The most interesting sex industry websites of 2020


Readers of this website are likely to be interested in the sex industry in general. Since this is certainly not the only place that covers the global sex trade it only makes sense that readers would also seek out other sources. I do too. That’s why I made this list of the most interesting sex industry sites of 2020.

I first created a list of interesting sex industry related websites way back in 2013. At the time Rockit Reports was relatively new and I was doing my best to write about all aspects of transactional sex and prostitution. What started then as a general post written on a whim later turned into a series of annual reports. Here’s a list of those reports if you’re interested:

Drawing up lists of the most interesting sex industry websites is becoming more difficult as time goes on. And that’s not only because I find many of the newer clone sites that have sprung up recently to be rather dull. It seems less people are writing long form content and publishing it on dedicated websites. Countless pages like the Horribly Happy Hooker have simply gone idle. Sex workers still express themselves of course. But increasingly that happens in short quips posted on sites like Twitter.

Another factor is the mainstreaming of sex reporting that I mentioned in the beginning of 2020. When people can find reviews of blowjobs bars and brothels on mainstream sites and apps it becomes less likely that others will take the time to work on their own online outlets. Perhaps that is just the way it is. For now, I present you with this list of the most interesting sex industry websites of 2020.

Pro Con

Informed people usually come to their conclusions after researching a subject. One way to do that is to listen to opposing viewpoints. This is the source of debate which has long been a sign of a healthy democratic society. In these days when speech rights and open discussion seems to be under attack from many sides the internet continues to allow for dialogue.

old sex positions

Pro Con is a website that compiles arguments on both sides of subjects and presents them in an easy to use format. I am not especially interested in the website in general even though it is based on a good idea. But I do find the “Should prostitution be legal?” section of the Pro Con site quite useful.

As should be obvious I have long advocated for the legalization of sex work. It is one of the first things I ever wrote about here. I don’t mind exposing people to anti-prostitution arguments however. Such exposure only helps clarify and explain why selling sex should be legal.

Red Umbrella

Red Umbrella is a hosting service that was set up for sex workers. It was established in the wake of shut downs and seizures of all sorts. Red Umbrella describes itself as being “designed for sex workers (but also open to other marginalised business owners)”.

The Red Umbrella website itself might not be all that intriguing in those who simply observe the sex industry online. But it should be notable that such a service had to arise at all. No matter your position on the sex trade the mere fact that something like Red Umbrella was called for should be ominous.


Switter describes itself as a sex work-friendly social space. In recent years many social networks have been banning and blocking sex workers. So some people got together to and launched this setup to give them a place to go.

One of the people behind Switter calls it “a safe place for sex workers to communicate”. Yet it seems to be popular with more people than sex workers. According to one report it is the sixth largest instance of the Mastodon framework on the internet. Switter is apparently hosted in Austria.


As I have said in the past, ZENRA is one of the best Japanese porn websites in the world. They publish a wide range of Japanese porn with English subtitles that really bring the titles to life. You can enjoy Japanese AV without speaking a word of Japanese. But understanding what is going on only elevates the experience.

Now ZENRA also maintains a Japanese AV Blog that covers the Japanese porn industry in English. With regular updates the site covers the Japanese porn industry in full detail. Over the last few months there have been some really interesting posts about things like the origin of bukkake and the secret history of JAV.

Anyone with even a passing interest in Japanese porn will find something to read at the Zenra JAV blog. It can really help built up the back story and make all those great Japanese porn videos even more entertaining. It can also help narrow down a list of videos to watch. With countless Japanese AV videos available their post on Hitomi Tanaka’s ten best titty fucking scenes can really save time.

The Conversation

The Conversation is another website that publishes pieces from various viewpoints. The dedicated section on the topic of sex workers is obviously of most relevance here. Although the sex worker news section is not updated all that frequently it is a place to learn a lot about the sex industry world wide.

Over the last few years the site has published pieces on topics ranging from sex rights activism in Canada to laws against prostitution in India. Most of the material is well written and thought out. It is all certainly worth a look for those who want to know more. While the Conversation doesn’t cover the commercial sex industry from top to bottom it does help readers form a fuller picture of what goes on around the world.

That concludes my list for this year. Overall and taken together these sites give a snapshot of what the sex industry around the world is like to some extent. A complete overview of the entire global sex scene would take a life’s work. For nearly a decade I have done my best and covered what I can. I plan to continue on with that into the foreseeable future.

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