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Tantra Tokyo in Japan is a strip club with no equivalent

Tantra Tokyo is one of the most well known strip clubs in Japan. There are many strip shows and theaters in the country. But Tantra Tokyo is a place all its own. It is a strip club without equivalent.

Japan has been described by many as a world all its own. Some of the first outside visitors were astonished by what they saw. Today millions more continue to be amazed by the things they see in the land of the rising sun.

Tantra Tokyo Strippers

The adult entertainment industry in Tokyo is itself unique in many ways. With the help of the internet it has become a sort of new wonder of the world. Or at least it has left a lot of the world wondering about it.

Rockit Reports has long sought to cover the humongous commercial sex scene in Japan for the entertainment of the readers. There has never been any shortage of things to write about when it comes to the country and especially its sexual side. Everything from Japanese porn to soaplands has been written about here but yet there is still so much that has not been reported on.

Tantra Tokyo

Japanese strip clubs are one of many unique aspects of the country. They are nothing like strip clubs in other parts of the world. The Japanese strip theaters which have been reported on here in the past involve elaborate choreographed dance shows and nude photo sessions. Even among such uniqueness Tokyo Tantra Club stands apart.

Tantra Tokyo in the Roppongi section of Tokyo is one of the most unique strip clubs or clubs of any kind in the entire world. It almost appears to be something like an American strip club but there is so much more to it.

Tantra has sexy stage shows that are very involved. For one show the women on stage may be dressed in S&M gear. For another show they may be fitted out like geishas. A lot of thought is put into this. The women don’t just grab a bikini and jump on stage.

What makes it special

Beyond this Tantra is also a sort of hostess club. While Japan’s hostess bars are well known by many they are also impossible for people who don’t speak Japanese to navigate. Tantra Tokyo is totally foreigner friendly and it even has some foreign women on staff. All of the women can be called upon to sit with a customer and chat over a drink. The women are skilled in the art of conversation and a lot of fun to be around.

Of course the kinds of things that one might expect from a strip club are also available though they too have their own twists. For example the shop’s version of a lapdance is called a “Tantra dance”. For these private dances the women get topless and grind all over customers often getting quite intimate. These aren’t the kinds of lapdances that are performed at Rick’s.

Tantra also has themed parties on the last Friday and Saturday of each month. These go even further than the stage shows as they are all encompassing. Last month all of the women were dressed up like naughty nurses which undoubtedly satisfied the desires of many men in attendance. The upcoming S&M party promises to do the same.


Japan can be an expensive place and strip clubs obviously require customers to pay to play. But Tantra Tokyo cuts its patrons a lot of slack by having happy hours every Tuesday through Friday. Starting at 8:00 PM and lasting ninety minutes these happy hours provide huge savings to whoever is in attendance. Surprisingly the place usually doesn’t pack out even with this deal so there is still plenty of space and comfort for those in the club.

As should be obvious Tokyo Tantra is not a brothel. The many lovely ladies who work at the club do not go outside with customers and no explicitly sexual services are provided. Still the women are definitely sexy and skilled and the place can provide a lot of entertainment.

In a city like Tokyo with so much to offer it can be difficult to stand out. Tantra manages to do just that but not only on a local scale. It is a very unique kind of club that really has no counterpart anywhere else in the world. It really shines as a place for fun and sexy entertainment and as the shop’s multilingual website shows it’s open to people from all walks of life including visitors to Japan who cannot speak Japanese.

Tantra Tokyo. Zeches Baum B2F, 3-9-5 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 8:00 PM until late. Phone: +81 035-775-6533.

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