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Review: Tiger 136 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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The number of hostess bars in Phnom Penh continues to grow. Once limited to a handful of scattered bars the scene now extends far from the riverside. Streets like 104 have long been lined with bars. But until more recently the bars on streets like 130, 136 and 144 were all centered near Sisowath Quay. These days bars can be found spread all the way over to Street 19.

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At the same time the popular areas near the river are now crammed with bars. Restaurants, guesthouses and mini marts used to be interspersed with the bars on Street 136. Now the block nearest the riverside is jam packed with hostess bars. Some other businesses remain. But they can easily get lost in the glitz and glam.

Tiger 136 is one of the newer bars on the scene. It is located on Street 136 across from the Riverside Hotel. Easy to miss in the neon lights that now beam throughout the block this bar is actually a standout in some ways. With some lovely ladies, a gaudy interior and a private section this bar is somewhat unique.

How many bars do we need?

There was a time when a small number of bars dominated the local industry. Some of the now shuttered bars like Walkabout, Martini, Cathouse, Mikado and Sophies were once the be-all and end-all of the bar scene. It seemed punters thirsted for nothing more. At least until more finally came along and started drawing in lots of customers.

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Early in my reporting days I would even attempt to make rundowns of all the bars in the city. That became a more difficult task once the number of bars started to approach a hundred. Perhaps I will one day be able to visit every girly bar in the city on a single trip. Only the future will tell.

For now I am trying to cover some of the best and most prominent hostess bars around town. Though I will also write about some of the average and even bad bars to help paint a more complete picture. Hostess bars can be a lot of fun. But running a good business of this type requires more than just putting up a sign and hiring a handful of women to stand around.

Staff, service and summary

Tiger 136 is probably most notable for having some of the most attractive women on staff. While things can change from one day to the next the bar has long kept a group of beautiful ladies on the payroll. At last count there were ten gals working the bar. Eight of them could be described as very good looking by most men. The hostesses all seem to be in their early twenties too. It’s a far cry from some other bars where the average worker is into middle age.

Beyond the ladies the bar is also something to see. The bar is a split level with an upstairs and downstairs portion. Upon entering you can go down into the bar or upstairs to the more private areas. The lower level of this place has one of the flashiest interiors I have ever seen outside of a casino. Textured gold and diamond colored walls reflect red and yellow lights across the room. Towards the back there is a raised area with rails where single ladies actually dance too. It’s not a go go bar. But its different from most of the local competition.

To make things slightly more disorienting digital disco balls, screens and strobe lights flash throughout the space as electronic music blares through large house speakers. To say this place has an Asian flare would be an understatement. But we would have to be more specific and say it looks like something one might find in China. I’ve never seen anything like this lighting and layout in Japan or Singapore.

Upstairs there is a private karaoke area. It is large and spacious with plenty of room to dance and sing. It is bright but not as ostentatious as the regular bar space. If you’re familiar with the rooms in places like Wonderland then you know what to expect. Though you should also expect to be charge for use of the room.

Despite all the elaborate design and good looking ladies the prices are just a little over average for the area. Drinks for customers cost around $4 USD. Lady drinks are only slightly more at $5 each. The bar fine is $10. When ladies decide to leave with a customer they usually expect somewhere between 50 and 100 dollars for their time. These rates aren’t out of this world even if the interior design may be. Overall I think Tiger 136 deserves two-and-a-half stars.

Tiger 136, Street 136, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Click here for a map. Open every day from 5:00 pm to 5:00 AM. Phone: +855 93-298-007. Website:

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