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SNCTM is a high end erotic massage parlor in Bangkok specializing in Japanese style nuru massage. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 22 just steps from the main boulevard, SNCTM bills itself as a luxury spa for men. That is a very accurate description. The place aims to please with specially crafted surroundings.

Opening in 2020, SNCTM has quickly managed to establish itself as a sort of refuge from the hectic outside world. The shop staffs a bevy of beautiful women who are expertly skilled in the art of erotic massage. SNCTM builds on the model of the Japanese soapland while blending in the charms of the Land of Smiles. The combination works drawing in a combination of both Thai and foreign customers.

Japanese style Nuru massage in Bangkok

Nuru massage in itself is quite indulgent. At least when it is done right. One issue with many early adopters of nuru massage in Bangkok was that they lacked a certain skill and appreciation for the art. It took a while for the pampering style of genuine nuru massage took hold. Even now it is only available in certain places. SNCTM is certainly one of those select few shops.

SNCTM massage in Bangkok

A few years ago I reported on a couple of newly emerged Japanese style nuru shops in Bangkok including Doki Doki. That shop has gone on to become very popular. That doesn’t surprise me at all. The place filled a real void with its skilled ladies and service oriented approach.

SNCTM expands on the Doki Doki model with more splendor and opulence. That is not to say that SNCTM renders Doki Doki obsolete by any means. Rather the two shops compliment each other nicely. While the two may serve different niches I imagine there could be significant crossover between customers. SNCTM matches the high level of service at Doki Doki plus a little bit more.

Service providers

The women who work at SNCTM are all fit and attractive gals in their twenties or perhaps very early thirties. There are no exceptions that I have seen. Of course beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. Different guys like different things in women. But physically it would be tough for most men to find fault with the ladies working at SNCTM.

The gals do tend towards being slimmer and having a lighter skin tone than one might see in some of the cheaper massage parlors in Bangkok that are mostly meant for farang. Gals like Opal with her round and brown buns are an exception. Most red blooded males would get excited at seeing at least some of the women in the SNCTM lineup no matter their national origin or outlook.

SNCTM massage women

There are many woman on staff at SNCTM. Still the place is busy enough that they do recommend customers book ahead. These days that sort of thing is made easy by apps like Line and Telegram. It’s not like the old days when one would ring up a shop hoping someone would answer and be able to communicate over the phone.

In fact everything is done at SNCTM to make the customer experience as easy as possible. It is more like checking into a luxury hotel than fighting for a plate at an all you can eat buffet. For the kinds of guys that would visit this place that alone is probably worth the price of entry. Especially considering all else that is offered.

Service and prices

The women who work at SNCTM are all extremely skilled in the art of pleasing men. They know how to do a real nuru massage. That means they great and treat customers like kings from beginning to end. They also use the actual tools of the trade rather than cheap knockoffs.

In the specially designed rooms the gals warm the water and prepare things professionally while still being warm and sensual. They lead customers to purpose built Japanese air mattresses where they are covered in genuine nuru gel that is heated to the perfect temperature. Next they slide their own glistening nude bodies against the customers covering each and every centimeter. All body parts are utilized including feet and things like expert oral are standard.

SNCTM nuru massage room

Of course it all comes at a cost. The least expensive session costs 2100 Baht ($66 USD) and lasts 60 minutes. It includes mutual bathing and a nuru massage with a hand or mouth finish. For another 400 Baht there is another service option of the same length available that includes full service but not nuru massage. Then there is the full package or “Level 3” as it is called at the shop. That includes both nuru massage and full service for a price of 3000 Baht ($95 USD).

Other extras are of course available. For example thirty minutes in a jacuzzi can be tacked on for a mere 500 Baht ($16 USD). And 15 minutes can be added to any type of session for just 200 Baht. There is also a sandwich option which has got to be the creme de la creme at SNCTM. That’s a ninety minute session with two ladies that includes bathing, fun in the jacuzzi, nuru massage and full service. As someone once sung, “sweet dreams are made of this”. Who am I to disagree?


SNCTM offers a high end erotic massage in Bangkok with a level of service that is comparable to what one might experience in Japan. That is not to say that this is a Japanese shop. It has its own characteristics that plant it firmly in Thailand. Still it is one of the few shops around where the customer is truly put first.

Because of that SNCTM place has quickly become popular with both local and international customers. The fact that a bevy of lovely ladies with great training and skills work the shop surely helps bring people in as well.

I see no reason to disagree with the general sentiments of all the others who hold this shop in high regard. All the praise seems to be well deserved. In fact I don’t really see any flaws with this shop at all. With reasonable and competitive pricing in a shop that is clearly superior to many others it seems SNCTM should do well even in these difficult times.

When I reviewed Doki Doki I gave it five stars. It was one of the few times I gave out a perfect score. SNCTM is just as good as Doki Doki if not better. So it only makes sense that it too would receive the highest rating possible. I give it five stars.

Address:2/19 Soi Sukhumvit 22, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. (Map)
Phone:+66 096-892-8923
Hours:12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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