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Review: Darling Harbour in Tokyo, Japan

Several weeks ago I wrote a post on foreigner friendly soaplands in Tokyo. That post was made with information shared by a Japanese fellow named Ryuji who has set up a website of his own. Some commented on the rather high rates at the shops mentioned in that post. Soaplands are not inexpensive places, but there are quite a few that charge less than places like Don Juan. One of those is Darling Harbour in the Yoshiwara area of Tokyo.

While the Yoshiwara pleasure district is filled with soaplands the reality is that many of them simply will not accept foreign customers, especially if they cannot speak Japanese. That is not the case at Darling Harbour, which not only accepts gaijin but warmly welcomes them inside.

Darling Harbour soapland

Darling Harbour isn’t out of the way by any means, but it’s not difficult to get confused on the way. The first time I tried to find the place I ended up around the corner. Unable to locate it I finally asked the doorman at another soapland who was very happy to walk me there himself. It’s hard to beat that kind of service.

Darling Harbour has an open door with a place just inside for customers to remove their shoes and put on a pair of house slippers. These slippers are incredibly tiny and make any attempt at walking into the place with confidence a guaranteed failure. The addition of stairs into the equation make things even more fun.

There are a number of Japanese guys at the front of the shop, all dressed in black suits. One of these guys can speak a tiny bit of English, which happens to be just enough to get things rolling easily. Once the customer is shown to a small room off to the side they will be shown photos of the women available at the time.

Women at Darling Harbour

There is never a huge spread in my experience, with two or three being the norm. Not a whole lot can be told from these photos but on the bright side all of the ladies who work at Darling Harbour seem to be at least acceptable in the looks department, though most appear to be approaching or even over the age of 30. The customer will also be asked to select a course, with the 70 minute set for 29,800 Yen (291.50 USD) being the most popular for foreigners. A big plus is there doesn’t seem to be any gaijin tax.

Masaki at Darling Harbour

After a customer chooses a masseuse and a session length they will have to wait a few minutes in the aforementioned room. When the lady of the hour is ready she will come downstairs and pick up her gentleman caller. Up some even more difficult to climb stairs sites the washrooms where all of the fun takes place.

In the room

Upon entering the room the customer will be asked for a drink order. The refreshment is free so no worries there. Once it arrives, it’ll be brought into the room by the gal who will then attempt a little small talk before undressing her client. The client will then be invited to undress the service provider.

Once everyone is stripped down, a bath filled with some kind of iodine will be drawn and the wash area will be prepared. The masseuse will then invite the client over to sit down on the open-bottom stool where she will scrub him down from top to bottom, including quite a bit of time on the old poop shoot. As resistant as the customer may be, the gals will definitely attempt a little entry, though the reasons for all of this become clear later.

After the soap down and rinse off, the customer will be guided into the bath. The masseuse will join soon after. This is the time things like body and breast rubbing take place. Once that bit of fun is over, the service provider will slide her hands under the customer’s backside to lift his twig out of the water. Once the little sprout is out in the fresh air it will be engulfed for a short while before being gently guided back into the waiting waters below.

With the customer waiting in the bathtub the masseuse will then break out the big silver air mattress and begin to rinse it down and lather it up with slick nuru nuru gel. Once that is all done, the customer will be guided out of the tub and face down onto the mattress. This is when the body slide will begin.

Soapy massage service

The nuru slide is the key feature of the soapland in my opinion. It is the thing that sets this sort of place apart from all of the others (apart from the full service, which is a bit tough to find in Japan). At Darling Harbour the masseuse are well trained at the art of the body to body massage and will spend a lot of time sliding around, rubbing, sucking toes and licking asshole with real dedication. With that said, they can be a bit mechanical about it all. That’s understandable considering the nature of the job, but it still does take away a little something.

Once the customer is thoroughly lubed, rubbed and licked, they will be flipped over for a bit more of the same with the addition of some kissing. That will quickly transition into a decent dose of uncovered oral service. At some point during the mouth work, a condom will be applied with some degree of discretion, possibly even with the use of the mouth itself (something which is usually done with perfection in Korean massage parlors). What happens next should be pretty easy to figure out. There’s not much to comment on except to say that the staff knows how to get the job done, even if individual members have their own ways of doing it.


Once the mission is a success, the drained customer will be put back in the tub to soak. They will also be given some brown medicinal liquid to wash their mouth out with while the masseuse cleans up the mess left by the mat play. The bath will be concluded by another rinse and a move over to the dry massage table bed.

On the bed a perfunctory massage is performed which is certainly nothing to write home about. This is the time a bit of small talk may be entered into as well, though that depends on the situation. The body rub portion will last until time is about up, at which point the masseuse will help dress her client before guiding him back downstairs.

Once downstairs the customer will be guided to another waiting room with walls covered by pictures of various soapland ladies. The English-speaking male staff member will return and ask which of three nearby train stations the customer would like to be driven to. Once a choice is made, the customer is spirited off to a van, driven to his destination and bid a found farewell.

Soaplands offer the easiest and most straightforward way to get full service from a Japanese woman in Japan. Darling Harbour is one of the most accessible soaplands in Japan for foreign visitors. There isn’t really anything wrong with the place, but there isn’t anything special about it either. Considering the price and comparing it to what else is available both locally and internationally, I can’t really justify giving the place more than an average score of two-and-a-half stars. It is what it is.

Darling Harbour. 4 Chome-17-20 Senzoku, Taito City, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from sunrise to sunset. Website:

52 thoughts on “Review: Darling Harbour in Tokyo, Japan”

    1. Are you viewing the site on a mobile device? It looks different. On the main site you can just click “Map” on the menu. Here it is: If that doesn’t work just plug the address into Google maps. It’s 東京都台東区千束4丁目17-2. Cheers.

  1. First off let me say that i really appreciate all the work you’ve put into this site. It has been extremely informative and hopefully i can one day go to Thailand/Japan/Philippines. I’ve read quite a few times that these Japanese establishments usually do not allow foreigners. Do you by any chance know why that is? I would have thought that business is business and that $$$ is their priority.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve written at length about Japanese-only policies here before. The short answer is xenophobia. This supersedes money making considerations but it can also be a part of them. There are some Japanese guys who don’t want to “follow” foreigners. Sad but true. Cheers.

  2. Went to Darling Harbor today together with a friend.
    While western foreigners are probably accepted without problems here, that might not be the case for chinese people.
    I’m dutch with chinese blood, I can’t speak chinese but can speak a little bit Japanese. The male staff member asked if I was chinese and I said no, I’m from Holland. At first everything seemed fine but the male staff member left the door and came back after a while and then asked if he could check my passport. I found it weird he wanted to check my passport (my guess is that maybe they dont service chinese people, because he was checking the nationality on my passport) but I had no reason to decline so I showed him my passport and all was good.

    After all of that the male staff member came back with 2 pictures and asked us to choose a girl.
    Both pictures and the real girls are really cute and pretty.

    We paid for the 70 minutes option but we had to pay the full price instead of a discounted price because we came in before noon. We paid the full price anyway and after waiting several minutes the male staff member came back with the girl that my friend choose and he was escorted to another room where the service begins.

    The girl that I choose came as well after a few more minutes. The girl looked great, the same as in the pictures and on the website. I got the full service from the girl right from the start, no bath, no body wash and no nuru massage. My friend however did get the full package, so not sure why the girl I had did not did anything of those services except the full service.

    The service that was provided was excellent, no complaints there.
    I’ve already booked another girl in a few days, I’ll make sure to ask for the nuru massage this time, just in case.

    1. Thanks for the detailed report. The part about the passport is unnerving but unfortunately not unexpected in Japan. Cheers.

  3. I was in japan recently and visited Darling harbour (twice). I’m from Chinese but hold a foreign passport, and they asked which nationality I was when I approached the door. Satisfied, they let me in.

    First time I had a choice of 3 girls, but apparently two of them won’t be available for an hour and a half. That left me with no choice. She was nothing like the photo (bb fat), but really took care of me.

    The next visit I was given one choice. The manager assured me she was very good and was ranked 4th in August. Sex was good, but very mechanical, though wasn’t expecting much more.

    In terms of selection, I know there are more girls, and that some do not want to service any gaijin. If you are only presented with one girl to choose, what will the experienced punters do in this case? Walk out of the establishment or accept the fate?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think many would accept who they are given since most soaplands don’t accept foreigners at all. Cheers.

    2. you brought your passport there? im scared ill get scammed if i go there, for money or other personal items. you know, call the police ,and since you cant speak the language, youre fucked.

    1. As I’ve said here before nothing in the world is entirely safe. A house can burn down while someone sleeps. So is sleeping safe? How about crossing the road? Or flying in an airplane? Oral sex is usually considered a low risk practice which is why it’s so common. The only way one can be completely sure they won’t get an STD however is to abstain from all sexual contact. Cheers.

  4. It was mentioned above in the comments that Chinese people might have some issues with this place. Does that mean nationality or ethnicity? Say, for instance, would a young Chinese man born and raised in North America encounter the same issues? This man happens to not speak Japanese. Would being confident with the employees who speak English help, or would it be considered offensive?

    Also, Rockit, do the women at Darling seem to care about body/pubic hair, or a lack of it? I might be going to Japan in the coming months and want to know ahead of time.

    1. Hi. I don’t know what the policy is or if there is one. From what I hear some places make exclude people from mainland China but allow people of Chinese ethnicity from countries like Germany, US, UK, Canada and the like inside. Someone said something about showing a passport before. I made a post about pubic hair early on. I’ve never heard of any real problems with guys who shave or trim in Japan though it can be looked at as odd. The vast majority of Japanese guys don’t even trim. The women who work with foreigners are probably used to it being manicured. Cheers.

  5. When I went there 4 girls were available at that time. The one I chose looked much older then in the photos but was still super hot. Then standard routine, she cleaned all the parts of my body, bj in bathtub, nuru massage – man she was good. She almost made me come during the massage, when I told her she slowed down so that I get full experience, after some more nuru massage she put the condom on and started riding on top of me. Nice tight pussy and pretty tits, I shoot my load, got cleaned by her and then time for a drink. A little bit of chatting – she couldn’t speak English but had some up on her phone that translates Japanese to English and then time to go, after that a ride to the nearest station and back to sightseeing. I’ll probably visit again on my next trip, I liked it and like the report above mentions – that’s probably the easiest way of getting FS in Japan.

  6. Hi rockit every time when I go into their own website and check the price it’s always different in real life and in most cases the price is tripled for example I heard a lot of people said that the price on the website is usually 25000 yen for 120 mins but they always charge 75000 yen.

    1. Sometimes the websites have special sets listed or “house fees” that don’t amount to the total that a customer needs to pay to compensate the service provider. There are also times that foreigners are pushed into longer or more expensive sets or simply hit with a foreigner tax. The 70 minute set for 29,800 Yen is what gets pushed to foreigners at Darling Harbour and it is all inclusive. Cheers.

    2. so by all inclusive do you mean they only charge 70min / 29800 total ? gaijin tax included ? Someone I know phone them and they said it’s not. Can anyone confirm this

  7. I stopped in here the other day and had a pretty great experience. I was shown three photos and went with Nene (who’s apparently new) She said I was her first foreigner, but obviously take that with a grain of salt. She doesn’t speak any English but with my rudimentary Japanese we had a fairly decent conversation. I very much doubt she’s 23 as the website says, but she is definitely beautiful, I was glad I chose her (the picture was pretty close actually!). Too much fake moaning but other than that it was a surprisingly decent GFE and she knew what she was doing on the mat and in bed. I can certainly recommend her. I wasn’t offered a ride to the station, but I have little doubt that if I’d asked they would have taken me. Wish I could afford to do this more often.

  8. Thank you for the report Rockit! I needed this soapland experience checked on my bucket list. Happy to tell you that after two years, your report is still 100% correct. What surprised me was the GFE experience though. It was really good.


    1. As far as I know the place is still open. It would be surprising to hear otherwise since it has been around so long. A lot of businesses of this type come and go though and so do their websites. I can think of dozens of places that continue to operate even though their websites are long gone. Cheers.

  9. Are you able to advise on any places that offer good mat play with HJ and/or CBJ only? I’m primarily interested on a good slide experience with happy ending… no FS. Cheers

    1. That would be something like a health place. I haven’t reviewed any with mat play in Tokyo. Places like Tokyo Style offer happy ending without full service but it’s outcall and there is no mat play even though some sets come with nuru nuru tub action. Cheers.

  10. Had a borderline rob experience at darling harbor. First time experience at soapland and it was not what I expected at all. No problem getting in. They welcomed me in and showed me 4 ladies pictures to choose from. Only one was available right away, the others I had to wait for 30 -40 mins. I decided not to wait as she looked cute in pic and has big eyes. Well, picture was heavily photoshopped of course. I figured she still looked okay and her body was nice. She started to bath with me and asked me to brush my teeth. I was thinking great, kissing and Daty should be in order next. Well, not really. No kissing, no daty, no smile, no eye contact during bbbj. Still trying to figure out brushing my teeth part. I think her name was Suzu and she has short hair. The picture with biggest eyes on their website is her. She can hold basic conversations in English. That was the only plus and she did all the bath and mat play which was not too bad. I want to give it another try but probably not at DH.

    1. Thanks for the report. Brushing teeth is standard at most massage places with extras in East Asia even if there is no kissing at all. I guess this is to prevent service providers from dealing with guys with bad breath. Cheers.

  11. Went with a friend who spoke fluent Japanese so got little extras that I probably won’t have otherwise, chiefly a pick-up and drop off from the subway station. We went here because we got turned away from a soapland in Shibuya and I wanted the experience. It was a really great experience, with one exception, the chick looked NOTHING like the picture. She had a cute face and provided a tremendous GFE but her body was just not that appealing to me. It sort of impacted the whole experience. I wish I would have asked more questions; who is skinniest, who is shaved, etc. So that’s on me. It was $38k for 90mins so definitely not an inexpensive experience. If the chick I had been hotter, I would probably be raving about this experience. At the end of the day, the people at Darling were very nice to me and spoke fairly good English. Like with most things in Tokyo, it is what it is, especially as a white guy.

    1. Thanks for the report. Darling Harbor normally gives all customers a ride to the train station no matter what language they speak. Cheers.

  12. hi and thank you for the write up….is there a list of soaplands that do NOT require a condom? I am going to Tokyo in December ad will try my first one…..i am thinking Yume or blue lagoon…..or your suggestion??? thanx,……

    1. Bareback full service was traditionally offered by the so-called traditional soaplands. It continues to be offered by many soaplands that favor Japanese customers. A few places that offer the service may take in foreign customers at times but as far as I know there are no totally foreigner friendly soaplands that offer the service to everyone who comes in. Even when foreigners enter clubs like King’s where bareback is often offered to local customers they find that they are required to use a rubber since they hail from somewhere other than the land of the rising sun. That said rumor has it that at least one woman at the new foreigner friendly soapland Paradise in Kawasaki usually works without a net. Cheers.

  13. No offense but im tired of your caucasian reports. You have no taste and cannot really define in detail what makes the difference between an ugly and beauty asian girl.
    Most of girls in Darling Harbour are not even average. I went there 3 times and it was a deception everytime. Short, large shape, not even sexy, a ton of make up, miles away from the pictures… You guys have so much fantasy into japanese girls but in Asia they are far away to be the most attractive girls. They know how to make up and make you believe they are cute or else. Their body is weird, not harmonious, only skin is good. For example, korean women or some chinese depending the region have better and more sexy body. When im in Tokyo i see a real pretty one in the streets or cafe once in a month. The beautiful one are rare, they are actress or models but not in this kind of establishment. The work is hard there, most of them come from province. Sorry for the english, im not a native and im asian. Again, i dont intend to offense but just sharing my mind.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have never said anything about my own nationality on this website. Further I don’t think I could make a judgement on the looks of women in a nation with millions upon millions of people. Generally speaking I think the international reputation Japanese women have for their looks is mostly tied to their fashion and makeup as well as the spread of Japanese things like idols, models and porn. There are beautiful women in Japan and in every other country I have ever visited. Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I simply report on a variety of venues and service providers involved in the commercial sex industry around the world. You are free to agree or disagree. It’s all for entertainment anyway. Cheers.

    2. Lol. It is fun to read your comments as my taste for women is quite similsr to yours) I use Rockits reports for only references. Everybody has a different taste and one man’s treasure can be another man’s trash.
      Rickits star system is very subjective but pretty accurate with all the other details. Rockit seems to know enough Japanese to get around (and he could be half Japanese but who knows?) Anyway, since nobody has done the research as passionately as he has, I find his reportsi invaluable for entertainment. Easily four and a half star.:) Cheers.

  14. Well i didnt mean only rockit reports and mind but all the different reports i read in this site, in general.
    But of course, all his sharing is very valuable and deserve a lot of respect. Just wanted to share my picky point of view after experiencing those places cos the overview sounded a bit too nice to be true.

  15. Just curious, has anyone on here ever gotten an std from darling harbour or any soapland? I know it’s relatively safe. I just haven’t been able to find a single review of any foreign friendly soapland where stds are mentioned. Planning on going soon, and thanks in advance.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re looking for here. It stands to reason that someone somewhere has picked up an infection from a visit to a soapland. Life is full of risks. A million and a half people die in automobile crashes every year. Cheers.

  16. Hey, been doing research for going to Darling Harbor since I should be in Tokyo in a few months and this review has been very informative, had a pair of questions real quick that was hoping to get answered cause I visited the website and was trying to figure out somethings in regards to Darling Harbor’s policies, first do you need to make an appointment or can you just walk in? Unsure of what my schedule will be like when in Tokyo and don’t want to have an issue with tardiness. Second I saw in the Japanese version of the website that there is options for pairs, but the option does not appear on the English website, is the double massage not an option for foreigners in your experience?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Options are usually limited for foreigners at Darling Harbour and other soaplands like it especially if the foreigners in question don’t speak Japanese. Typically the foreigners will only be shown a short list of the women actually working and will be limited to a particular session length and cost. That is not always the case but it happens with some regularity. Some customers make appointments while others just walk in. There are times when walk in customers are told to wait a while or come back at another time when a lady is available especially when the shop is busy. Cheers.

  17. Excellent review as usual. Wish there was such an insightful site for every aspect of our needs and wants. A question: since publication of this one and Paradise, has any more foreigner friendly soaplands open? Any close to Tokyo station ?

  18. Thanks a lot. Another question: I recall some weeks ago reading on your site an overview of the commercial sex scene in Japan, including description of various types of establishments (of which there is an amazing and confusing variety). But now I cannot find it, can you send me a link? Or am I dreaming?

    1. There are overviews of most of the fuzoku industry on this site. There’s no single summary piece however. You may have seen the list of foreigner friendly sex shops in Japan over on Rockit Rising Sun. Cheers.

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