Review: Asian Feeling in Tokyo, Japan


Over the last few months a couple of regular readers and advertisers have mentioned in passing what they see as a focus on the scenes in Japan and Thailand. In reality this site has a global focus and I’ve reported on places around the world. It just so happens that I’m currently working my way through a list of shops I’ve visited that contains a number of Japanese and Thai places. Readers will soon see reports from a number of other countries as well.

Today I’ll simply mix things up a bit by reviewing a massage parlor in Japan that only employs women from Thailand. How’s that for variety?

Asian Feeling in Kabukicho

Asian Feeling is pretty easy to find. The famed Kabukicho, like much of Tokyo, can be a tad bit difficult to navigate. Thankfully the people behind Asian Feeling set up a website with a Google map that eliminate the problem for the most part. If you can read a map you should be able to get yourself to the shop.

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The building that houses Asian Feeling is pretty unassuming. If you weren’t in Kabukicho and there wasn’t a sign for Asian Feeling outside, you’d probably never even know that untold hundreds of loads have been blown within its walls. A short trip up the sketchy looking elevator or the stairs brings customers to the lobby. Well, I guess you can call it a lobby but it’s smaller than entrances of a lot of residential homes.

In that little entry way customers will meet the front desk guy. He’s neither friendly nor cold. His attitude is a lot like his English. In other words, it’s just passable. There are a number of options that customers can choose  from. It’s a lot like a Bangkok oily massage shop in that way, though here there is no full service on offer.

Staff, prices and process

A straight forward option is a 60 minute powder or oil massage. The prior costs 9000 Yen ($90 USD) and the later costs about ten dollars more. I will say that they seem to use a pretty good quality oil at Asian Feeling, so the additional ten dollars for the slippery stuff isn’t necessarily at attempt at ripper punters off.

Guys who want to pick out a particular girl from the website to service them will have to shell out an additional 1000 Yen for the privilege. This isn’t really necessary but it makes sense for those who already have a good working relationship with someone on staff.

The staff at Asian Feeling is pretty good. As I’ve said they’re all from Thailand, just like the wife of the Japanese owner. Most of them can speak Japanese well. A few can speak English fluently. Even though some of these ladies have been in Japan for as many as five years they don’t appear aged at all. They’re certainly not the hottest things to come out of the land of smiles but they are all at least moderately attractive and fit. To help things along they wear revealing and nice looking Asian dresses.

No matter what service a guy chooses, he’ll pay at the front desk, take off his shoes and put on a pair of slippers before meeting his lady of the hour and being led back to one of several small massage rooms. These rooms are small but not so tiny that they render movement impossible. They’re well decorated, clean and (despite their proximity to the other rooms and even the entrance) pretty quiet. There are towels on the massage bed on the floor that the customer can wrap up in after taking off his gear.

On to the massage

Asian Feeling has individual cubicles where the massages take place. They are large enough for the task at hand. And they offer enough privacy for the people inside to get intimate. The short video below gives you an idea of what the staff and massage rooms are like.

Now dressed in nothing but a towel like some kind of ancient warrior, the customer will then be led by his spear back to a shower room near the entrance. Here the service provider will soap him up and wash him off. A thorough wash is provided but it isn’t erotic.

Sensual service at Asian Feeling

Clean and dry the customer will then be taken back to his room for the fun to start. After being offered some tea, the masseuse will have the customer lay face down and begin the rub down. No super level of skill should be expected here but that’s not a big deal considering that the happy ending is the real reason most visit.

There’s usually a bit of slow and erotic touching during the first portions of the massage but it’s not the main focus of things. After the customer flips over and gets a bit of a leg rub things will usually kick into high gear and the masseuse will go to work on his kit. The ladies at Asian Feeling seem to be universally skilled and wanking. I can’t imagine many guys being disappointed by their skills.

A good thing about the third-leg massage at Asian Feeling is that it’s not rushed. The ladies seem happy to keep things going slow and steady while engaging in small talk or simply focusing on their work. A few will also through in special tricks. One gal in particular has a behind the knee up-and-down action in her repertoire that is quite nice when complimented with the copious amounts of lubricating gel used.


After the customer blows his stack he’ll be wiped down and given a chance to recover. That will fold over into getting wrapped back up and heading over to the showers for another wash. The gal does this wash too though it’s not nearly as involved as the first. It’s just meant to get a bit of the oil or powder off. Guys with significant others at home will be happy to know that everything used for the rub is scentless. That’s a nice touch.

After the shower it’s back to the room to get dressed back up. Dry and re-clothed, the happy punter will then be taken out the front door and back to the elevator by his new-found sweetie who will bid him ado as the doors close shut. As always in Japan, tipping is not expected whatsoever.

As a reliable and foreigner-friendly rub-and-tug in the heart of Tokyo with a decent staff of skilled Thai ladies, I give Asian Feeling a score of three-and-a-half stars. The place deserves credit for avoiding the schemes and rip off stylings that are unfortunately common in Kabukicho and instead providing a good service at a reasonable price. It costs a little more than some of the low end jack shacks in the US but it’s legal, licensed and operating in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Address:Shinjuku-ku Kabuki-cho 1-18-1 Fujita-buiding 5F, Tokyo, Japan (Map)
Phone:+81 03-3202-0723
Hours:12:00 PM - 5:00 AM
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