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Review: King Massage in Incheon, South Korea

King Massage in a full service Korean massage parlor in South Korea. It is located just minutes from the large international airport in Incheon. This is not a place where gorgeous movie stars moonlight in between making motion pictures. But the place still does stand out to some degree by its very nature.

Sex work is quite common in South Korea. While prostitution is officially illegal in the Republic of Korea it is also widespread. Countries like Thailand are famous for their go go bars and massage parlors. Yet South Korea also has a very large and vibrant commercial sex industry.

Most adult entertainment facilities in South Korea are actually off limits to foreigners. They simply don’t accept non-Korean customers relying instead on a local customer base. With studies finding that more than half of all Korean men have paid for sex these venues have have the luxury of making such a choice. But there are places that open their arms to people from all around the world. One of the largest concentrations of such places can be found near the Incheon International Airport.

King Massage in Unseo

King Massage is located in a small island city called Unseo. This city was actually created to service the nearby airport. Both airport staff and passengers transiting from around the world can regularly be found in Unseo. There aren’t huge numbers of western people around but they can be seen with some regularity.

Unseo is just a few minutes from the airport via the AREX train system. The same train also connects to the less popular Gimpo Airport which is also nearby. It can be said that Unseo is a sort of transportation hub in its own right. The place is filled with hotels, restaurants and cafes. There are also a lot of massage parlors.

King Massage in Unseo

King Massage can easily be found by simply walking out of Unseo Station and heading straight ahead. The ahead might be a bit overwhelming with its overabundance of illuminated signs. But this has become the norm for many areas built around train stations in East Asia. King Massage has several large red signs marking its entrance at street level. The signs are in both Korean and English which shows that the place is totally foreigner friendly. It may even be called Foreigner oriented since it is unlikely that this place is visited by many Korean customers.

As the various signs indicate King Massage is located on the third floor of the building. There is a lobby that is open to the public. This is different from some other nearby places that have locked doors and require customers to ring a bell for entrance.

Prices, staff and summary

Inside there is a woman behind the desk who can speak just enough English to manage. She can clearly state the price which is set at 180,000 Won ($147 USD) per session. This all inclusive fee has to be paid upfront. The shop accepts cash in the local currency or credit through any of the internationally accepted cards like Visa.

Once customers pay they are lead to one of many small rooms. These aren’t five star hotel rooms by any means. But they’re not as bad as the worst massage parlors in Southeast Asia by any means. They are generally clean and kept places even if they can look a little cramped. Although there are many rooms it seems that no more than one or two is ever in use simultaneously.

At any place like there the staff will change from one time to the next. That said these kinds of places in this area generally employ women in their thirties or forties. The glamorous women in their early twenties tend to work elsewhere. That said it does seem that the gals who work at King are mostly fit and attractive considering.

The women show up wearing thin dresses. They quickly drop those and guide customers to connected wash rooms that contain table showers. There they wash customers from head to toe with a combination of hot water and soapy suds.

That is typically followed by the main event itself which happens right in the wet spot. The providers come equipped with their own protection with can seem to magically appear in their mouths right in the midst of the action. That action is about what one with an understanding of these kinds of places would expect. In other words covered oral followed by full fledged full service in a couple of positions. The women know what they are doing and can get the job done.

King Massage isn’t a high end Macau sauna but it doesn’t pretend to be. It is simply a happy ending massage place set up in an area that a lot of people move through. It serves a need which is why the place stays in business. Three-and-a-half stars.

King Massage. 2791-2 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. Click here for a map. Open 24 hours.

8 thoughts on “Review: King Massage in Incheon, South Korea”

  1. Been there on 19 April 2023

    The place is at the 5th floor, once the elevator opens the door you can see gold writing “king massage”
    Have in the right a door with bell, Mamasan will open the door and ask you what you like
    Foreigner friendly. 140$ for massage, hj, fs. Fully protected, girl wearing also covid mask always.

    Girl look mid 30s, rating 3/10, not attractive
    HJ 3/10
    FS 4/10 (3 positions, not so big pleasure)
    GFE 0/10
    Massage 1/10 (nothing tantric, nothing soft)
    To swap from massage to hj/fs i just touched the girls leg, after she start saying “six six six” funny
    Mamasan was let’s say 5/10, also more sociable than the girl
    The place in King Massage was clean, no shower, only one big apartment with plenty bedrooms separated
    Not recommended. Also other massage places in Unseo, they reject foreigners or only massage.
    Be careful guys, outcalling from websites in Unseo area is very expensive.

  2. Hi, at the same street, abt 200 m east of Kings massage, there is another massage parlor on 3rd or 4th floor. It is just the front of hotel. Woman in her late 30is offered bjob or x without condo. Not accepted but handjob only with cleaning later with who knows how if clean was the towel. Carefull, as the dick will cry later and you will have painfull balls.

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