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Review: Thai Massage in Incheon, South Korea

Thai Massage is a Thai massage parlor located near the Incheon International Airport. It is situated just minutes from what is the biggest airport in South Korea. Although most people who fly in end up in Seoul the actual airport is in Incheon. Since the airport is some distance from the city of Seoul many in transit either stay at the massive airport itself which has everything from hotels to cinemas or take the AREX train to the nearby town of Unseo.

There is no shortage of either massage parlors or adult entertainment in South Korea. By some counts it has one of the largest sex industries in the world. Studies suggest that over half of all Korean men have paid for sex. Things aren’t always obvious but if you know what to look for much of it is out in the open. Yet while both Thailand and Korean massage are associated with sensuality in many parts of the world things are not that black and white.

Thai Massage in Unseo

Unseo is a small town built around the above mentioned Incheon airport. The town is meant to service both airport staff and people using the airport. The place is filled with transit hotels and restaurants. It also has a large number of massage parlors. I have reported on many Unseo massage parlors here already. But this place is different.

Thai Massage in Incheon

Thai Massage stands out from the rest of the massage parlors in Unseo for a few reasons. One is as the name suggests. It’s a Thai massage place staffed by Thai women. Another thing is that this place is based around actual massage treatments rather than the extras. That might surprise those who are used to be offered or simply given a happy ending at Thai massage parlors in other countries like Germany or Hungary.

In any event Thai Massage is located right out of Unseo Station. It is the first massage parlor one sees when heading down the street. Since the owners actually have illuminated signs reading “Thai Massage” in English right in the street the shop is difficult to miss. Further down there are other adult oriented places like the previously reviewed King Massage.

Price, staff and summary

Thai Massage is on the fifth floor of a building that houses numerous other businesses. There is a stair case but it is blocked near the top. So Thai Massage can only be accessed by the building’s public lift. Inside the shop there is a desk manned by a very forward Korean manager. She has a menu full of options. Most of it is written in Korean but a standard massage is 50000 Won. Other more expensive services come with traditional services like ear candling that not for the faint of heart or sound of mind.

After paying customers gain access to changing room with big secure lockers and a large wet area. Here there are showers, tubs and sinks that have everything from combs to colognes and razors. There is no time limit on use of the area either.

After showering customers head to one of several large private rooms. They are modest but clean with mattresses on the ground. The four or five Thai women on staff are in their thirties and forties and fit. Most can speak at least some English and Korea. All can of course speak their native Thai. I don’t want to be inappropriate with judgements but suffice to say that these women were hired for their massage skill rather than their looks. They are good at massage and here that is what matters. Because extra services of the erotic type simply do not exist.

Thai Massage is a totally therapeutic massage center. While happy endings are not on the menu the place does have a lot to offer. Everything from the massage itself to the large and well equipped locker room complete with strong flowing hot water, tooth brushes and cologne offers a welcome respite from the hassles of air travel.

For nearly a decade I have reviewed massage parlors all around the world. Some of the places turned out to be what many call “legitimate massage” shops. A few commenters have wondered aloud why I would bother to report on these kinds of places at all. But others understand that I investigate various places in order to find out what is going on inside. Things are not always obvious. If they were a site like this would be pretty boring. I don’t have to tell you that women take their clothes off in strip clubs (even if they don’t in some cases). But you may be surprised to learn about hair salons where

I also like to point out that things aren’t always as naughty as some who see hookers around every corner expect. There are hanky panky free massage parlors on Fields Avenue in Angeles City and therapeutic Thai massage parlors in Unseo. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with either. Yet this website reports on the commercial sex industry. So with that in mind I give this place one star.

Thai Massage. 2802-3 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. Click here for a map. Open 24 hours.

12 thoughts on “Review: Thai Massage in Incheon, South Korea”

  1. Due to the influx of many Thai massage parlors and competition in the past few years in Seoul Metropolitan area, now you can get an hour of Thai massage for 30,000 won and an hour of aroma massage for 40,000 won during the day (usually until 7 pm) After that an increment of 10,000 won is applied to each rate. Some legit Thai masseuses have offered me a hj for a 20,000~30,000 won tip. Very few are known to offer the hj without any negotiation that I prefer. Some even offer a bj or a full service and that seems to depend on the girl and the punter. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the detailed report. Most if not all the Thai massage places I have seen in Seoul were strictly legitimate. So much so that I stopped expecting any kinds of extras in those places at all. This is the opposite of Germany or even Thailand where the majority of women in the majority of places offer at least hand release. I must have missed the sensual Thai places and providers in Korea. Or things may have changed with the shifts in the world over the last two years. Cheers!

  2. I would think about 30 percent of the legi Thai massage in Seoul offer a hj or maybe less. You probably walked in for sessions in Seoul. These places advertise on regular pay for play sites and they seem strictly legi as wel saying “those who demand any sexual service will be declined of service with no refund etc” Even the spa rooms have similar warning signs everywhere. I was quite surprised and very pleased with some girls great massage skills alone. I think you need to make an appointment with a particular masseuse but there is no name list of the ladies in the ad either. So I had to refer to few names from the reviews instead. After that all other girls offered a hj. Prior to that I never got any offering from any Thai spas in Seoul for years. There are some Thai spas with a lineup in the ads that you can surely expect sexual services but those ads are not seen too often. Some Thai massage openly advertise Jepchai? technic using their tongue as well. Cheers!!

  3. I heard quite a few young Korean customers get free hj and even more from legit Thai nassage girls in the past few yrs, perhaps due to Kpop influences They end up going out on dates as well. As I am much older I rarely get anything free nowadays but even the most legit massage turned out to be free sex on rare occasions Cheers!

    1. I’ve had my share of fun activities with Thai massage ladies in the Land of Smiles and other countries that didn’t cost anything. Age might have something to do with it. But not always. Cheers!

  4. Just came back from Turkey and share some tips with punters out there. Turkey is pretty relaxed about entry requirements for fully vaccinated tourists. I didn’t have to take a pcr test either prior to arrival. There are many spas in major cities and many Thai and Indonesian girls have been working there since the pandemic. 1 hour of aroma massage starts from about 20 to 50 Euros depending on location. A small city of Gebze has a spa in the base of Holiday Inn Express Hotel. The rate was 250 TL an hour. A HE is normal with a tip of 10 Euros or up. More seem possible depending on girls, I suppose. Cheers!!

    1. Thank you for the detailed report about Turkey! I appreciate the information. I am sure other readers here will as well. Cheers!

  5. I had to put the information for those who might be breaking their back or bank to go through the Thai quarantine requirements such as 90g worth of insurance, expensive pcr tests just to go to bkk or hkt.( I did my pcr test for only 28 usd in Istanbul for coming back home!!) The accommodation rates in Turkey are similar to or even lower than that of Thailand. Only the food might be more expensive but the local street food is just as cheap. The transportation is much cheaper than in Thailand. Over all, I spent less money in Turkey than Thailand except for the air fare but it will be much cheaper for Europeans though. Moreover, people are really nice, probably the nicest people in Europe and Asia combined!! I hope Turkey will get more and more tourism as they deserve it a lot more!!Cheers!!

  6. I had a memorable night in Istanbul with a lady I met on one of the massage report sites. She was not thick, she was FAT but provided some services that made the Bosphorous shake. Quite possibly the largest pair of breasts I’ve been up close and personal with…

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