Day and Night Bar Complex in Udon Thani


Day and Night Bar Complex is one of two major adult entertainment centers in Udon Thani. Located just a short jaunt from the large Central shopping mall complex and several hotels, the place is obvious and easy to find. The open air center is lined with beer bars staffed by women who drink with customers and often times leave the bars with guys willing to pony up some dough.

Beer bars are common in most any part of Thailand that sees its share of farang. The existence of these establishments is often in direct proportion to the number of westerners that can be found. So cities like Pattaya are filled with beer bars while less visited town like Ubon Ratchathani have none.

Day and Night in Udon

The Day and Night bar complex is located just north of the guest friendly Pannarai Hotel on Soi Samphan Thamit. There is a large sign in English near the entrance of the bar. The large arched roof over the complex is reminiscent of the modern Nana Entertainment Complex in Bangkok. But inside the place feels a lot more like the beer bar complex around the Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium in Chiang Mai.

Day and Night bars in Udon

The interior of the Day and Night complex is large and spacious with bars on both sides. The place extends back quite a distance from the road. There are around twenty beer bars inside Day and Night. They have names like G Spot, Fifty Fifty, Chill Out Club, Ohh La La, Enjoy and Lucky.

Day and Night officially opens at noon. While some of the bars open their doors at the time the place doesn’t really get going until closer to dusk. Ladies can be found in the bars starting in the early afternoon but the majority show up later in the day. Yet the place still draws in people while the sun in shining thanks to a sizeable expat community and things like pool tables that are free to use. Of course the women are still the main draw.

Women, drink prices and barfines

As stated, beer bars are common across Thailand. They tend to be among the most economical of the adult entertainment venues. In Udon Thani that is even more the case. Drinks and lady drinks alike are reasonably priced. But at just 300 Baht ($10 USD), the barfines at the beer bars in Udon Thani are probably the cheapest to be found anywhere in the country.

The women don’t ask for an arm and a leg either. Although there are some women who only work for lady drinks and tips, most gals at Day and Night seem eager to go out with guys who ask for short or long time sessions. The typical rates expected are 1000 Baht ($33 USD) for short time and 2000 Baht for an overnight. This puts the prices on par with those of the infamous Soi 6 in Pattaya in terms of short sessions. For long time sessions these are some of the lowest prices in the country.

In some cases, barfines aren’t paid at all. That’s because some guys simply wait for the bars to close at midnight before taking a lady elsewhere. A few of the bars keep going after officially closing hours however. Sometimes they pull down their gates part way, though you can still see what goes on inside.

There are many women working the bars of Day and Night Complex. They range in looks. The majority are probably in their twenties and slim, but there are all sorts of gals to be found. Some are quite large and a few quite aged. There are also several ladyboys mixed in with the staff at some of the bars. But generally speaking the ladies at Day and Night are no older or less attractive on average than the gals found in the beer bars of Bangkok or Pattaya. The Udon gals do seem to be a little less hardened however, even if some of them have worked down country.

Address:Soi Samphan Thamit, Udon Thani, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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