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Review: Gira Gira Girls in Tokyo, Japan

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Gira Gira Girls is a pretty well known “show bar” in the infamous Kabukicho section of Tokyo. It can be tough to describe a show bar to those who have not seen one in person. It could be perhaps best explained as either a very energetic hostess bar or a very toned down go go bar though that still might not give an accurate idea.

Gira Gira Girls isn’t exactly hidden away but it could be difficult for people to find since it is sort of buried in plain sight right next to one of the most popular places in Kabukicho. The entrance is beside the entrance for the famous Robot Restaurant and the signage and colors are actually a bit similar. There’s even a sign at the entrance of Gira Gira Girls warning people that it is not the Robot place!

Inside Gira Gira Girls

Once customer go down a highly and oddly decorated flight of stairs they meet some suited male staff who take their bookings. Gira Gira Girls is open to foreigners but they usually aim for people who can speak at least very basic Japanese. That’s probably more so that they can agree to the rules and deal with the male door staff than anything. Inside there are a surprisingly large number of women who can speak English!

Gira Gira Girls in Tokyo

There are dozens of women at Gira Gira Girls on any given night. They wear various types of costumes but mostly it comes down to some sort of bikini or revealing dress with plenty of hair and makeup going on too. In other words the typical Japanese girl fashion in a more stripped down form.

Gira Gira Girls is absolutely huge inside. There are all kinds of tables and chairs plus lots of stages and metal poles. There are regular intervals when the girls get up and dance with some doing full routines on the poles. At least one usually takes over MC duties and works the microphone and the crowd at the same time.

What the girls do

In between the dancing routines the ladies make the rounds in the bar. They sit with different customers according to some sort of intricate schedule unless a customer pays extra to nominate a particular gal or group of women. It’s not like musical chairs since the ladies each sit down for an extended period of time but there is some movement going on.

As with most adult entertainment in Japan the pricing at Gira Gira Girls can be quite confusing. There is a cover charge of course. On top of that customers pay for any drinks or food they order for themselves as you would expect. But beyond that there are various charges for lady drinks, sitting with a lady not on a rotation and more. Plus there is the hefty 15 percent local tax. Trying to figure out each and every aspect of the pricing would in fact probably severely limit the fun punters could have inside. As is often said, “if you have to ask, it is too expensive”. At the same time it is actually far from the most expensive place of its kind in Japan.

There is absolutely no nudity at Gira Gira Girls and touching is officially prohibited though the gals sometimes get grabby on the guys. There is no bar fine or anything like that either as it is a Japanese hostess bar. Rumor has it that some girls have met some guys outside of the bar after hours but those were either real love connections or a lot of money changed hands.

Since Gira Gira Girls has its own otaku following of guys who check the place’s Instragram every day and wear overpriced Gira Gira merchandise I would guess that most patrons go home with nothing more than blue balls at most. Two-and-a-half stars.

Gira Gira Girls. Basement Floor 1, 1 Chome-7-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 4:00 AM. Phone: +81 033-200-5566. Website:

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