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Review: Rick’s Cabaret in Pittsburgh, PA USA

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Rick’s Cabaret is a corporate-owned chain of strip clubs in the United States. In my mind they are most notable for the $15 million USD lawsuit they lost against former employees. Later they made the news for getting a $5.5 million dollar loan from the US government. Neither of these things has a lot to do with tits. Except maybe in an indirect way. But this is what sticks out to me.

There is a Rick’s Cabaret in Pittsburgh. Rick’s took over the spot which used to operate under a different name. They apparently upgraded the bar a bit though it is hard to tell. It’s a lot of the gaudy decoration you’d expect to see in a corporate nude dancing bar. I am not sure how much of that really matters anyway. The women are the main draw at at any strip club. I visited the club to take an objective look at the place. The following are my findings.

Inside Rick’s Cabaret

Rick’s is located right in the middle of the city. There is little street parking in the area. But there is a lot of paid parking available at a rate of $10 to $20 USD. Getting into the club costs another $10 though that seems to fluctuate depending on how busy the place is. This sort of on demand pricing is becoming more common these days. I am not surprised to see it here.

Rick's Cabaret in Pittsburgh

Inside the club is a little on the cramped side but there is a lot to see. There is a big main bar and a large elevated stage on the other side. The stage is big and deep so dancers don’t get very close to the patrons even when they are seated up front. There is another stage upstairs and a small bar too. Don’t go thinking this is Baccara in Pattaya with the see through floor though. It’s just a titty bar that happens to have two floors. When I visited the second floor actually wasn’t even open.

A drink costs around $10. Interestingly the bar also has a pretty extensive food menu. It isn’t just pub food either. They have some actual sit down dinner style dishes. I don’t know that I would want to eat here anyway. But this might go over well with the businessman lunch crowd. A lot of the ladies wear gowns when not on stage too. So at least there would be little risk of getting a short and curly hair on your grilled chicken tacos.

Strippers, services, prices and summary

There are about a dozen women working at Rick’s on a normal night. There are fewer women during the day when the club opens for lunch. The dancers range in age from mid-twenties to late-thirties. About half of the gals are black. The other half are white. None looked too outstanding to me. The average was decidedly average. Though a couple of the women did have nice breasts that they would show every once in a while when they got on stage.

There are also feature dancers mainly consisting of American porn stars who visit the club from time to time. This is promoted heavily so it must be a big draw. I guess it’s nice for locals who don’t get around much. After meeting plenty of porn stars in cities like Las Vegas and even spending personal time with Japanese AV stars escorts I frankly don’t find it that intriguing.

Rick’s Cabaret is a fully nude bar. But some of the women only take off their tops when they dance. They may get fully nude during the private dancers or in the VIP section. I didn’t expend the time or energy to find out. A cursory glimpse into the way things were run was enough for me to get the idea. At this point I have practically seen it all. So I can sniff out a situation as well as a bloodhound and live to tell the tale.

The lap dances at Rick’s Cabaret in Pittsburgh are somewhat pricey at $35 each. A running deal gets three dances for $90. Since a dance only lasts as long as a pop song that isn’t much of a deal at all. Especially considering that they are basically just air dances in the back booths with very little contact. Dances are also available in a VIP room for a much higher rate. Some dancers claim that they only go to the VIP room. I guess that is there choice but this isn’t something I’ve heard anywhere else. In any event nothing I saw would make me want to splurge for the extra expense.

Rick’s Cabaret seems like nothing special to me. At least at this location. I may investigate other Rick’s clubs around the United States in the future to get a fuller picture. As it stands it is a mediocre club with mid-range ladies charging top tier prices. Since there are so many other strip clubs in the immediate area I don’t see why anyone would go here. Unless of course they were in town for business or had an office nearby. One star.

Rick’s Cabaret. 135 9th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 3:00 AM. Phone: +1-412-281-7703. Website:

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