Prostitution in Udon Thani: An overview


Udon Thani is one of the largest cities in the Isaan region of Thailand. Isaan itself is the source of a huge portion of the women engaged in the commercial sex industry in Thailand. Yet Isaan is also one of the least visited parts of the country at least when it comes to foreigners.

Udon has a significant number of full time foreign residents and tourists. But it doesn’t get anywhere the number of people passing through as a city like Pattaya or even Hua Hin for that matter. This helps shape the local adult entertainment scene.

There are actually a number of adult venues in Udon. Some are oriented towards expats and occasional visitors. Others are mainly meant for locals though they don’t seem to have an issue accepting any consenting adult who wanders inside. A universal across the board is that prices are generally much lower than those found elsewhere in Thailand.

Udon massage parlors

As with any Thai city Udon is home to a number of massage parlors. Yet the massage shops aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as they are in other cities like Chiang Mai. The biggest concentration of massage parlors in the entire city can be found along and around Soi Samphan Thamit. Coincidentally that is also where the beer bars filled with women are centered.

Grand Naga udon thani massage

Most of the regular massage parlors aren’t set up as knocking shops in disguise. Yet at places like Chai Ya Prek there always seem to be at least some ladies on staff who are keyed into the desires of foreign male customers. It’s not difficult for a guy to find a happy ending for around a thousand Baht. It’s not out of the ordinary for a guy to find more with a higher price tag attached either.

At the Thai massage parlor on the ground floor of the Grand Naga Hotel customers select uniformed masseuses from a fishbowl setup. These gals are more forward than perhaps any other about offering extra services including happy ending by hand or more.

Soapy massage parlors in Udon Thani

Udon Thani is home to two soapy massage parlors. Both have seen better days in terms of the rooms themselves. But attractive ladies can be found inside each place which is probably of more importance to those who visit.

Oscar Soapy Massage is located inside of a large hotel like building near Thung Si Muang park. The ladies inside charge between 1800 and 2100 Baht ($60 – 70 USD) for bathing and full service in a private room.

The second soapy massage in Udon is located on the top floor of the aforementioned Grand Naga Hotel building. There in the model club a team of attractive gals offers bathing and full service in slightly nicer rooms for 2000 Baht ($66 USD).

Beer bars in Udon

There are a surprisingly large number of beer bars in Udon Thani. Though it may not be so surprising considering that the beer bars seem to be the most popular form of adult entertainment at least for farang in the city. That is not to say that the beers are overflowing with people. In fact they are often quite and usual have more women on staff than customers. Still they obviously get their share of business.

The beer bars of Udon Thani are concentrated in one main area centered around the guest friendly Pannarai Hotel on Soi Samphan. First there are all the bars inside the large Day and Night Complex. Then there are all the other beer bars inside of Nutty Park. Finally there are other bars spanning Soi Samphan from top to bottom including Fun Bar which is arguably the best run and staffed place in town.

Drink prices in the Udon Thani beer bars are reasonable to say the least. The bars also have what must be the lowest barfines in the country as 300 Baht ($10 USD). The ladies themselves often seem satisfied with 1000 Baht ($33 USD) for their time and effort. Yet most appear to go home alone most nights as the customers are often more interested in sharing a drink with others than scoring a short time romp. This probably helps explain why prices are so low though demand only influences prices in the adult industry to a certain degree.

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