Review: Kangaroo Club in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


The Kangaroo Club is a cozy little blowjob bar on Patpong 1 in the Silom section of Bangkok, Thailand. Well, maybe cozy isn’t the right word. Although the place has been around for a quite while I don’t think dingy is the proper term either. Let’s just say it’s a small blowjob bar and leave it at that.

The Kangaroo Club isn’t hard to find by any means. If you can get yourself onto Patpong 1 you can surely see the big neon sign for the place. They even have a tout sitting outside most nights to wave you right in the door and up the stairs. The only problem that I have is the Patpong night market that’s set up in the street. I know Thailand has been working to become more of a “mainstream” tourist destination but some of it seems a little ridiculous. They already have plenty of family visitors and group tours. Do they really need to set up another row of vendors selling the same gimmicky junk to middle aged husbands and wives from Wheversville in the middle of a red light district?

I’m as open minded as anyone but even I think it’s a bit off for a kid out for a holiday with his parents to wander past a knockoff watch stand and end up in front of the open door entrance of a go go bar where 20 year old Thai women gyrate in bikinis. Eh… maybe I’m just humbugged by how long it took me to get past the Korean and Russian tourists on my way to the blowjob bar the last time I visited.

Kangaroo BJ Bar in Patpong

Once you make it through the madhouse (or avoid it by coming earlier or later) and get into the club there isn’t a whole lot to see. A top the staircase sits a bar, some seats, a small fish tank and a flat screen television playing the latest DVD from Thai Girls Wild. The women who work here are usually sitting in the little corner near the fish tank.

Customers are welcomed by all and then usually approached by whoever is on deck next or most aggressive. Don’t be afraid to ask whichever or the girls you fancy to join you instead. You’re under no obligation to partake in a lady’s services just because she comes over to you.

Like any other blowjob bar in Thailand you don’t have to take a drink. Instead you can simply say you’d like to have a blowjob. Unlike most others though that might not go over so well here. It’s a little more of a laid back place and the ladies seem to like to have a lady drink as much to relax and get to know a little as to get the small payment they receive for it later in the month. This is a place where having a drink and buying one for your gal of the moment isn’t a big deal. It’s very inexpensive and the place is relaxing enough to enjoy it.

Staff and service

Your lady may start rubbing your region or you may just want to ask for the services when you’re ready. For many that’s a minute or two after they enter the bar. Quite a few guys chose to get polished off right at the bar. It’s an even more open environment than Star of Light one street over, and that’s saying something. One good thing if you go this route is that you can view the naughty movie while you get serviced (though you’re out and exposed, unlike Mike’s Place on Patpong 2 where you can watch the same kind of entertainment in a private room). Another is the thrill of it all. I remember just finishing up once when an unsuspecting couple in their 40’s wandered up the stairs. You could tell by the look in their eyes that they didn’t know exactly what kind of a place they walked into. If the sight of me and my service provider didn’t let them know, surely the sign on the wall that says “The best blowjobs in Patpong” would have.

As to that sign, I don’t think it’s any more accurate than the “no smoking” sign which is totally ignored (I was told by one of the women on staff that it’s just there for decoration). The women here know how to work it but I haven’t experienced anything special. Maybe I’m not being fair since I’ve only tried a few, but my ratio of above average service is much higher at Star of Light. I will say that there are a few attractive women working here and they often dress very well. There are also some older and bigger women but sometimes they know best of all for action like this. At least one woman that I know of has been working here for half a decade. Though she’s nice enough, she has unfortunately never progressed beyond average skills in all that time.

Guys who don’t want to get their knobs slobbed at the bar have the option of going to the “private room,” which is more of a part of a room. It’s private in that it’s in the back, but it’s also a little public. The “door” is a few hanging shreds and anyone going to the bathroom will probably get a glimpse of what’s going on (as does the weird Thai guy who works the bar and has a habit of “accidentally” coming in). The room is suited enough for its purpose. The normal fee for the oral action itself is 800 Baht ($25 USD).

Kangaroo Club is a decent blowjob bar. I think the staff is really kind and eager to please and Kangaroo is one of the last hummer hangouts where you can still get your dong digested from the comfort of a bar stool.

Note: Kangaroo Club has closed.

Address:Patpong 1, Bangkok, Thailand
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