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The Pimp in Bangkok is an exclusive adult club staffed by several scantly clad ladies at the very top of the Thai standard of beauty. These sorts of clubs aren’t common around the world. So the uninitiated may wonder what The Pimp is all about. It is something like a lounge filled with beautiful female entertainers. Picture the old Playboy Club transported to Thailand and modernized and you’ll start to have an idea.

Several websites that have covered these kinds of clubs in English have described them as gentlemen’s clubs. I understand where they are coming from. But I don’t think The Pimp has much in common with either the gentlemen’s clubs of Pattaya or the strip clubs with the same title in the United States. The Pimp is more like a high end Thai nightclub where guys can go for intimate entertainment. It’s much more akin to a place like Anaconda Club in Ubon or even Gira Gira Girls in Tokyo than Pirates in Pattaya. Another reason I hesitate to call the place a “gentlemen’s club” is that it is patronized by plenty of women!

It may be more appropriate to say that Acaconda Club is like The Pimp since the latter is the preeminent venue of its kind in Thailand. The Pimp is not the only club of its kind but it is widely recognized as being the best and most popular. That’s been the case since the place opened a decade back. I can confirm that its reputation is well deserved.

All about The Pimp

The Pimp is located on Pracha Uthit Road around the Mangjai section of Bangkok. It is about a twenty minute taxi ride from Nana Plaza. Though there is more than just physical space between the two. This is a different kind of place entirely. The Pimp is clearly oriented to local Thai guys and Asian visitors. Though everyone seems to be welcome. It is common to see at least a couple of farang in the know inside The Pimp.

Thai babes in bikinis at The Pimp Bangkok

The Pimp is a member’s club. You should know that it is not necessarily a cheap place. A night at The Pimp can cost some money. But frankly it’s nothing like what a guy might spend at a high end nightclub in some other parts of the world like New York City. And since this club comes staffed with an array of attractive women it clearly offers more value. An entire night at The Pimp from 10:00 pm to the 3:00 am closing time can even cost less than a night of hopping the go go bars. The Pimp also has live bands, erotic shows, attentive service, surprisingly good food, and the option to use a private room.

What goes on inside

This is not a go go bar or a brothel. The many women at The Pimp are there to entertain and keep guys company. They do a very good job at that. While they don’t get up and do a bored two step shuffle around a pole they work the room and look great doing it. The ladies of course sit down with guys and have fun. The women all speak Thai. English isn’t as common as the place is more oriented to locals and Asian guys. Some ladies can speak it though it may all be a moot point in the days of Google translate.

Party Room at The Pimp Bangkok

That can even be a boon when the DJ is playing music or one of the stars is on stage belting out a tune. It’s a lively place. Intimacy is quite possible but at the same time there is a lot going on around. So all sorts of fun is possible.

The party rooms can get really wild. The women quickly go topless when they enter and take on a real “anything goes” attitude. The party rooms have all sorts of amenities that would be difficult or impossible to find in a normal nightclub. The party rooms have top of the line sound and entertainment systems. On top of that, they have stages, shower show pool tables, and private toilets. They also include a DJ which makes these the ultimate party areas where a group of people can have a great time. Some of the rooms even have private suites where guys can have the ultimate good time with the ladies.

Sexy staff

There are hundreds of women working at The Pimp. And I mean that literally. You can see some of these beauties in the gallery on The Pimp website. The fact they walk around in some of the sexiest outfits imaginable only amplifies the fantasy element of it all. As you may imagine, a bunch of busty twenty-year-old Thai women in lingerie creates quite an amazing environment.

Ladies at The Pimp Bangkok

Despite being hot and dressed in skimpy outfits the women couldn’t be friendlier. Sure that is a part of the job. So is dancing. But a lot of these gals seem to be genuinely interested in having a good time. When a group of guys gets a table they are guarantee fun loving company for the duration.

The women who work the bar in their bikinis and other revealing outfits are entertainers. Their job is to entertain inside the club. So there’s no barfine to take them out of the bar. But I do know for a fact that some of the gals do meet some of the customers outside of the bar at times. It’s like any other club in that way. The main difference is that you’re guaranteed to see sexy women at this place. And you’re guaranteed to have as many women as you’d like to chat with as long as you pony up the dough.

Menu and prices

The Pimp is a “member’s club” but a membership isn’t actually required. Guests are welcome too. A “membership” is really a package of liquor bottles offered at a discounted rate. Membership packages run between 10,000 ($320 USD) and 20,000 Baht. The 20,000 Baht package offers greater value and is popular with people who live in Bangkok. A “Pimp Package” is also available that gives VIP status at the club. A personal mamasan is assigned to Pimp Package members to help them select the best ladies. Pimp Package members can also book rooms and ladies in advance.

Playing pool at The Pimp in Bangkok

Non-members can open a single for a bottle for 4,000 Baht ($128 USD) and that includes free mixers. Buying a bottle gives free entry to up to 4 guys. There is also a “Pimp Ticket” available. This costs 1,000 Baht ($32 USD) and includes 2 free beers. It’s not a bad way for guys who go alone to hang around the bar and check out some of the shows.

Normal tequila shots for the models are 250 Baht ($8 USD) each which is not much more than you might pay at a go go bar in Bangkok. The lady “run drinks” are 300 Baht ($9.60 USD) each. Buying these drinks invites the PR and Bikini gals join the party. Selecting a lady for the RD “run drink” option ensures that she sits with you the entire time rather than running around between customers. The club charges two drinks per hour for this.


The Pimp does run promotions pretty regularly though I must admit that I don’t keep up with it all. One reason is that promotions make the place a lot busier. It’s already a popular place as the hundreds of thousands of followers of The Pimp’s Facebook page would indicate. Another reason is that I wouldn’t go to a place like The Pimp if I was on a budget.

In any event it doesn’t cost the world to visit The Pimp even if it is on the high end. It’s a unique place in the world and a standout in the Bangkok nightlife scene. If I only had the chance to visit one of these clubs in the capital I would definitely head to The Pimp. That’s not only because there are hundreds of firm Thai babes tucked into tight teddies. Though to be honest that is certainly the main reason.

This kind of place might not be for everyone. But since most guys enjoy having a good time while being surrounded by sexy women in negligee I would imagine that it would be right up the alley of many. That would explain how The Pimp has received such high scores across various open review programs. A look at the club’s listings on Google Reviews and Trip Advisor shows what I mean.

You might wonder why I would mention review sites that might seem to give me a run for my money. User reviews can be valuable. But so can the word of an experienced reported who has been around the world and studied adult entertainment in all forms from top to bottom. There are times that I disagree with the popular sentiment as expressed through user reviews. This time I have to go along with the majority. The Pimp is one of the most fun clubs you can find.

Address:496 Rotchanamin Alley Rd, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand. (Map)
Phone:+66 087-360-3666
Hours:9:00 PM - 3:00 AM
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