Review: Bit Style in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


Since starting this website in 2012 I’ve spent a lot of time reporting on blowjob bars. A lot of that reporting has focused on Thailand simply because it is probably the country with the most blowjob bars available to the average Joe. Japan is filled with pink salons, South Korea has its lip cafes, and Vietnam has many hot toc om but many of those places are off limits to foreigners and people who can’t speak the local language. That’s not the case in Thailand where the bars are not only open to English-speaking foreigners but specifically cater to them.

Bit Style is a new shop that opened recently on Sukhumvit Soi 22. Even though it’s located in a side alley that doesn’t get much traffic the place is not difficult to find. One only has to walk down Soi 22 a short while and make the first left turn to be right in front of the shop which has a small storefront but clear signage marking it.

Bit Style bangkok Japan massage

To anyone who has some awareness of what the industry is like in different pars of the world Bit Style was clearly created by Japanese proprietors. It’s the closest thing to a Japanese pinsaro I have ever seen outside of the land of the rising sun itself. While I prefer many Thai blowjob bars to most of the blowjob bars open to foreigners in Tokyo I must say that Bit Style is a very nice shop. It has managed to combine the straight forward Japanese concept with cleanliness, organization and some of the best looking ladies in the sucking subsection of the adult entertainment industry.

It may be slightly off base to describe Bit Style as a blowjob bar but if so not by much. The shop offers what are called “soft services” in the Japanese industry. This means pretty much everything short of intercourse. What the motivations for this are in Bangkok one can only speculate but I don’t know that I need to be aware of them in any case. Bit Style has integrated some of the best features of blowjob bars and handjob bars without any of the hassles.

Unlike the other blowjob bars one encounters in Bangkok there are no ladies sitting outside waiting for customers at Bit Style. From the outside one might not even know what the “fantasy massage club” was. When I first visited I was expecting something along the lines of Akane but I soon discovered that I was mistaken.

Upon entering the lobby at Bit Style the customer is greeted by a manager who can speak English very well. If that wasn’t help enough to organize a session the management has assembled a clear and concise PowerPoint presentation that is shown on a flat screen television to explain how everything works. Oddly enough I’m told that some customers still don’t understand the concept of the place even after all this and push for more than what is provided. It’s a shame that people like this are out there but it helps explain some of the more restrictive rules put in place at some shops.  As an added touch customers at Bit Style are given a free drink as they make their decision.

There are a variety of services available at Bit Style. The cheapest session is a 900 Baht ($28 USD) handjob massage course that lasts 30 minutes. A thirty minute blowjob session is available for 1300 Baht ($40) with the option to add another women for 1200 Baht more. The women will get topless on request and sometimes on their own in either type of session and high quality Japanese lubes are provided. A finish on the breasts is available in the handjob session for an extra 200 Baht and the blowjob session can be extended an extra 5 minutes for free. There is also a VIP room available for an extra 100 Baht that includes a “head and ball massage” but I can’t comment on it.

For some the amount of options may be slightly confusing or even annoying. It’s certainly different than a point-and-shoot place like Lolita’s where everything is as easy and walking in and dropping trou. On the other hand there is a certain benefit to the Japanese shop style that lays all the rules out in the open before hand so that there will be no confusion even when the provider and the punter speak entirely different languages. You know what you’re going to get at Bit Style and there’s a certain comfort in that.

There is a PowerPoint slide show available showing the women who work at Bit Style but it’s just as easy to ask to see them all in person. The lobby isn’t big enough for a full line up so the women are called out one after another for the customer to get a look. The women working at Bit Style are mostly good looking and some of them are quite simply beautiful. While there’s often one or two lookers at most blowjob bars the industry tends to be the place where some of the least attractive women go to try to make a buck. That’s not the case at Bit Style where there don’t seem to be any women on staff that could be called unattractive, overweight or old. Adding to the quality of the looks is the fact that the staff at Bit Style skews toward student age with many of the women being 19 or 20 years old with tight bodies and perky breasts. In some cases the women working at Bit Style aren’t only college student aged. They are actual college students making money in their spare time who aren’t interested in offering anything “hard” like full service.

Once a customer selects a woman (or two) they head upstairs to one of several private booths. The booths are private and big enough to get the job done. They are outfitted with nice leather like couches and quite frankly they put the now-worn cubicles at the well known Dr BJ’s to shame. Although they are separated from one another there is some possibility to hear what’s going on in other booths which can either be a turn on or a turn off depending on your outlook. The women turn the lights down and turn the Japanese pop dance music (that would fit perfectly at a place like Jan Jan) in the background up before performing the services.

It’s always tough reporting on services at a place with multiple women on staff. One woman might be excellent while another may be terrible. There are also things like off days to take into account. Few people in any industry perform at the top of their game every day of the year as evidenced by some of my more error-ridden reports and reviews over the years. What I can say that the women at Bit Style are universally enthusiastic and all seem willing to go the course to make sure their customers leave satisfied. Some of the newest women may not have much experience in matters of the hand and mouth and that can mean they don’t have the same kind of special tricks in their bag as an old hand at a place like Star of Light would but that can even enhance the session for some. Just as there are guys who love “super slutty women” there are those who like newbies getting their first tastes of fun. In any case those who continue to work for some period of time will surely learn the tricks of the trade.

On stereotype about Japan is that the people there are incredibly punctual. In my experience this is mostly true in business but not necessarily when dealing with women in personal life. Bit Style is clearly a Japanese owned shop but there’s no sense of hardcore clock watching. Things are laid back and its easy to go with the flow. There’s no pressure to tip and I can’t really imagine the issue would come up unless the customer suggested it.

As a unique and well run blowjob bar with a generally attractive staff Bit Style is a nice addition to the scene. If I have any complaint it would be the prices. They are certainly not outrageous with the most expensive session coming in at around 77 US dollars but they are higher than every other place I know that provides similar services. Most Bangkok blowjob bars charge 700 or 800 Baht for a basic session and a full body massage with handjob finish at Akane is 770 Baht. On the other hand I’m not privy to the behind the scenes operations and a slightly higher price may be what allows Bit Style to operate as it does with things like free drinks, comfortable booths and good looking 19 year old service providers. I give the place four stars.

Note: The original Bit Style has closed. A new Bit Style shop has since opened in its place.

Address:63/2 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Khlong-Tan, Bangkok
Hours:2:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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