Review: DX Kabukicho in Tokyo, Japan


DX Kabukicho (or “DX Erotic Resort Kabukicho” as it is refereed to on the shop’s website) is another Japanese strip club located in the infamous Kabukicho district of Tokyo. DX Kabukicho isn’t really special. If you’ve read my reviews of Dogenzaka Super Strip Theater and the nearby TS Music Strip Theater you’ll have a general idea of what goes on there.

Since there’s not much about the place that sets DX apart from the others around town you may wonder why I’m reviewing it at all. One reason is that the place is likely to be sought out by foreign visitors. Another is that I make it my duty to review every shop offering sexual services I can find. Nearly two years into the existence of this site I’ve completed about 1 percent of that oh-so-serious mission.

DX isn’t as easy to find as TS Music but it’s not hidden away anywhere either. Well that’s not entirely correct. While it does have a clear store front on a public street the actual club is located down a narrow flight of stairs in the basement. Is this the safest set up for a crowded city nestled right on the earthquake-prone ring of fire? Probably not. I can imagine that is what a lot of foreigners think the first time they enter.

Once inside one has to pay their admission to the guy stationed in the makeshift lobby. The rate is 5000 Yen (about $50 US) at normal times or 4000 Yen for those who arrive before noon. This may sound like a lot but it’s not so bad when you consider that there is no tipping inside of Japanese strip clubs. One could pay their 50 dollar entry fee and spend hours inside watching the show, enjoying food and beverages they’ve brought along or a can of coffee or beer out of the club’s vending machine.

One once pays they are free to enter the theater. It’s definitely bigger than TS Music but the seats offer no more space than they do anywhere else. In other words it can be a bit cramped even though it’s a large enough facility. I blame the seating manufacturers for this crime against humanity.

Once one adjusts to the tiny children’s seats they will see a large stage in front of them. This stage has the same kind of rotating platform as Super Strip Theater though it’s only occasionally put into use. It also has the typical back room the dancers emerge from and a powerful but reasonable lighting and sound system.

The place is a bit dingy as one can realize in the occasional periods when the lights come up but it’s not so bad that you want to run out there screaming. It’s also full of some characters. Although I usually get annoyed at guys who go to strip clubs or go go bars and look at other male customers instead of the stage I can’t help but notice the hilarity going on around me when I visit Japanese strip joints. I have seen old Japanese guys fall asleep during the show at least once in my dozen visits to various clubs. I also saw a guy with a book of autographed stripper photos that could rival Moby Dick in length. The wild applause that breaks out every time a dancer spreads her legs never gets old either.

The shows at DX are similar to those at other Japanese strip clubs. In fact they are sometimes identical. The gals usually move around week by week and when you catch the same girl at two different places she is almost always doing the same act. That’s understandable as their routines are clearly detailed and worked out well in advance. I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to the performers.

After a several song long session of dancing, stripping and spreading eagle for all to see the dancer will retire to the back. Once she spends a bit of time preparing she will reemerge to allow anyone interested to take nude pictures of her in any position they’d like. Punters can also get into the picture themselves if they’d like. The rate for this is the usual 500 Yen which comes out to about 5 US greenbacks.

After that’s done it’s time for the next performer to come out. This is repeated five or six times until all the girls on staff have done their things. Then it starts all over again.

Japanese strip clubs certainly have their place but I think there’s a reason they are most often frequented by older gentlemen. They offer a place to spend some time and get a bit of entertainment without shelling out heaps of money. They also offer the opportunity to photograph and quickly chat with a dancer who may even be a famous adult video star.

With so much in the way of sexual services available in Tokyo (even only a few steps away at places like Asian Feeling and New Hot Point) I can’t get too exited about a place like DX even if it is a place where a half dozen Japanese women spread their pussies and ass cheeks right in front of my eyes.

DX Kabukicho is okay as far as Japanese strip clubs go but it’s probably the worst out of those I have visited. That isn’t to say the place is to be avoided. I’m just comparing it similar shops that exist in the same area. I can’t put my finger on exactly why but that is my honest feeling. As a fairly average example of what Tokyo “strip theaters” are like I give DX an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Address:Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan (Map)
Hours:10:30 AM - 11:30 PM
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