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Chai Ya Prek is one of the many massage parlors in Udon Thani. It serves as a good example of what the many massage parlors around the Day and Night beer bar complex and Nutty Park are like. At the same time it stands out from other shops in a few ways that make the place notable.

Chai Ya Prek isn’t the kind of place that most anyone would actively seek out. Yet it is one of the more common kinds of under the radar spots that can be found all over Thailand. There isn’t always something to indicate whether or not these sorts of shops are adult oriented in nature and service. Indeed sometimes the shop may be opposed to such things only to have individual providers offer happy endings to clients in private.

Happy ending massage in Udon Thani

There is a lot of misinformation pushed as fact these days, both online and off. That is especially true in the adult entertainment industry. As more players enter the information services area it seems there comes a fall in standards. So a lot of things written about shops like the one under review here contain falsehoods.

massage in udon thani

It’s been said by more than one source that many massage parlors in Udon Thani are so-called legitimate shops where erotic services are rarely offered. In actuality there are multiple places where the women on staff tend to jump right into such services with foreign clients. In some cases they even call out with such offers to men passing by on the street!

I am not just talking about the Thai massage area on the ground floor of the Grand Naga Hotel where sensual services are practically guaranteed. Many of the multiple massage parlors on Soi Samphan Thamit and other streets near to the Day and Night beer bar complex and Nutty Park staff women who are very likely to offer happy endings or even more.

Chai Ya Prek Massage

Chai Ya Prek is located on Soi Samphan Thamit. The place neighbors another Thai massage parlor. It’s a few doors up from the popular and well staffed Fun Bar and a few doors down from the guest friendly Pannarai Hotel. The shop has a green front and signs that read “Thai Massage” in English. But the actual name of the shop is only displayed in the Thai language.

There is nothing that makes Chai Ya Prek obviously stand out from other shops including some just steps away. It is the women on staff that would draw anyone into this place, and probably most others like it. At any given time there can be between two and five women on staff. Yet only one or two are usually found seated out front.

Staff and services

At many shops with multiple women on staff there is a range in looks. But at Chai Ya Prek it can be extreme. It’s not out of the norm to find two wrinkled women approaching fifty years of age alongside two other attractive gals in their early twenties. The ladies seem to know who to approach too. For instance one might call out to a younger and better looking lady when a certified “handsome man” come strolling by the shop.

Inside the shop has a small lobby with a few chairs. Beyond there there is a small yet long room to the right with mattresses along the floor. The room is separated from the hallway by a long curtain. Inside the room smaller curtains separate each mattress from the other. Though this is probably not even needed as the place never seems to attract more than one customer at a time.

Once in the semi-private area the women . Especially when the customers are undressed to prepare for an oil massage. While a perfunctory body rub may be offered, some of the gals seem more keen to simply get right in the action. There are no set prices for unofficial service and there can be haggling involved to find an agreeable rate. Generally speaking the ladies ask 1000 Baht ($33 USD) for a happy ending. They may ask as much as 5000 Baht for full service, though they could settle for less depending on the situation. In any event it doesn’t to be a rarity for them to be taken up on their offers as they are equipped with their own latex covers.

Of course I can’t confirm that ever gal on staff offers happy endings and other sensual services to every man who walks into the place. But it does seem to be quite common. And the women show the sort of experience that would suggest they are not new to the male form. So Chai Ya Prek shows what kind of erotic massage can be found in Udon, and that the providers can even be quite attractive. Yet the place doesn’t compare with any of the more direct erotic establishments in the city and the asking prices can be high for the area. One-and-a-half stars.

Address:Soi Samphan Thamit, Udon Thani, Thailand (Map)
Hours:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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