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I have been writing about the commercial sex industry on this website for several years. As time goes on the coverage increases. There are now numerous cities and types of venues and service providers described on this site. Some are plain brothel style places that most people probably imagine the industry to be based on. Others may surprising even to hardened explorers who are unaware of things like blowjob shops hiding behind the veneer of hair salons.

I have tried to write in a way that entertains. Most people do seem to be entertained. There has been little in the way of hate mail of negative comments. There have been more than a few people who ask for information that is already provided on this website. Perhaps there is something to those sayings about some people being visual learners.

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There is some cross over with porn and this site. Though this website is not in the business of producing porn or anything like that it is covered here at times. Porn is a part of the commercial sex industry as far as I am concerned. And porn is also a visual representation of what is described here in words.

It makes sense then that many porn stars have been interviewed for this website. It also follows that this website would publish an annual list of porn still worth paying for and the occasional post on things like the best Japanese porn sites. The internet and sex are after all the bedrocks of Rockit Reports.

Prostitute Movies

Prostitute Movies is a website that has been mentioned on this website before. For example it was included on a past list of porn still worth paying for. Since that list was published the Prostitute Movies site has expanded further just like Rockit Reports. I was recently given access to the site in order to review it in detail.

I don’t know the origins or inner workings of the Prostitute Movies website but that really isn’t important for my purposes. All that’s needed is a username and password to dig into everything there. Everything there combines to be what is probably the largest library of prostitution related pornography on the internet. Since such things were hard to come across before the internet arose we can probably even say that Prostitute Movies is home to the biggest collection of prostitution related porn anywhere.

The majority of the movies on the site are shot with a stationary camera. Someone set up a camera in the corner and turned it on and the action was captured. There’s no camera man or great angles or lighting. Since the main point is to see what is happened rather than to produce some great works of art this doesn’t really matter. It may even be better. Assuming at least some of the videos are real the protagonists may not want high definition crystal clear images of themselves shagging away available for all to see even though they presumably consented to making videos for publication.

Videos at Prostitute Movies

I don’t know where Prostitute Movies gets their content. It looks like it could be user generated and uploaded. A lot of the porn sites out there that claim to show things like happy ending massage are obviously professionally done and fake. At Prostitute Movies most of it look much more real. Even one or two movies which are probably studio made such as one based on a Japanese blowjob bar are very accurate, going as far as to the show the common two girl “flower petal rotation.” Other movies capture the real grit and environment in full realistic detail.

Some street walker and sex club footage from Europe is totally accurate. There are some escort videos from there and possibly the US that also look real. The Asian section which at the time of writing spans 17 pages of videos shows a lot of what has been written about here over the years.

One series of videos shows the insides of Asian brothels. I can’t tell exactly where these places are assuming they are real but they look like a collection of Chinese saunas of the sort that used to proliferate before the major crack downs a few years back.

One video of a Japanese ball massage looks like it could have been made during a session at a place like Fukuoka Erotic Massage since it follows the exact steps and sequences of sessions they provide.

Other videos show things like sexy Vietnamese cafes and Chinese massage parlors which discretely provide happy endings.

Thai women also feature heavily. There are countless videos featuring Thai women or at least labeled as such. They seem to be pretty accurate though I obviously have no way to confirm that. For the casual viewer I doubt it would matter much in any event.

All the other expected things like ladyboys and Asian escorts are featured along with some less expected things such as Chinese sex parties, private company bukkakes and KTV blowjobs. There’s a real variety just in the Asian section alone.

There are other sections too such as a Latina section and one dedicated solely to the risky world of barebacking. In other words almost the whole span of the international sex industry is on display. It’s very interesting to say the least and with a cost starting at less than $10 USD a month I’m sure Prostitute Movies has quite a few members.

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