Review: Fun Bar in Udon Thani, Thailand


Fun Bar is one of several hostess style beer bars in Udon Thani. In many ways it is arguably the best. Located on Soi Samphan near the Day and Night bar complex the place is easy to find and out in the open. The fact that it staffs a relatively large number of women who tend to be attractive and dress well certainly has helped the place gain in popularity.

Fun Bar is run by a Thai lady called Fah. I learned this from observation. She doesn’t interfere in any way with the fun. On the other hand she is a good host who is on hand and available when needed. She’s a friendly lady who seems to be good chums with all the other gals in the bar. Ideally this is how any adult entertainment facility would be run.

The bar appears somewhat small but that can be deceiving. The area in the front with a few tables and chairs is only part of it. There is a bar inside and several more seats stretching towards the back of the venue. It can be difficult to see that though with so many women around jostling for attention.

Staff and prices

There are around a dozen Thai ladies in their twenties and thirties working at Fun Bar. Most are at least somewhat attractive and fit. Several are quite good looking. The fact that they often wear alluring and revealing clothes and costumes only boosts their appearance.

Fun Bar Udon Thani women

The ladies who work Fun Bar are also quite kind and friendly. There is no shark or hustling mentality to be seen here. It’s possible to sit at the bar for quite some time without ever being hassled to “buy one drink.” Yet at the same time it is easy to see why the alcohol flows.

The drink prices at Fun Bar are totally reasonable. A bottle of beer goes for 60 Baht ($1.92 USD). A lady drink is 150 Baht ($4.80 USD). As stated above the ladies take their time with the drinks and they are not demanding in the least.

Special features and summary

In some ways Fun Bar reminds me of a hostess bar in Phnom Penh. I say that because of the fun atmosphere. But it is also similar in that there are a couple of ladies who are choosy about who they leave the bar with and at least one or two who never leaves the bar with any customers at all. Of course that’s fitting in any place where women can make up their own minds about what they want to do. That said most of the women are actually quite open and accommodating when it comes to doing barfines.

A final thing that makes Fun Bar different is that it actually maintains a working website. You might think this would be the norm late in the first quarter of the 21st century. But it isn’t. Many large bars can’t even manage to maintain an up-to-date Facebook page. Fun Bar has a full website that even includes photographs and statistics of the women on staff. It’s quite nice.

There are so many beer bars in Thailand that they can all start to blend in with each other. That is certainly the case down in Pattaya where seemingly endless rows of beer bars are stacked one after the other. Or at least it was the case before the international travel slow down changed things.

In event event Fun Bar stands out from the pack. One could visit several beer bars in Udon and forget them all within a day or two. Fun Bar is more memorable for a number of reasons that I have elaborated on above. It’s a well run place. In terms of Thai beer bars it’s quite good. I give it four stars.

Address:1713 Soi Sampantanit, Udon Thani, Thailand (Map)
Hours:5:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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