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Review: Crystal Club in Pattaya, Thailand

Crystal Club is one of the bigger and better known go go bars on LK Metro in Pattaya. LK Metro is smaller and a little less popular than the world famous Walking Street. But most long timers and regulars consider it superior in terms of agogo quality. I guess Crystal Club plays a part in that.

To be honest Crystal Club is not all that notable on its own. Sure it is big and bright but that can be said of many places. The place does stand out to me for a few reasons however. Despite my years and experience I have witnessed a couple of firsts here. This the first go go where I saw a dancer say she couldn’t do a barfine before midnight. It’s also the first go go bar where I saw what I would call a western nightclub style approach with guys throwing giant stacks of money up on stage for no particular reason.

Now “making it rain” is somewhat common in bars popular with foreigners. And more mamasans and bars have tiered pricing, hourly restrictions and other things that were simply unheard of years ago. But when I first saw these things I was taken aback. The Thai go go bars certainly aren’t what they used to be with a few notable exceptions. Crystal Club is a good example as any.

Crystal Club on LK Metro

Crystal Club is very easy to find. When entering LK Metro from Soi Dianna it is on the right hand side. There is a big black sign with white letters reading out “Crystal Club” that can be seen from quite a distance. There are usually some women outside trying to draw in customers too.

dancer from crystal gogo pattaya

Inside the bar has one of the nicer stages to be found. There are strips of colorful lights illuminating the edges and helping to set off the dancers. The dancers themselves where bikinis which is a nice upgrade from some of the other places that use obstructing uniforms instead. For whatever reason there are some gals who do wear shorts and belly shirts instead.

Bench or stadium style seats are the norm with less used stools lining the stage. All the seats give a pretty good view of what goes on. But it is some of what you might not see that matters. My experiences are not going to be universal but they do hint at what goes on in this place and increasingly in many of the city’s go go bars overall as time goes on.

Staff, services and summary

Crystal Club has relatively high prices on both customer and lady drinks. They do have specials like happy hours but those are limited. On top of that the barfine is pretty expensive too. Then guys run into things like hourly limits with a mamasan saying a popular lady can’t leave the bar before a certain time. When that happens it makes the place look more like a hands-off no touch strip club in the west than a Thai go go bar.

On top of that shelling out for a lady drink can actually encourage a swarm of other women begging for the same. This is not all that appealing even if the women themselves are physically attractive. Sure every guy might imagine that being surrounded by a bunch of Thai babes in bikinis would be heaven. In some circumstances it definitely can be. But this is something else all together.

I will say that a good number of the many women who dance at Crystal Club are good looking. There are plenty of slim or fit babes with nice bodies here. Some are even quite busty which is not all that common in the Land of Smiles. Some of the busts are enhanced with implants but a least a couple are natural and nice. Alas that is not necessarily enough to make up for everything else. At least not for an experienced researcher like me.

So as you can probably tell Crystal Club is one of the biggest but not necessarily one of the best. That is not to say that the place should be totally condemned. It is what it is. I can only write about things as they are. Or at least as I see them. Based my observations and comparisons with how things were or could be I give this place a star and a half. I can’t score it much lower considering there are lots of sexy ladies dancing around every night.

Crystal Club. LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 3:00 AM. Website:

4 thoughts on “Review: Crystal Club in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. I have researched online for a lot of different types of bars here in Pataya and I have a question. How do you know from a quick search which ones are really women and which ones are lady boys? I wasn’t sure if there was a certain term in the wording so that it is a clue what you are getting into before you make a surprise discovery. haha


    1. Ladyboys probably staff less than 5 percent of all bars in Pattaya. It’s fairly obvious simply by looking at the women inside or in front of the various establishments. There are just a handful of ladyboy go go bars. Most ladyboy bars follow the beer bar model. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I wouldn’t say that it’s really a rip off shop. Those could be found in the ping pong shows of Patpong. This is just a different type of go go bar than we used to see Pattaya. Though I guess this is a fairly normal business model these days. Cheers.

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