Review: Club 4 – Pattaya, Thailand

Blowjob bars have always been a major topic of discussion here at Rockit Reports. In the last two years I’ve covered the subject from so many angles that some have wondered what there could possibly be left to say. The answer is a lot. Just like blowjobs themselves blowjob bars never get old. To illustrate my point perfectly I will review one of the best blowjob bars to be found anywhere in the world.

Club 4 is a fantastic bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Like the Telephone Bar it is far enough away from the main tourist area to be off the radar. Unlike the Telephone Bar it doesn’t try to get over that hurdle with online promotions. I’m not sure what the marketing plan for Club 4 is or if they even have one at all. If I had to guess I would say they are probably going for word of mouth. That’s something that should be easy enough for them to achieve.

The entrance to Club 4 is well marked with a large white storefront so anyone who manages to make it to the right street should be able to find the place. After ringing the door bell to gain access punters will be greeted by a large space with two sets of white padded seating areas on either side and a large bar at the back.

The lighting is low and the seating areas are rather large. The place almost conjures up images of an old Asian opium den though it lacks the opium and general squalor. At least a few of the seating areas will usually be occupied by lovely ladies lounging around waiting for customers.

To say that blowjob bars are not known for hiring supermodels would be a serious understatement. To be blunt many women appear to work blowjob bars because it’s the only way they can reliably earn money in the sex industry. There are some real lookers around at places like Lolita’s, Kasalong and Bliss but they are the exception rather than the rule. Most women are average at best in the looks department even though they may be real sweethearts who are great at what they do. The majority are in their late twenties or early thirties though some are much older.

Club 4 breaks the mold when it comes to staffing. The place has a dozen or more women on the floor at any given time and they are nearly all in their very early 20’s with fit bodies and relatively good looks. Many guys say they don’t care what the women look like in a place like this but I imagine if they had a choice they’d prefer pretty women like these.

The staff isn’t aggressive in the least bit. They don’t push for lady drinks, immediately say “let’s go upstairs,” or even approach guys who enter. If a punter wants to talk to a lady or two he’ll have to sit next to them or call them over to where he is. After that things are easy as pie.

Drinks for customers and lady drinks alike are reasonably priced. They can be enjoyed at the bar but there’s more fun to be had in the aforementioned seating areas. One of the reasons for this is that the ladies wear fringed white mini skirts with nothing at all on underneath. The tops are similarly revealing though they do offer some coverage.

There are a few different types of blowjob bars. Increasingly bars have rooms or small closed off areas upstairs for fun to place in. The original model of blowjobs right on in the open is going the way of the dodo bird and can only be regularly found at choice places like Star of Light, the Kangaroo Club and My Friend You. Club 4 falls somewhere in between.

Guys who want to get down to business on the floor are able to with the proper payment but it’s not as out in the open as the bar-side blower at Kangaroo. The fun takes place in the seating areas and is partially blocked off from view by a white mesh curtain that is pulled around front. Since the curtain looks like a mosquito net anyone who really wants an eyeful could probably get one but it’s not totally in your face either.

Customers who prefer full and total privacy can take the lady of their choosing upstairs where a number of large, well appointed and incredibly clean rooms await.

The usual rate for the kind of service that the place is none for comes to a total of 800 Baht ($25). Full service is also available for an additional 200 Baht which brings the prices right in line with the short time shops on Soi 6.

Believe it or not the best thing about Club 4 isn’t necessarily the service or the ladies (as lovely as they are) but the general atmosphere. It’s totally laid back and there is no pressure put on anyone to do anything. One could easily spend a few hours inside relaxing. That’s different from most of the BJ bars which are more commonly used like revolving doors. In and out, one and done. The management of Club 4 deserves a lot of credit for putting such a nice place together.

As the best model of a blowjob bar I’ve come across to date (with the possible exception of the Star of Light which keeps the raunchy old style alive better than anyone) I’m giving Club 4 four-and-a-half stars. It’s not perfect but it’s damn good. In fact it’s a blowjob bar plus a lot more. What else is there to say?

Club 4, Soi Full Love Inn, Pattaya, Thailand. Open 7 days a week from noon to midnight. Phone: 091-230-8748. Click here for a map.

Club 4 Pattaya Thailand


  1. Beaker says:

    Great report and worth a visit for sure! I will be coming to Pattaya next week and I want to visit this place. If I take a motobike taxi, will they understand where this place is? I will be coming from the Walking Street area at Secrets Hotel. Thanks

    • rockit says:

      Unfortunately I’d say the motorbike taxis in Thailand generally aren’t very good at reading or taking directions in English. The usual way to get around by moto taxi if one needs to do so is to say the name of the Soi in Thai. Even then they may not know it but it works better than showing them a piece of paper or map. Sometimes having the address written out in Thai helps, but even then it’s no sure thing. Occasionally you may run into a moto taxi who knows the place very well and can speak good English but it’s rare. Cheers.

  2. Pas says:

    Bar is closed. Until 23 March 2015

  3. Pas says:

    Today I went to a bar on the motobike and the door was closed.

  4. David says:

    Been to Club 4 a couple of times on my last trip , Would recommend the place to anybody ( and i have )
    Looking forward to next time I Think they open about 2pm , and close 2am ish. Tricky place to find , but i made it.

  5. Jae says:

    Looks like a great review for this bar. Could anyone tell me the address of this place..
    I’d like to check it out on my next trip to Pattaya.

    • rockit says:

      There’s a map at the end of the post. I doubt anyone could come up with more detail than that. Cheers.

  6. Steve says:

    I visited Club 4 yesterday afternoon and came away a satisfied customer. The facilities are as you described them: clean, well appointed, relaxed. The girls–well I didn’t see any early 20-year olds–more like late 20’s-early 30’s. But then I was there just after they opened at 2pm so maybe the average age drops as the day goes on. In any case, I hooked up with a charming, really very pretty, slim, early 30’s girl who had a dancer’s body. She said she’d been a coyote dancer on Walking Street and when I asked why she quit, she said the dancing became too hard and she needed to do more work on her knees. That’s my kind of girl so I agreed to follow her upstairs to a perfectly fine room. She proceeded to do her thing on her knees to near perfection in a no-rush manner. After, I nearly accepted her offer to return to the bar area for a dink–yes it’s that relaxed–but decided to move on. Maem, the name she used, then escorted me to the exit, gave me a big hug and a kiss. Nice touch.

    Ok, Club 4 is not on the beaten track, but using the Google Map you provided, it’s easy enough to get there. I expect I’ll visit again whether Maem is there or not. Thanks for highlighting Club 4. I doubt I would have found it on my own.

  7. jean van cote says:

    I think that the Club 4 have a new owner, Joel his no longer there, his wife who was the Club 4 manager now works at the next door 007 Club which open recently.

  8. Ken says:

    Club4 was a great experience for me, and I would recommend it. It is near The Love Hotel, which almost all taxi bike drivers know. So just tell them to take you there and you will have no problem finding Club4.

  9. Scripted Life says:

    This club is easily one of the best blowjob bars I’ve visited between Japan and Thailand. The large comfy sitting areas, coupled with the decent fee and inviting staff really makes it stand out as a diamond in the rough. I’ll second the notion that the club is far enough off the beaten pass that it leans on inconvenient to reach, barring renting a motorbike (5-10 minute ride from Beach Road). Excellent find and thanks for the great lead~

  10. BH says:

    Based on this review, I visited Club 4 a few days ago. It’s absolutely the best BJ bar in Pattaya (or Bangkok for that matter). I went on a Monday afternoon and the two girls who served me were both early twenties, beautiful, and skilled. I chose the couch area and had a fantastic time. I couldn’t recommend this place enough.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. The place is currently a little different than it was when I reviewed it almost a year ago. The new club called 007 next door is similar. I will review the latter and update the review of Club 4 at some point in the future. Cheers.

  11. Tommy says:

    Just been to Club 4…1000 including mine and the lady’s drink.
    Relaxing non pressure atmosphere, surprisingly pretty girls, just a feel good place. Thanks Rockit for testing

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. The place is under new ownership now and is a little different than it was when I originally reviewed it. I probably wouldn’t give it the same score now. I’ll write about that soon. Cheers.

  12. Tmackly says:

    Hi Rocket,
    Just wanting to thank you for all your updates with these bars and such. If it wasn’t for your reports, I would had to wonder around the tourist area looking for a good bj bar. After reading your review of this bar, I decided to give it a try. I wondered off to club 4 around noon. Unfortunately it was closed. Thankfully my hostel was only 15 mins walk away, so I decided to go back for a quick nap. I went back around 3:30. Finally the open sign was lit. I rang the bell and there were about 7 girls. One girl cough my eye. She was a bigger girl with a very pretty face and ginormous tits. We got to talking and I asked to if she wouldn’t mind polishing me off. She closed the curtain and wiped me and my Johnson down. Once that was complete, she went to town. She was even nice enough to ask me if I liked it fast or slow. Once I told her what I wanted, I was in heaven. Oh my god. She was pure amazing. After I blew my load, she just kept on going for another 20 seconds. What a gem. Thanks again for the wonderful reports. Keep em coming! :)

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I just published a review of 007 which is right next door and I’ll be publishing a review of the next place down called Pirate Club not long after. Cheers.

  13. Tmackly says:

    I saw both those bars next to Club 4. I opted to go for club 4 because of your review. Thanks again

    • rockit says:

      Club 4 isn’t what it was when I first reviewed it which seems to be one of the reasons these two new bars sprung up but it still seems to satisfy plenty of people. Cheers.

  14. billyboo222 says:

    What is the address for Club 4 in Pattaya….?

    • rockit says:

      I have no idea what the address is. The kind of street numbers and names used in other countries aren’t common in Pattaya. There is link to a map that pinpoints the exact location of club 4 at the end of the review. Cheers.

  15. deca says:

    Soi full love inn is the street name and most of the motor cabbies guy know the street!

  16. Frankie says:

    Hi all. I have checked out Club 4 25-6-2016… and it sucks! Not in the good sense. This club has changed completely compared to the 2 year old review. Probably new owner. There was really nothing that I liked about it. No relaxed atmosphere. There where some young nice looking girls, but all are pushy to do their thing and bagging for a drink right away. So right to business. No nice conversation, or a bit hugging, and playing…Just drop the pence. The sofa with small table is more a bed rapped around that table, and curtains can be closed around it. So you cant sit with you feed on the ground, only lay down. Seems like a nice idea, but it isn’t. There is to little room, and the girl can only lay-down too, have to lean on her arms and gets a tired neck and arms from leaning over you. So she needs to stop after 2 minutes and change position all the time. Not good ! If you could sit on a sofa, and the girl can sit on the ground everyone is much more comfortable, with much more space for 2 girl as well. The girl I had was not interested to do a good job, just get it over with as soon as possible, and used her hand a lot. I asked for other way’s but she did not listen. After some time I asked for a second girl that I saw. She was nicer. But also not a star in her job. I have send the first girl away she was starting to irritate me with her robotic approach. The second girl did her best more and I could finally cum. But not really happy. Then the billing came. The girls said it was 800B before we started. But the bar charged 300B per girl for bar fine extra plus the drinks… So I was screwed by the cashier. I would not recommend this bar to any one. It sucks!!! Compare that with my favorite Lolitas in BKK. That is the pace to go! Very good service, nice willing to please girls and cheaper… I will never be in Club 4 again!!!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. As I mentioned in another report Club 4 was raided a while back. After that ownership and the bar itself changed a bit. I will update this report to reflect that soon. The place immediately next door called 007 is now operating as Club 4 used to. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Thanks for the report. I would still visit just to check out the girls and drinks to see if the drink was mandatory. 007 pushed me to get a drink too. Cheers!! Service depends on each girl though. Cheers!

  17. Rob says:

    Went there ordered a drink, Girls not at all pushy realized I did not like them. Simply told me “Point out if you like anyone OK” . One customer getting serviced and wouldn’t come out after he came hehehe maybe i scared him off.

    Anyway did not like any girls, waited for the girl servicing Dirty me, but guy wouldn’t leave her. so left after paying for my drink. Off to CB, ring the bell, door doesnt open. Screw that Went to PIRATES.

    Hell Yeah Kinky as hell. Do not miss Pirates folks most girls 6, few 8 some 4’s even the cashier was funny.
    Had a great time. Also got to know why everyone complains about Japanese punters. A dude was getting stroked by 3 girls and keeps ordering drinks. Just go and finish the deed dude. I waited 20 min, took next best thing to back and voilla another sexy young girl dressing at the backroom. i tell mamasan i want her too . No Problem.

    Mamasan warns me she is young and not much experience, I said fine. Kinky pat is mamasan stays there directing the girls on blowing me and ask another to go at my nipples :) I come under 10, Tip mamasan well. All in all damages around 2k Baht but well worth it.

    Do not miss pirates, had about 12 girls when i went around 2:30 PM

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