make Japanese women famous around the world. Another thing is their high level of manners. That is on display here too.

Once customers are lead to the bathing rooms things are pretty typical for this sort of venue. The gals disrobe the customers and put their things away. Then the ladies prepare the bathing area with warm water and soap. Customers are washed head to toe with every area soaped and rinsed. Then things get more erotic and fun. The women who work at Kings Club are well versed in the art of the slippery body to body massage. If you have seen a nuru scene in a Japanese porn video then you know what this looks like. But if you haven’t experienced it in person it can be difficult to understand. It is truly pleasurable in the highest degree.

The slippery massage typically leads to oral and possibly other activities like sumata and titty fucking. From there things normally transition into full on sex. That can happen right on the inflatable mat with help of the slippery stuff. Or it can happen over on the dry bed area after washing off. It depends on the situation and desires of the customer. In any event it is usually quite well done. These women are true professionals after all.

After the sessions end customers are cleaned, dried and led back down to the lobby. There they are given a courtesy drink and a ride to a nearby train station. This too shows why service is so highly regarded in Japan. It also shows that Kings Club is a good example of a Japanese soapland. The only real downsides to the place are the foreigner tax and the fact that the place only hires women of a certain age. The tax is in fact negotiable however. And most of the women still look pretty good to me. Since the level of service is so high I can still give the place three-and-a-half stars.

Kings Club. 4-chome-23-5 Senzoku, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 6:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +81 03-5603-0771. Website:

8 thoughts on “Review: Kings Club in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. Wish someone taxed Japanese clients so they would feel how stupid it is like farang prices in Thailand. Its sad we are in the 21st century and racism or xenophobia is still alive and well in Japan.

  2. I politely disagree. When we are visitors, if they want to collect additional yen to allow us access to their National flowers, so be it. Thailand isn’t a fair comparison as the market rules were set long ago.,Many Thai shops already cater to Japanese clientele and the prices reflect that.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jack. In general I don’t find people in Japan to hold ill will towards foreigners. There are obviously exceptions there and elsewhere. But there are also shops in Japan that don’t allow Japanese customers such as Tokyo Hentai Club. Cheers.

  3. Is a condom required during the soapland ritual? And if so, when does it have to come on? Before BJ, before fucking? I am not sure if there is a way to have unprotected sex for money (except for in the porn industry)…

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