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Review: Erotick Massage Tokyo 311 in Tokyo, Japan

The topic of Japan continues to be a popular one on this website which is no real surprise considering the size of the adult industry in the country. I’m sure the fact that gaijin are barred from so many of the facilities that are otherwise obvious and out in the open also contributes to foreigners searching the internet for more information.

There are of course some foreign friendly places in Japan though they can be tough for people to find. A select few places advertise openly and in English for customers who are not Japanese but still looking for service.

Erotick Massage Tokyo 311

Erotick Massage Tokyo 311 is an outcall massage establishment that employs Thai women who give full body massages that often conclude with happy endings delivered by hand or mouth. The exact procedure depends on the type of service set selected. There are various options available which is generally the norm in Japan though things are still easy to figure out. This is a relief since some places can have so many options that even native speakers can be confused as I realized recently when visiting some facilities in Tokyo with a Japanese friend.

There are two ways to book a session with Erotick Massage Tokyo. One is to set up an appointment in advance. This assures that a woman will be available and arrive at a set day and time. It is easy to do too since the people working the phones and email speak English well in my experience. The other option is to simply call when one is looking for a massage. This obviously isn’t such a sure thing and there can be a bit of a delay when waiting for a woman to arrive since traffic and trains can take time to navigate. On the other hand it can be almost effortless when the stars align just right as I realized not long ago when a woman arrived at my love hotel just five minutes after I called the shop.

Erotick Massage Tokyo sends staff to the main areas of Central Tokyo as a matter of course but the ladies who work there can also visit some places outside of that area for an additional travel fee of 3000 to 8000 Yen which at the current exchange rates comes out to about 24-65 USD, around the same rate as a short ride in a Tokyo Taxi.

Thai masseuses

The women who work at Erotick Massage Tokyo 311 hail from Thailand and are versed in the art of massage. They can speak Japanese as a matter of course since they live and work in the country but a bonus is that they can also speak at least some English. A few can even speak English very well which can make things easier though truth be told only a certain amount of communication is necessary to make a happy ending massage go well.

happy ending thai massage tokyo

As previously mentioned there are various types of service available at 311. The cheapest is the “sensual massage” which is done with light feather touches but does not include a happy ending. This massage starts 15,000 Yen ($123 USD) for a 50 minute session which is about double what a Thai massage costs at a “regular shop” in Tokyo.

The next option is a “basic kaishun massage” which includes a ball massage (sometimes referred to as a “ping pong massage” by the women on staff), prostate massage, happy ending by hand and a groin area massage to conclude. The prostate massage is optional and can be skipped by those who aren’t into that scene. Fifty and eighty minute sessions are available with the fifty minute massage costing 18,000 Yen ($147 USD).

Other services

There is also a couple option available which allows both a man and a woman to receive kaishun massages from their respective masseuses. This is the only open and foreigner-friendly couples erotic massage option I am aware of in Tokyo. The rate is 40,000 Yen ($326 USD) for 50 minutes but longer sessions are also available.

Other options include a four handed massage which brings another masseuse into the equation at a discounted rate and standard, exclusive and “the best” kaishan massage which each add something to the mix. In the standard session the masseuse gets fully nude, in the exclusive session the masseuse gets nude and provides oral services with a condom and in the best session the masseuse gets nude and provides covered oral services while also allowing the customer to lightly play with her breasts. All of this is done in addition to the regular ball and prostate massage. The cheapest of these sessions is 22,000 Yen ($180 USD) and the most expensive is 38,000 Yen ($310 USD). There are also discount coupons available on the website to bring prices down from time to time.

Sessions and styles

The women who work at the shop are generally good looking and thin. They tend to be warm and friendly with the sort of attitude that gave Thailand the nickname “the land of smiles.” This stands in contrast to the general attitude seen in Japanese service providers who tend to act more soft or go the other route and mimic the women seen in Japanese porn movies. Thai women in the adult industry also tend to be more open to foreigners.

For whatever reason the women tend to have more of an urban look than the Isaan women who are most common at go go bars in their home country. They also tend to have lighter skin though they are not as light as most Japanese women who with the exception of gyaru are generally at pains to stay out of the sun.

On arrival the women will usually introduce themselves and engage in a little small talk before asking the customer to shower. After that the session will begin the exacts of which will depend on the kind of appointment booked. Those who shell out for the whole kit and caboodle will receive a fully nude massage that proceeds fairly quickly into a nice ball massage that gets the blood flowing nicely to the nether regions. That will segue into a prostate massage for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Those who don’t will instead get a sort of inner thigh and taint massage. With the customer at full attention the masseuse will then ask to put on a rubber which is followed by a fairly long session of oral service.

While not always of the same level of expertise as the experts at Thai blowjob bars the treatment can and does last as long which is to the credit of the masseuses who are obviously not trying to get in and out as quickly as possible. They could perhaps be described as clock watchers as they set a timer when the session starts but this could just as easily be chalked up to Japanese practices and the need for the driver to know when to return. Besides the timer also ensures that a customer won’t be shorted any time. If the oral service doesn’t bring things to a peak the hand will come back into play to finish the job. A generous amount of high quality Japanese lubrication can be integrated into the service to make that a sure thing.


Lesser sessions follow a similar path though they of course don’t offer as much in the way of service. Still they are good for what they are and they get the job done. After any session the shower is visited again for clean up and a little more small talk is engaged in before the lady or ladies call up their driver and head out the door.

As an incredibly easy service to contact and book with that is totally open to people of all nationalities I think that Erotick Massage Tokyo 311 deserves a solid four stars. It’s a lot like Asian Feeling but with door to door delivery service that makes it that much more convenient and it also has options for oral services available which is a real plus.

Erotick Massage Tokyo 311. Tokyo, Japan. Open every day from Hours: 4:00 PM – 1:00 AM. Phone: +86 036-666-9230. Website:

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  1. My only experience with a prostate massage is at Analisa’s in BKK, where the provider gloves up her hand and expertly massages the prostate. Are they as talented at Erotick, or is it just digital diving which I suppose could be uncomfortable.

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