Review: Star of Light in Bangkok, Thailand


Star of Light is one of the longest standing blowjob bars in Bangkok. The place isn’t exactly a household name. In fact the majority of people in town almost certainly don’t know about it. But for guys who like these kinds of places, it is legendary.

Outside of Japan, Thailand probably has the most penis polishing pubs in the world. But there is one big difference between blowjob bars in Thailand and pink salons in Japan. The BJ bars in Japan are mainly meant for local guys. The BJ bars in Thailand are specifically meant for foreigners.

It used to be that most of the blowjob bars in Japan were a lot more expensive too. But with the wild fluctuations in economies and exchange rates over the last few years rates in both countries have started to approach more similar price points when calculated in US dollars. There are even places in Japan that cost less than places in Thailand!

Star of Light in Patpong

Star of Light is located on Patpong Soi 2, which is sometimes spelled “Phat Pong 2” in English. It is in the middle of Bangkok’s notorious Patpong bar and entertainment district. Patpong used to be one of the most popular nightlife areas in Thailand. Nowadays it is probably more known for its night market than anything else.

Star of Light in Patpong

The whole Patpong red light area is just outside of the Sala Daeng Station on the BTS. Many people reach Patpong by taxi. But Bangkok taxis have a reputation of overcharging at times. That is especially common around Patpong. At night some taxis park at the end of the road and seek out foreigners who will overpay for rides instead of hailing a metered cab.

Patpong 2 is a skinny little street. Star of Light is about half way up on the right side when traveling from Silom Road. There are two signs marking the Star of Light location. One is out on the street. The other is at the door of the bar.

Prices and staff

Star of Light has been open for years. It has always provided a reliable level of oral action from a stable of women who on average look a lot better than you might expect. After all they spend their days and nights sucking cock after cock.

There are usually seven or eight ladies on staff at any given time. Most of the time they can be found sitting outside of the bar waiting for customers. They all look different as you might expect in a group of such numbers. Most would probably be described as average. Some may find a few of the ladies very attractive. In any event all of the ladies are quite skilled when it comes to slurping semen out of skin straws.

Inside Star of Light

The process is simple. You choose one (or more) of the ladies seated out front. Next you walk in and grab a drink or just ask to be serviced directly. It really is that simple. The ladies are all experienced so there is no shyness or anything like that.

The surroundings aren’t the greatest. But then again you guys aren’t going into Star of Light because they’re fans of luxury lounges or expert architecture, right? Guys going to Star of Light only want to see the top of a head or two bouncing up and down on their prized possessions.

It’s also an incredibly small place, with a bar in the back and booths on the side. But the place is definitely as big as it needs to be. What more does a place like this need other than a few seats and some privacy? In fact privacy isn’t even required as I will go on to explain.

Public service

In the past it wasn’t uncommon to see a guy getting his pickle popped out in the open while sitting at one of the stools at the bar. Some guys would get off while throwing back a beer, chatting with a mate, or even reading a newspaper. I have to admit I never tried the last option.

Like pretty much all the Thai blowjob bars, things have changed a bit toward the more private. I guess this was the result of some sort of crackdown or warning, though I’ve never figured it out for certain. I’ve spent my share of time in the Land of Smiles, but I don’t always have special knowledge what goes on behind the scenes.

Nowadays most guys use the two booths in the bar when they want to get their noodles slurped. Some drop their pants on the floor. Others take them all the way off. Most of the ladies are amenable and will get topless on request. Some of the better service providers pop them out on their own, with no prompting necessary.

Although they are less out in the open than the bar stools, the booths don’t offer much in the way of privacy. They are totally open faced. The bartender often continues to do her work behind the bar while guys are getting serviced. And it’s not uncommon to get approached by other staff members halfway through a suck session asking to join either. For those who are too shy to use the booths, they also have a bathroom with a closing door. It’s big enough, with a shower and a seat fitted nicely into the corner for maximum usefulness.

Suckers and skills

Like My Friend You in Pattaya or any other self respecting Thai blowjob bar, the women at Star of Light have their own kits complete with anti-bacterial wipes. Before blowing a guy they give his undercarriage a wipe down. Then they get to work on the bare man meat. There are no rubbers required unless a guy actually asks for one or wants to go all in. Even that isn’t always a sure thing.

The service providers at Star of Light are real professionals. They don’t stop slurping and burping until the guy they’re working unloads. I am sure there is a limit though. While they’ll keep working diligently to get guys off, anyone kicking up their feet and trying to get through Les Miserables while being blown will probably be asked to wrap up and leave or come up with extra money.

Price and summary

The price for the blowjob itself should cost 700 Baht. At today’s rates that’s about $22.50 USD. Only a few years ago it came out to about $17.50, similar to what you pay for a short time pump and dump on Blow Row in Angeles City. It’s still not very expensive considering what Western strip clubs charge for next to nothing.

This review comes later rather than never. I don’t know why I didn’t cover it before. I’m sure many readers who are familiar with Bangkok will already know of the place, but many others probably do not. I hope they’ll be happy to learn about it. Who knows how long this place will be around. Walking Street in Pattaya has already become a bit of a circus for tourists with no interest in sexual services, and the Patpong area is starting to fill up with more “legitimate businesses.” Only time will tell.

As an old standby in the blowjob bar circuit where a guys can get a satisfactory suck job for a few Baht, I give Star of Light a solid three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Patpong Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:10:00 AM - 2:00 AM
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