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Review: Jan Jan in Tokyo, Japan

Jan Jan is a low-end blowjob bar in the Sugamo section of Tokyo. In Japan the local version of blowjob bars are referred to as pink salons or pinsaro.

Only a short distance from the Sugamo train station, Jan Jan is an easy to find pinsaro that is set apart from the large number of blowjob bars in Tokyo by its willingness to accept foreigners without hesitation.

You can’t really miss the place. Take the south exit of Sugamo station. Look for Hotel Mentels and walk down the alleyway next to it. When you start down that row filled with various blowjob shops you will usually be ignored by the touts who stand around all day and try to attract customers. But under a long pink sign that says “Jan Jan” with white letters in Japanese, the Jan Jan tout will be trying to wave you in with a big smile. He may also say “Jan Jan” to let you know that you’re there. They know what foreigners are looking for around there.

Inside the Jan Jan blowjob shop

If you stop by during the day, a nice bareback blowjob will run 3000 yen ($37 USD). If you come during the evening or night, the same thing will cost you 4000 yen ($49 USD). You’ll pay in the front at the cash register, either to a male manager or a female mamasan. You don’t need to speak any Japanese at all to get in, which is a bonus for short time visitors. After you pay you’ll be lead to a booth and given a cup of iced barley tea.

Jan Jan blowjob bar in Tokyo

The place is pretty old and sleazy inside. It’s actually a bit of a dump as far as Japanese places go, but it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the brothels in other countries. At least you don’t have to worry about bed bugs or anything like that. There are two rows of booths. The backs of the seats go up far enough to give you a decent amount of privacy, but you will occasionally see a leg or the top of the head of a girl working in the booth in front of you. The air is a bit smoky but not too bad. If you have a jacket, hang it on the hook in the booth.

You can sometimes see a little into the other booths. But don’t stare. That’s just bad manners. After a short wait while you get to enjoy the cheesy dance music and occasionally sucking sounds, one of the women working there will come to your booth. Scantily clad, they will try to engage in some small talk. If you speak Japanese, go ahead and engage. If not, just let them know and they’ll probably just get right into it. Luckily here they don’t seem to mind much whether or not you speak the language. They’re kind and eager to please regardless.

Oral service

You’ll be asked to pull your pants down. The girl will wipe your cock off with some baby wipes and then strip naked. You can engage in some foreplay here if you want. There seems to be a lot more flexibility on that here than in the Strawberry Club a few stations away in Otsuka. A lot of girls are happy to let you kiss them, finger fuck them or even lick their love boxes. You will occasionally see a guy in a 69 here. But not all girls are up for it. Let them guide you. There was once a very cute 20 something girl working here with great tits and a good hands-free blowjob technique. She wouldn’t let you do anything but tweak her tits a bit, but it really didn’t matter because she was an expert at oral semen extraction.

Of course she was special. Most of the women here are average at best. Some of them are old. There’s one woman who has been working here for at least 5 years. I call her old Hoover. She’s not that bad looking, considering she’s probably in her early 60’s. She’s so loud when she’s sucking a cock you can hear her over the music and announcements. It’s like someone is pulling plungers off a tile floor. I’ve had her work my rod before and found out her performance is more noise than anything else though. The feeling is just average. Her teeth look a little degraded, probably from taking thousands of acidic cum shots in her mouth. She’s nice enough and tries hard though. She won’t quit, even for a second, until either you shoot or the 20 minutes runs out. She was good enough for me to feed her a load anyway.

Pinsaro women

One foreigner friendly pinsaro that has hotter women is Dio in Gotanda, but it’s also a bit more expensive. Whether or not that’s worth it is for you to decide. I should also mention that Dio is set up sort of like a train car. You get your suck job right out in the open, with people coming in and out and walking right by you.

Jan Jan doesn’t have a website, so there are no pictures of the women who work here. But if you find a favorite, you can ask her for her business card. Then when you return, you can ask for her again, though you will have to pay a little extra.

If the first girl doesn’t get you off you can pay again and have another girl sent over. It’s not totally uncommon. At that point it gets to be a bit expensive. But who wants to go home with blue balls?


After you blast your sticky nectar in your hostess’s orifice, she will hold it in her mouth while she cleans up your little guy with some wet rags. Then she’ll politely spit the load into another rag. She’ll then quickly go to get some warm rags to finish wiping off your staff. Pull up your pants, have a brief chat, and then she’ll walk you to the door. Nut busted, mission accomplished. No tipping of course. This is Japan, not America.

Jan Jan is nothing special, but it’s a reliable place that’s been around for a while and always happily accepted foreigners. But for around the same price, you can get a hand job or covered suck job from a much hotter girl over at New Hot Point in Shinjuku. I have to consider all the available options in a city when reviewing a place like Jan Jan. It’s all relative! With all of that in mind, I give it 2 stars. Someone else might score it higher than I did.

Jan Jan. 1 Chome-12-3 Sugamo, Toshima City, Tokyo 170-0002, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 12:00 AM.

166 thoughts on “Review: Jan Jan in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading your site and am really interested in Pink Salons. Just a little bit of info about me, I’m Chinese and can speak basic conversational Japanese, JLPT 4.
    I intend to visit a few Pink Salons(Jan Jan, Hinomaru and maybe Dio) when I go to Tokyo later this year and while I have knowledge (thanks to your site) on how they operate and what to expect, I still have some questions regarding specific details that I hope you do not mind answering.

    1) What happens if I blow my load before the time limit? I’m pretty embarrassed about this but I have not received a BJ before and afraid that I might not last the first time. Is the session over immediately after I blow my load even if I still have over 10 -15 mins left? Can I still fondle her breasts and play with her body until the time runs out?

    2) While I’ve read that foreplay is possible, would it be too much if I requested the girl to sit on my lap while I play with her tits and pussy and only request the BJ later. As mentioned in my first question, I’m rather afraid that I might blow my load within seconds and want to make full use of the time I have with her.

    3) I’ve read from several forums that certain places (Dio to be specific) charge extra for foreigners. Apparently, a guy got charged the night rate even though it was mid day. Is this true? I’m afraid that I might be asked to pay more then what I expect.

    I hope my questions are don’t sound too silly and thank you for your informative site. I applaud you for the excellent job you’ve done educating people like me on the sex industry in Japan. Thanks. :)

    1. Conversational Japanese and an Asian appearance will get you further than you might think. Just being able to communicate will allow you to make requests, most of which will be accepted (within reason). Read the interview with a pink salon worker on this site. Someone asked a similar question and her answer was basically that you can play with her tits the whole time if you want (though an oppai pub would be a better choice if that’s what you’re after). You can usually make out, 69 or whatever else you want short of full sex.

      The majority of guys blow their loads well before the time is up. Nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. She’ll probably be happy, thinking she did a good job (and won’t have jaw pain from a long session). They will hang around after you nut and talk to you. In some places there is a set amount of time and they’ll stay for that whether or not you blew a load. At others the goal is to get you off, and they’ll only hang around a little while after you squirt. You’ll rarely if ever be rushed out the door right after exploding.

      I’ve never been overcharged for anything in Japan. If you are knowledgeable on prices and speak enough of the language to politely question any irregularities, the likelihood of it happening to you is very low.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy and please report back. You can also purchase my books if you’d like to repay me for my immense wisdom.

        1. Ahh I almost forgot. Do you have any Oppai pubs to recommend? From what I gathered, most don’t seem to accept foreigner. Many thanks!

          1. I can’t think of any at the moment, but I will try to recall the ones I do know of to see if they’re still around. Something I can think of that comes close is Body Walker Princess in Kabukicho. For 3000 Yen (around $30 US) you get 1 hour of making out and fondling with a rotation of 3 women. It’s on the 10th floor at 1-2-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan. Here’s a Google map of the location:

            1. Thanks for the recommendation! It definitely looks like a place that I will check out. I managed to track down the website and have read that drinks are free-flow. However, I’m unsure if there are additional hidden charges when it comes to playing with the girls. Is 3000 yen the final amount? Also, is it limited to just breast fondling? Can I lick and suck on them too? Thanks again! Only a few more weeks before I head to Tokyo. I’m really excited!

              1. As with basically everything in Japan it’s all inclusive with no hidden fees. And there is never any tipping. At the place mentioned it’s absolutely all in. You can add extra time if you want, but in my opinion it’s better to head a few yards over to New Hot Point after your hours up to get a handjob or suck job to finish up.

        2. Ahhh alright! Thanks for putting my fears to rest. I look forward to checking these places out. Once again, thank you for providing me with the extremely useful information. :)

        3. Yes…this place is great. 20 minutes of time…the girl I got was not ugly…and the other girls around , 1 was a 5.5, 1 looked like a 7, and mine I would say was also a 7 or 7.5. She was nice… she spoke a bit of English, and I speak a bit of Japanese… so we communicated for the small talk. Then she sucked my nipples… and then gave a nice Blowjob while I fingered her pussy and played with her tits. She let me suck her titties too. Blowjob was good even though I’m big. She sucked my balls too. All in all, great, and not racist. 20 minutes for 3 thousand. Greeted by a mamasan. The guy waved me in from the start of the alley. Good experience. I’ll be back. 20 minutes for 3 thousand.

          I went to look at the photos from another place at front, guy said no right away. At least Jan Jan is good.

          Arrive before 7. I was right on the cusp, after It’s 4000. Plus I did have to wait about 12 minutes.

        4. Popped by JanJan this evening, predictable as always. A no-hassle entry and decent service. I had a lady called Mika for the first time. I seem to get a different woman most times I go there. Ran and Shino (the older woman AKA Hoover lips) have been working at JanJan for at least 3 years but the others seem to come and go.

          By the way. if you get Shino in 2014 you might win a prize as her Millionth customer. Watch this space!

          1. Thanks for the report. I wouldn’t doubt if Shino had really worked a million sticks by now. You figure her mouth would be blown out by now as hard as she sucks, but I guess not. Cheers!

        5. Went to Jan Jan just the other day. The tout saw me in, until he realized I was japanese. Another one took me in right past Jan Jan on the left. Paid the same 3K got a BBBJ, for a much older women. Not bad, but definitely was hoping for someone a bit younger ha ha.

        6. “She’s not that bad looking, considering she’s probably in her early 60’s.”

          I do hope you are joking about that, cos she should be in a special fetish club that caters to MILF that will yield her much more money if its true! I’ll strike Jan Jan off my list as well :P

          1. I wish I was joking as much as you. Fortunately, there are some hotties that work Jan Jan too. Unfortunately, you never know what you’re going to get unless you pay extra and request by name.

        7. I’m in Japan till next week and was deciding to pay a visit to Jan Jan or Hinomaru today, but I’ve read in the comments here the last two experiences at Hinomaru not been to good by the girls. So I went and visited Jan Jan today, I’m a black guy and had no problems at all. As soon as you exit Sugamo station south exit, head left and look up you’ll see Hotel Mentels and you will also see the sign as pictured in this review for Jan Jan. As I walked towards Jan Jan a couple of touts were pointing me to come in to their place but I just carried on walking and once I arrived at Jan Jan the tout points you to come inside and says ‘Jan Jan’ to you, he also holds up 3 fingers to indicate the ¥3000 price.

          Once downstairs in the premises a lady will greet you and again show 3 fingers to indicate ¥3000 once payment is made she’ll lead you to a booth, the rooms is fairly dark but you can see what’s going on. I waited only a couple of minutes and got a glass of tea during that time. Then the girl comes over and she cleans your hands with some hot wipes, will hang up your coat and say a few things in Japanese. I only know a few words in Japanese and not enough to have a conversation so just say ‘Nihongo ga wakarimasen’ (I don’t speak Japanese) and she will acknowledge and continue.

          The girl I had was early 50’s , late 50’s maybe, once she pulled my trousers and pants down she gave my penis and balls a good cleaning with some wipes for about a minute. Then she climbs up onto the chair leans over and starts sucking, and while I’m very hard to please when my cock is getting sucked, she made it very sloppy, lots of spit and rubbing over her lips and sucked very good and she sounded like she enjoyed it. I managed to shoot my load in her mouth within the time limit, when finished I got my hands cleaned with wipes and my cock cleaned then finished my tea, got my cost on and got escorted to the stairs for the way out.

          This was my first time to a blowjob salon and had no problems entering at all. The whole process is very easy. As mentioned before you don’t know who you’ll get but I think for the price of ¥3000 for a good blowjob it’s worth it.

          1. Hi Ryan. Thanks for the report back. I will mention that you can indeed select your lady of the hour, but only if you know her name in advance, know she’s working, speak enough Japanese to make the request, and pay a nomination fee. Cheers.

        8. Had a new girl at JanJan last night. One of the best experiences for me at a pink salon. Yukie has a slim body, more attractive than most pink salon girls. Hopefully she will stick around for a while. She said her days off are Tuesday and Wednesday.

          Regarding opening times JanJan is open at 12.00 noon. I guess they close around midnight but that needs confirming.

          1. Thanks for the report. How old would you guess Yukie is? As far as I know the hours are noon to midnight, as I wrote at the end of the post. Cheers.

        9. Just as stated, step out of the Sugamo Station Exit and look up, the Mentels is right ahead. When I went today, the tout saw me from half a block away and started waving and bowing. He showed me the stairs and down I went. Paid mama-san the 3,000 yen, got my tea and before I know it, a rather worn looking chick showed up (I believe this might be the 50 y/o or so)..she was skinny, dyed hair really small tits.

          She went to work, I decided to stick a finger in her and she started getting really wet. She opened her legs and asked me to lick her so I obliged. 20 minutes later she came twice, and I was still raring to go so I gave mama another 3k and this time they sent over a cuter, younger girl (still mid-30’s though) with bigger tits. She was not as enthusiastic as the previous but bless her bobbing little head she tried.

          And thus is the problem with a place like this: Those of us (And I am not trying to brag honestly) who have some enormous staying power are just going to go through chick after chick until one of them has the skills it takes. I love getting blown like the next guy, but that doesn’t always mean I will unload in her mouth unless we have been doing the dirty for a while before hand.

          Bottom line, if you want to get blown and shoot a load, it’s a great place if you have one on deck if you know what I mean. To me, it was a fun place, the staff were friendly, and I didn’t once feel uncomfortable, but, it was a waste of time and yen. I will just settle a couple of days and call up some AM room service.

          1. Thanks for the report. I find that in general the level of skill in Japanese isn’t that high when it comes to oral. There are certainly exceptions. Nothing beats the best performers of the Thai blowjob bars on a purely skill level. Cheers.

        10. I swung round to JanJan this afternoon. I asked the guy who was working the door who was on today, he said something like there was a good selection; Maki, Yukie, Asami and another one who I cant remember. No Shiho! (the one EL is referring to in his post on June 10th). Shiho is always there. Usually when I walk in the joint she already has a cheeky smile and a dick in her mouth. I think she requests extra dicks to get a bonus or something. Even if it is only 500 yen a dick – she must be making serious coin. Probably enough to buy herself a private island in the Pacific by now.

          Anyway, Asami is the tanned one with a decent body (probably late 30’s). Had a great time with her. There are a couple of decent ones there these days. Yukie is a similar age to Asami.

          I don’t know if anyone goes to the first pink salon from the station on the opposite side of the street from JanJan but they were opening up at 4pm. I went there years ago – that’s a rough hole I can tell you!

        11. Went to Jan Jan today, was kinda nervous. I waited for about 10 minutes, weird thing is an old man came in after me and he got a girl first. don’t know what’s with that but whateves. I got a girl/woman looked about late 20s early 30s, but i love me some Milfs, so i was on board. It’s like everyone says, they are ok with just about anything except penetration, but god would i love to smash my dick inside that pussy, it was pretty tight, couldn’t even get my finger in without a sizable amount of probing and spit. Anyway, it is very much average, she was nice, licking, 69, fingering, all that’s fair game if the girls is up for it. 20 minutes seemed slightly rushed, and the bbbj was average, kinda had to squeeze it out of me, but i did eventually cum in her mouth. Was it worth it? Not sure… Did i leave satisfied? Yeah. I’ve had better blowjobs, but this was the first time i came in someone’s mouth, so no complaints. 3.7 out of 5. satisfactory but nothing too ridiculously great. great price for it, though, at least it is certainly what you paid for, i guess

        12. Went to Jan Jan yesterday and it was extremely easy to find. It was my first pink salon experience, so I was a little nervous and the girl could probably tell. Like everyone has said, doorman gestures you in, radios down to the old woman who then takes your money and leads you to a booth. I waited for about 3 minutes and the girl came by. It was really dark so it’s hard for me to say how attractive she was, but in the dim lighting she seemed pretty hot and that’s all that really matters. I don’t speak Japanese and I was really paranoid about being an asshole gaijin and fucking things up, so I wasn’t sure how far I could go with the girl. She put my hand on her ass and went to town. One of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had; she really knew what she was doing. We then engaged in awkward conversation using basic Japanese and after about a minute of that she led me to the door.

          I was expecting the worst since I’ve heard about a lot of bad experiences at Jan Jan, so maybe my expectations were just really low and that’s why I enjoyed it so much. Regardless, I left extremely satisfied and for 3K yen I’ll definitely go back (probably this weekend). I’ll let you guys know if my second experience is any different.

          1. Went a second time and it was terrible. The girl I got looked like she was in her 50s. Her technique was terrible and it was obvious she was just going through the motions. Went the whole 20 minutes and couldn’t get off. I guess I got lucky last time.

        13. Made my first visit to Jan Jan last weekend, second overall visit to a pink salon (the other being Hinomaru). I have to say that I was really happy with the experience. It was in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, and I didn’t request anyone so I was rolling the dice (I’m quite picky). But the girl was young enough (early 30s?), attractive (all things considered), friendly, and talented. She spoke a little English. I asked her her name but I couldn’t understand her, and after asking her to repeat herself twice it was getting embarrassing so I gave up. It was an unusual Japanese name. I would definitely visit her again. Overall the experience was better than Hinomaru for me.

          Thinking of (1) returning or (2) quitting while I’m ahead and trying another place.

          1. Thanks for the report. I’d say Jan Jan is at least as good as Hinomaru, if not better. It also has a lower price. Cheers.

        14. Hey, i went to jan-jan after reading this. Awesome experience ~!!! the experience was soo good i had to go several times while i was in japan. Cheap, affordable and by far the best thing, if u get the chance to go, do it~!! (for 3000 yen, best way to chill)

          1. Thanks for the report. I have a feeling that some of the blowjob bars in Thailand might absolutely blow your mind. Cheers.

        15. I go back to Japan next month. Last time in JanJan I always got the same 50+ lady. So hopefully next time I’ll get a different girl! But I guess it’s all down to luck if you don’t know how to request.

        16. Went by jan jan on Sunday. I am a foreigner and it was no problem. The man waved as I approached the club. Girl was in her 30s.

        17. So I returned again to JanJan on my 2nd visit to Japan. I arrived in the evening so paid ¥4000 got another lady in her late 40’s again, bit on the chubby side with short hair. Her technique was good though, only lady to begin by licking and sucking my nipples. Had a good blowjob from her resulting in a nice load of cum for her mouth :-) Pleased with the service but really want a younger lady next time. Thinking of going again tomorrow… Maybe 4th time lucky!

        18. Hi guys, was at JanJan this Tuesday late as a foreigner – as everybody sais, no problem at all. Was serviced by a Lady in her mid 40s, I guess the same one others were reporting about as well. I was quite surprised about the quality of Service, however, the Lady was really not my type…

          What I wanted to ask though. When Walking out of the Station several Touts were trying to get me in the shop left and right before JanJan. As desribed here I just ignored them and continued straight to JanJan… However, I was wondering if anybody has experience with those other Shops, what they offer, how much it costs and perhaps quality of Girls? Why were they trying to wave me in as a foreigner?

          Thanks for sharing the experience.

          1. A few of the pinsaros in that street accept foreign clients but most say they staff even older women. Prices are the same or higher. Cheers.

        19. Just visited one of the pink salons in the same alley way as Jan Jan. Not sure if it was Jan Jan since I can’t read Japanese. I went with the first tout that signaled me with a BJ motion. I told him I don’t speak Japanese but it was fine. Anyway I got a slightly chubby girl maybe mid to late 30s, not too old. Definitely not young. She was nice but the quality was really bad. She used a condom and was just lousy. She guided my hands into fingering her. Overall not enjoyable but it’s only about $30 USD so can’t complain but you can pay about the same amount in bangkok for a much better experience. Will consider trying out the other establishments in the same alley, they all tried to wave me in after I was finished. By the way I’m Chinese and get mistaken for Japanese in Japan all the time so not sure if that helps with the no gaijin thing.

          1. Yea man, I did the same thing one time i went, when jan jan was busy at the time. Thought id try a diff place close by. Definitely worse, if u can make sure u go to jan jan, its a world of difference.

        20. Visited 3 times in January 2015; once by day (3000 yen), twice at night (4,000 yen). Definitely better experience at night; well worth the extra $10.

          Daytime lady was OK, did the job, soft touching only of pussy. First night-time lady Sayaka was fantastic – 30 something, still good body, best blowjob I can remember. Asked for her second time but conversation broke down – I realised later I was being asked 2,000 yen nomination fee to choose a lady, and naturally as I had named Sayaka, I was going to get anybody but Sayaka without paying it. Got skinny lady in her 40’s great technique, allowed fingers all the way in her pussy, did the job fine but not as good as Sayaka.

          Does anybody know whether foreigners are welcome at the Hotel Mentells in the next street, or any other hotels nearby? Is it a real hotel or just a love hotel? Staying in Shinjuku it can sometimes be a hassle catching the train to Sugamo, and for my next visit I’m thinking of basing myself near here and travelling to Shinjuku rather than the reverse. (Blow before you go and again when you return…)

          Also, the restaurant at the start of the laneway had girls in maid costumes outside holding 2,000 yen signs. Any idea what sort of restaurant this is? (all signs and menus in Japanese!) I suppose I’ll just have to go back at dinner time to find out…

        21. I went to Jan Jan at night, as an asian gaijin I had no problems, the girl actually thought I was Japanese.

          4000 yen, no problem. First time as well. I got a nice gal called Erika, she looked fairly young ( late 20s) and she looked pretty to me. She did a great job, had great technique – didn’t experience the shitty “sleepers” people talked about.

          I was surprised no condom though…be honest w me fellas, have you guys gotten any stds from pinsaros before? I’m a little scared.

          1. Thanks for the report. Most pinsaros in Japan do not use condoms (and no blowjob shop I know of in South Korea, Thailand or Vietnam does) though I’ve never heard of a woman refusing to use one if the customer provides it and asks. People do sometimes get STDs at pinsaros. A few years ago quite a few people reported getting the clap after visiting Strawberry Club in Otsuka and soon after the shop started refusing entry to foreigners, possibly because they blamed gaijin for introducing it to the place. Cheers.

        22. Thanks RockIt for an excellent source, and thanks guys for your valuable reports. I thought you might like to know that there is now a website ( which, although totally Japanese, gives us the info to avoid being the asshole gaijin. Info such as HOURS- midday to midnight, and night rate starts 19:00 (not 18:00). RATES – ‘free course’ (take a chance) is 3000, ‘shimei course’ (nominate a fellatrix) is 6000. And, importantly, week-in-advance SCHEDULE- for example you can see the lovely Sayaka chan starts 18:00 on Saturday, so 18:00 to 19:00 is definitely happy hour. Asami chan works the early shift weekdays, etc etc – thank goodness for the excellent Japanese custom of numbering months, and the 24-hour clock. Otherwise, Giggle Translate is your friend. I don’t see Shiho chan or your friend Hoover Lips on the schedule, or Yukie chan – so I guess there are other fellatrices not on the GIRLS LIST (blurred faces, tit sizes, but no ages, etc). Most of them are listed as Office Lady … but sucking 12:00 to 24:00 … so I’d love to know what kind of Office they work in :-) Disturbingly, the list of PERSONS BARRED concludes ‘gaijins and any other persons the establishment sees unfit’ . So I’ll probably toddle over there soon to check it out. Not sure if I can be arsed to report, though – bragging about my Japanese is one thing, but reporting a visit to a pinsalo just shows how stupid I’ve been :-(

          1. Sayaka’s website picture does not do her justice, it makes her look like an anonymous youngster when in fact she is a very attractive but older (not too old) woman with character in her face (and of course the obvious necessary skills!)

        23. Hey rockit, tried janjan today & very happy with the service. Had 2 sessions with different girls, first was average-nice looking that after a quick chat went into it with average techniques but the second was very pretty and quite skilled, starting with kissing and allowed all sorts of touching. I went during the day and there were no questions and after handing over over the cash I was led straight to the booth. (I am very clearly white, but speak very good Japanese.) In the day it was $30 for 20mins. Over all quite satisfied for a low-end bar.

        24. Hellow Rockit. I have been in janjan for first time today, and I had a good service. The girl is more or less 27, her name I think is Akina but now I’m not sure. She is good looking and has good skills, She let me touch her pussy and her tits, she only speaks japanese but I speak japanese, that’s not a problem for me. I’ ll come back, I think janjan is a good option for 3000 yen. I went one time to strawberry jam in Shibuya but is so expensive, 10000 yen for 30 minutes service more 2000 yens for entrance, there the girls are so hot and you have one room for you, but is expensive. I went twice to happy hinomaru, good service but first time the girl doesn’t look like picture she isn’t good looking, more or less about 25 years old and second time average in her last 40’s but in the picture seems young, I won’t come back to happy hinomaru. Next time I’ll repet in janjan. Ah! in the same street, first pink salon the guy called me but I continued walking , I can read Japanese for that reason I knew that that shop it wasn’t janjan, the guy of janjan said me janjan! but if someone can’t read at least katakana can go to the wrong place.

          1. I’ll have to agree with Tyler a bit here, there are guys all over the street in this area trying to get you into their shop. They can be quite convincing and hard to decline at times.

            1. Yes. It seems times have changed. In the past most of those shops didn’t want foreigners. Now some seem to be begging for them. That’s probably a result of seeing Jan Jan pick up so many more customers. At least one of the other shops in that street is staffed by really old ladies though another is about on par with Jan Jan. I’ll try to do some reviews as time allows. Cheers!

        25. JanJan was awesome! Woman was sorta fat but cute face and great tits. Sakura. Very sweet person and gave a killer bj. I hadn’t nutted for a week so I could tell she had a huge mouthful by her expression after I finished. Can’t wait to go back!! So is strawberry club closed to foreigners now or what?

          1. Thanks for the report. Strawberry started refusing foreigners a while ago then closed and reopened under a new name. As far as I know the reincarnation doesn’t accept foreigners either. Cheers.

        26. I have been twice since the first time in jan jan, last week I met Asami, she’s a very attractive girl more or less 33 years old, she has a good technique and make me a real good job, she let me play with her pussy and tits, but didn’t let me fuck her pussy with fingers. I enjoyed that 20 minutes. After we had a short conversation,in Japanese and time over. Because these 2 times were so good I come today. But today I didn’t have luck. Today I met Hikaru, an ugly and fat girl, I don’t know her age, maybe 37-38, I’m not sure. I had paid for the service and I tried to enjoy, she has a big tits, but just cause she is fat, I fucked her fat pussy with two fingers, I was thinking about it would be impossible to finish but she is a good dick sucker and I louded inside her mouth. I was able to see to beautiful young girls, they were sitting, talking in one of the sucker place of jan jan. Today I didn’t have luck… Maybe I’ll try another time next week… Cheers

        27. just tried Jan Jan at 2 pm on a Friday and was very disappointed. The three women I could see we’re NOT any of the six listed as working today on the website. They were late 40’s, and unattractive from head to toe. My lady came to me straight from another customer (after a short spit and rinse break, I assume). When she walked by, I was hoping I wouldn’t get her. But the one in the booth in front of me, who kept getting up, was no better, though a lot more permissive from the positions she was assuming. Mine made some pleasant chit chat then disrobed and went to work, with an advisory I could do “soft touch only” meaning no hard squeezing, no licking anywhere and no fingers in her twat. Honestly that was fine with me, I was completely unattracted to her, she had no skills and in fact this marks the first time I’ve ever left a sex shop with blue balls. Having seen two of the other ladies I wasn’t even interested in paying the cheap fee for another go-round. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a full 20 minutes before she gave up either. True to form, the other couch on the street invited me to their establishments as well, but based on the posts here, I avoided them. It really sucked getting on the train afterwards and seeing all the decent looking women.

        28. Dissappointed, apparently lots of girls were off today. Leaving 4-5 really grim 40+ girls to serve too many customers. When, after more than an hour, my turn came, I had a small conversation with the boring 45ish girl. She tried to only get me off with a hj and some nipple liking. When I asked for a bj, she only licked the tip. I finally came closing my eyes and thinking of previous BJs. She said I was too big. Which is bs, I’ve seen way smaller (and cuter) girls swallow my whole sword.

          Horrible technique from an horrible women. NHP is definetely a way better choice, worth the extra and the discomfort of wearing a.condom.

          1. Thanks for the report. Jan Jan has never been known for the looks of the women on staff or the skills they have. If they didn’t accept foreigners I don’t know that the shop would be notable at all. Cheers.

        29. So read the reviews here and decided to go try out Jan Jan. I didn’t want to get stuck with an old lady so I pulled up their website on my phone and asked the guy outside if Sayaka was there. She looked older than her picture for sure maybe mid 30s but was nice with a decent body and gave a great bj. I think I’ll probably go again.

        30. Went in yesterday at about 8pm. I speak no japanese and I have a Thai face. The guy in front pointed at me to go in. I went down stairs and gave the mamasan 4000 yen and sat down. Then a girl probably late 20 to early 30 came to my booth. It felt good but I didn’t bust. I last a long time. The 4000 only gives you 20 minutes.

        31. I think I have seen some recent posts that Jan Jan no longer was so gaijin-friendly (maybe I am mixing it up with some other place). Anyway, I made my first visit in mid July. It was a weekday just after lunch, hence the first shift had just begun.

          As mentioned in the article above, the Jan Jan-alley is really close to the JR Sugamo south exit. I didn’t go straight for the alley but walked around the block entering then from the “back” instead. Someone approached me from another similar establishment across the street from Jan Jan (presumably gaijin-friendly then as it is difficult to mistake me for a Japanese), but as I had already checked the Jan Jan-website and selected a girl (a precaution based on previous statements of other’s visits to Jan Jan), I ignored him.

          The guy outside Jan Jan showed me in without a question. Downstairs, I was greeted by another man who simply said “3000”. As I knew there was a nomination fee for selecting a girl, I said in basic Japanese that I wanted to see “Rena” who normally worked the early shift Thu and Fri. The guy explained that I hade to pay 6000 instead (which I was fully prepared for) so I paid without further discussion. Note that so far, no gaijin discrimination or even Japanese language requirement.

          I was asked to sit down in the waiting section, among the booths. There were clearly men an women around. But I hardly noticed them. It was pretty dark in there, but it made sense to me. Too dark to read anything though while waiting. I must have waited ten to fifteen minutes before I was shown to a booth. Then another five minute wait or so before Rena showed up. I used the time to sip on the tea that was provided to me.

          The Rena that showed up looked nothing like the Rena on the webpage. I confirmed with her a few times at least that she was actually Rena and not someone else sent to me by mistake. Having said that, I found her to be in her early 30s and attractive. Above all, she had a friendly and cheerful attitude. Although Japanese skills do not seem to matter at all to be accepted as a customer, personally I enjoyed the basic chat we had. The first thing she asked was if we had met before. Since I requested her she suspected so, but of course she didn’t recognize me as it was my first visit. But she soon guessed that I had gone to the webpage.

          From previous reviews, I knew there was a fair chance that I could play with her and sure enough. I asked to see her pussy and she quickly fell back on the bench and lifted her skirt. She was not wearing panties and had an (for my taste) attractive bush. I was both allowed to lick her and massage her clit all through the BJ session. Something I enjoyed a lot.

          This was a positive experience all the way through, except possibly for the fact that I had been fooled by the picture on the webiste, easy entrance and nice and cheerful girl.

          1. Thanks for the report. I have never heard of Jan Jan being unfriendly to foreigners in the least but anything is possible. Cheers.

          1. I went for the first time two days ago. I got off at the station, walked down the alley, before I even made it to the front a gentlemen saved me over and pointed downstairs. I reached the bottom, a man in a suit asked for 3000 yen. I gave t to him and he showed me my seat. It was all smiles from there.

        32. Even though the reviews were bad, I have been curious about Jan Jan, and finally went today. The tout motioned me in from a block away, and everything that happened was as described in all of these comments.

          The girl: She wasn’t as bad as I was expecting–maybe late 40s/early 50s, probably fairly attractive in her heyday. She was thin, which was a plus, and she kept hiding her face with her hair, so I figured she was still new to the game. I asked her name, and she said, “Wakaiko,” and I repeated it to make sure that’s what she said, and she laughed. I thought she had said Makiko, but she made a joke about being “wakai” (young), so I guess Wakaiko is her chosen stage name. Weird.

          Anyway, her blowjob was TERRIBLE! She didn’t take her dress off, only the shoulder straps, and she only pulled down her panties to her knees. I started fingering her to get myself in the mood, but I swear I smelled the faint scent of excrement, and I almost puked. I stopped, and let her finish the horrible BJ she was giving me. She kept only the tip of my dickhead in her mouth while furiously jacking me off. She just wanted it to be over, and so did I. I managed to cum, and after she cleaned me up, I chatted with her for about 1 minute before excusing myself. I walked out of there feeling dirty, but thankful I only spent 3000 yen.

          Overall, I’m glad I got the experience, but I will never, EVER go back. I’m scratching Hinomaru off my list, as well, and will stick with NHP. I had a great experience there, and while it was only a HJ, it was expertly performed by a sexy Japanese girl.

          If you’re super curious about Jan Jan, go, but otherwise save your time and money, guys.

          1. Look at my review Dean. It’s not all black and white. I was a happy customer and will go back, and many others will too. Yet others won’t. Each to his own..

        33. Hello, can anyone tell me if I could take my wife with me to one of these Pink salons, also where can I get more info on couple friendly establishments in Japan?

          Love this site, good work!!

          1. I don’t think women are allowed to enter pink salons unless they work in them or are applying to work in them though I did hear a story of a Japanese woman taking her elderly husband into one in Tokyo years ago so who knows? In Thailand it is usually okay. I’ve seen a few women go to those kinds of bars in Bangkok and Pattaya and in one case a woman went in solo and got serviced while I was in the next booth. Cheers.

        34. The place is very close to Sugamo train station (JR). Take the south exit. You will see Beck’s coffee shop on your left. In front of you is a square. Look up, you can see the Hotel Mentels logo; it’s a brown building. Left to it is an alleyway. As said in Rockit’s review, you are not even in the alleyway yet, and the guy outside Jan Jan starts waving at you!

          I simply nodded from far away and he understood. Once there, you go down pretty steep stairs. Inside you pay your 3000 Yen = 24 USD = 22 EUR, and then you are shown your booth and brought a cold tea. The place is much bigger than Dio’s, three rows of booths, and the backs of them are so high you can’t see the head of the guy in front once you sit down.

          A minute later or so your lady arrives. In my case a mature one, but not chubby like the first one in Dio’s. She was just mature, with a body belonging to that age and very nice, biggish natural boobs. Even I liked them and fondled them with pleasure. The one drawback: bad teeth. So kissing was out for me. But apart from that I again roamed her body and fingered her intensely; she opened up and assisted by giving access.

          Turns out, like so often, her main skill was great and she was good at it. That’s what I am here for: bbbjcim. Only, as expected, I couldn’t finish. Today was my bj day, with three of them in short succession. But I didn’t mind, I enjoyed this session a lot. She really tried hard to finish me off, applying various techniques that felt great. I was contemplating to help her by jacking off, but decided against it. After all, I was here for the bj experience. And finishing is not a must, at least for me. (When the last time was a short time back)

          So what’s the story, recommended or not? For me, yes. Repeat? Yes. Again, manage your expectations. 3000 Yen in Tokyo gets you this much; take it or leave it. When you go for 2 sessions in Jan Jan, you nearly have the price of Dio’s. 6200 gets you a strip show and (covered!) bj in Hot Point, but the girls there are way more attractive, at least when I was there. So the choice is yours. I liked all places I visited and would go back to all except Super Strip Theatre, because as said I don’t just want to look.

          Body: 8/10 when measured in the mature category; the bad teeth will be off putting for some, but not for others
          Skill: 8/10

        35. Same day again

          Jan Jan 2nd take

          So I was quite happily sitting in Beck’s cafe over a snack, refreshing drink and coffee, writing Jan Jan 1 and looking at stuff for tomorrow. I took it easy so the hours passed.

          Hm… Writing the stuff and preparing reminded me that I didn’t finish the last time. Should I go elsewhere tonight instead of tomorrow? I pondered the question until it became quite clear: simple go back to Jan Jan! I was 2 minutes away from it.

          By now it was dark and the price went up to 4000 Yen = 32 USD = 29 EUR – I didn’t mind. The risk was: getting an unacceptable lady. Or the same lady. On the other hand: or a nice lady. Well, off I went to find out.

          The guy outside pretended he didn’t know me, he treated me like a newcomer. Mamasan though said ‘again?’. Sure, unfinished business, you see? :-) She asked for and got her 4K. She showed me to a different booth, delivered the tea. Then it was one long minute of waiting – the lady arrived: uff, I was lucky.

          A perfectly housewife next door type of lady, probably in her 40ies. Good figure. Pleasant face. Perfect teeth (never thought before that this was important). Very friendly, talked to me a lot in Japanese, I talked to her in English. Smiling and gestures are all that’s needed here though.

          She undressed. Her boobs were small to mid size, with nice large nipples I occupied myself with for a while. Then it was over to the main business as usual: bbbjcim. Again I roamed her body, but despite the fact that she was really wet down there she didn’t want me to insert a finger. I gently tried twice, she gently took my finger away: accepted. I still had her nice bum to hold into, so no complaints.

          And the bj? Well done, very enjoyable, and I finished before time, the way I love it: uncovered cim. Her technique was not unlike Jan Jan 1 girl, but still different. Main thing though: she was good, I liked it, I finished. Afterwards the usual cleanup. She stayed on because the time was not up. But due to the language barrier we called it a day. Points for trying though.

          Body: 8/10 in the housewife category
          Skill: 8/10

          So what was that all about? I just finished a day unlike ever experienced before in my life: 4 different girls gave me bbbj with the true intention of cim.

          I happened to pay 7000 Yen in each place. So total for the day was 14000 Yen = 113 USD = 103 EUR. I don’t find that at all expensive for what I got!

          However, if young cute Japanese girls is what you want, don’t repeat my story. I was lucky with Dio 2 I guess but apart from that it was all mature and ‘normal’ to ‘unattractive’ concerning looks. Skill is a different story though…

          Looking back at the 4 girls:

          Dio 1: least attractive, comes in last
          Dio 2: most attractive, comes in – second! (type wise of course 1st by miles)
          Jan 1: best performer despite teeth problem – comes in first!
          Jan 2: good all around average – third

          Surprising, no?

          Goes to show that you need to know what you want. Today: bbbjcim. Simple; not more, not less.

          GFE: only with Dio 2
          PSE: with none of them
          ST: only Dio 2
          LT: definitely only Dio 2

          You see the trend?
          Manage your expectations, that’s all what I am trying to say, also to myself

          For me: happy day!

        36. Third visit on the 24 August

          Jan Jan take 3

          You really should make only one plan, and that plan is: don’t make plans.

          Didn’t I just make some statements in the previous posts? Well, they are out of date already, 5 hours later.

          So after the first session I already knew that I would go for another one in Jan Jan, because I didn’t want Dio’s 2 girl set up; after all, I already had a session. So in the evening I went to have my third time in Jan Jan. Look for location and other details in my earlier post here in this TR.

          This time around the guy out front recognised me and welcomed me back. It was a Monday around 20:00, and the place was empty as far as I could make out. I paid 4000 Yen = 32 USD = 29 EUR and I was lead to the right hand side – my preferred side :-). Shortly afterwards the tea arrived, and less than a minute later Leena arrived (I write the name as I thought it sounded; don’t know her real name).

          Hm, I am in Jan Jan and I know the lady’s name? Now you know this story will be different… Anyway, Leena arrives, I look at her and I am pleased. Again the perfectly common housewife next door kind of type, in her late 30ies or even 40ies I guess. Yeap, young beautiful Japanese girls you won’t find here; if you want them, this is not the place to go. Leena also was the slim, petite type – what I like of course.

          I pull down my trousers, she undresses. Then Leena proceeds with the cleaning, using cold cloths. Only she also carefully cleans under the member and the balls. Hm, could this mean what I think it means? Before we come to that though, she does something else. When finished with the cleaning, she simply leans forward to my face. The other girls did that as well, but I didn’t take the invitation. Here it was different because I didn’t have a choice. Leena came forward and started kissing. She was quite sweet and even shy about it – hard to believe for a woman working here; or she puts on her act very well.

          Anyway, while surprised, I went along because I actually liked it. After a while she moved south, and I mean really south. As expected, she left the member alone and occupied herself first with the underside, then with the balls, and only then slowly came up the shaft until she reached the top. I knew straight away that this time I will finish. The bbbj proper was very good if light. Every girl has a different technique, and Leena’s was doing the in and out consistently without much pressure but also without a break, and more importantly, without her hands. The last bit I appreciated most.

          As always, I went about her body and entered her shortly, but this time I focussed more on my feelings. I didn’t help at all to reach the finishing line, I left it all to her. I wanted to see if she could do that – well, she could. This was the most intense climax I have had so far here in Tokyo, coming from deep down while electrifying the skin of your whole body. This doesn’t happen all that often with me, so you can imagine how impressed and satisfied I was.

          Leena did the usual clean up afterwards. She dressed and I pulled up my pants. The 20 minutes were not over yet, so she said using her very limited English ‘wait here’. So I did. She returned quickly, sat down, looked at me and leaned in again. Huh? I thought we were finished? Apparently not.. So more kissing, and while we were at it, my hands started to wander again – and hers as well. Strange, this felt like a GFE in a ST session. We even managed a little talk, and for once I said where I was from (usually I only provide the continent). Leena then impressed me by speaking a few words in my second native language – amazing! At the end I asked her if she was working tomorrow as well, so I could visit her again. Imagine that! Were I in Thailand now, I would have taken her with me for ST or even LT.

          Body: 8/10
          Skill: 9/10

          I have now seen three bj bars: Dio, Jan Jan, and Hinomaru. I like Jan Jan most, and not only because I was there three times. I went back because obviously I liked it. None of the three ladies there had much English at all – and yet they were very friendly and tried to have a conversation nevertheless. Clearly they wanted a good relationship, even if it was only for 20 minutes. I like that, because it adds that little bit more to the pure act of bbbjcim. Again, if this is not your cup of tea, then this place is not for you. I don’t see how a PSE is possible here, in such an open place but maybe it is and I just didn’t have that kind of lady yet.

          1. Hi Rockit, you are welcome to take the content from here and publish it there. I am just a visitor, so won’t be able to contribute on a regular basis. (Unless you are also interested in non-Japanese content).

            No need for compensation; you are welcome to use what’s here. It’s already in the public domain.

            Keep up your great work, it helped me preparing the trip and have save sessions.
            That’s also the reason why I post back free of charge.

            All of this is done in the friendly mindset of sharing.

        37. Still yesterday 27 August
          Jan Jan take 4

          After the early afternoon double session in Dio, I went to Jan in the evening. The guy out on a he street recognised me. First time I was also approached by a tout outside another shop. He spoke Japanese only, and the writing on the shop was also only Japanese. So I went on walking past him. But at last I got the feeling that if I had spoken the language, I might have been able to go in. Was that because they by now have seen me four time in this alleyway? Funny, on the other side of Jan is a shop where usually two cute enough girls in uniform try to get customers in. They look at me, but the don’t approach me. I’m sure they watch me going down the steps at Jan.

          Today it was well past 19:00 hours but mamasan gave me the sign of three fingers. I gave her 4000 and she said ‘oh, sorry, yes this is right’. Not sure what had happened if I had given three. But I always have the correct change ready when going to Jan.

          I was lead to the left side of the room, the second booth. I was hoping for Leena again but funny enough I saw her busy in the booth in front of me. When you walk into your booth and just before you sit down, you can look into the booth in front of you. Nice sight, she was naked and went up and down on her client (with her mouth).

          I sat down, got my tea and waited for the lady. It was the great performer with the poor teeth. I was happy to see her because I really liked her boobs, her bj skills and her attitude. I simply chose to ignore her teeth. I actually asked for her name this time and it sounded like ‘Me na me’. She pronounced it slowly in three syllables.

          I wasn’t sure if I was able to finish this time so once Mename was undressed and I was cleaned, I started fondling her boobs and kissing and sucking her nipples. She never offered to kiss my mouth and I am glad about it. She realised that I took my time with her boobs, so she used her hands to get my member going. Eventually I let go of her very pleasant top and she went down south. Well, there was no need for the worry whether or not I will finish – I did, before time was up, and it was again great. Mename clearly knows what she’s doing, and she’s doing it well and with commitment.

          Afterwards the cleaning and she went off saying ‘wait’. She came back very fast, sat down and started a conversation, and that with her very limited English. Again I gave her the country I was from (I rarely do that) and she brought up some topics related to it. She was searching for words but always found something to say. All the while I was touching her legs etc and that was perfectly fine with her. Eventually mamasan called an end to the session and I was even able to get it since her name was in the announcement. Mename brought me back to the steps, said thank you and good bye. Very impressive indeed who the ladies here are trying to entertain you, even for this very short time.

          Result like last time but extra points for trying to entertain despite the poor language

          Body: 8/10 poor teeth will be off putting for some, but not for others
          Skill: 8/10

        38. 6 (out of 9) days of mongering are coming to an end

          5: different places visited
          11: times I went to a place for a service
          11: different ladies I saw
          2: Ladies only looked at, but didn’t touch
          2: hj only
          11: bj only
          9: different girls providing service

          Hot Point: 1 girl, hj
          Super Strip Theatre: 2 girls,,watching only
          Dio 1: 2 girls,,bj
          Jan 1: 1 girl, bj
          Jan 2: 1 girl, bj
          Asian Relax: 1 girl, massage, hj
          Happy Hinomaru: 1 girl, bj
          Jan 3: 1 girl, bj
          Dio 2: 2 girls, bj
          Dio 3: 2 girls, bj
          Jan 4: 1 girl, bj

          Going back to Japan for mongering only? No
          Going back to Japan for its very rich history and culture? Yes
          Is Japan expensive? Yes, for what you get, compared to Thailand and Philippines

          Biggest single reason not to go to Japan for mongering only: most places are ‘Japanese only’

        39. Was great for me. She showed up a 7.5/10 nice and slim, great firm rack with a couple handfuls to squeeze. Looked like she was 20-30s. Around 3-4pm on a Tuesday. She was very natural, flirty, and sexy. Started kissing, sucking nipples, and then she teased it with her tongue. Got from a chubby to rock hard with her technique. Massaging, licking, and then sucking it so well. I fingerbanged her and rubbed her clit. The girl has got some fantastic bj etiquette and kept sucking real well for more than a minute after I was done. I must’ve blown buckets just from holding my nut for a couple days waiting for this moment. She knew exactly what she was doing. 10/10 for the experience I was looking for.

        40. Went to Jan Jan today and saw a gorgeous little thing called Tomoka… never done a pinsaro before so was an interesting experience but I had a good time. Session was about 20 minutes, I hadn’t had a shag or a pull in a few days so was pretty randy, blew in about ten minutes then after she cleaned up she sat and chatted for a while.. I speak Japanese so we had a great chat, I left happy :)

        41. I haven’t been there enough to get to know the staff so could someone give me the name of a good looking one so I can request her? Is that even okay to do and would it be okay for me to do the same for someone else?

          1. I haven’t been to Jan Jan in some time so I don’t know what the current lineup looks like but there is a “nomination fee” for selecting a woman rather than getting whoever is next in line. The woman gets a part of this fee which is why they often tell customers to ask for them in the future. Cheers.

        42. Thursday febuary 18,2016,arrived in tokyo,bus ride to shinjuku,very tired and was walking near my hotel at apa shinjuku tower.talked to a japanese ma n who spoke english,asked me if I wanted a soapland,Being very tired really just was interested.he took me to his friend who was outside place,showed me pictures,said 30000 for 2 hour soapland.I proceeded to walk in this small makeshift bar.and was told to pay which I did.themanager and staff spoke no english,only a girl came up to me speaking english,I asked her to come back to hotel.she said nowe can go to love hotel and she wanted 20000 for 1 hour.I told her I paid already.she daid I paid for all you can drink.I tried to talk to manager through the girl but they had many guys who looked like gangsters.i had maybe 1 beer and 1 drink and got scammed,I knew I was very tired and vulnerable,please be careful.

          1. After years of travel to Japan I can honestly say that I have never been approached on the streets there about sex even once. While it is much more common in Shanghai than Tokyo this sort of set up is reported enough to make me believe that it is real. It is easy enough to avoid by refusing to follow any street touts anywhere. Sorry about your experience. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

          2. I’ve been approached once in Osaka and once in Kyoto. The one in Osaka asked for 20,000 yen for soap but I didn’t want. Then, in Kyoto this guy asked me for 8,000 to go into a pinsaro but again I didn’t trust and I couldn’t see the face so I didn’t.
            There were some freelance girls working after mid night and there were genuine, I think, but I didn’t speak the language and I didn’t try. Well, I may try the freelancers in the future. Some were just too hot!!

        43. I’m will be in Tokyo for work in the next few weeks and I have a question. I’m thinking about visiting Jan Jan or Hinamaru.

          I realize that the girls might not be smoking hot, but how do they tend to be in the chest area? My SO is flat as a board, and while I love them dearly, I also miss a good squeeze of the old dirty pillows. Doesn’t need to be huge or anything, just a little something more than what I’m used to. What’re my chances at one of these places?

          1. There are women of different statures working at those places. Most seem to have at least a handful up front though I have seen a few who were also “flat as a board”. Cheers.

        44. There’s a place right next to Jan Jan that welcomes foreigners….. Stay away, don’t fucking do it. Just smile and keep walking

        45. Hello,
          Great Job with this site Rockit, keep up the good work!

          I have a question; I plan on going to Jan Jan in Late May/Early June but I only have a 5hr and 35min layover in Narita. Do you think I will have time to get a quick BJ at Jan Jan and make it back to Narita to catch my flight?
          Never been to Tokyo and would like to at least venture out for a few hours instead of the boring Airport!

          Thank You Much!

          1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t make recommendations as this website is for entertainment purposes only. I don’t know if that’s enough time to do much of anything in Tokyo. Narita is over an hour from downtown Tokyo and it can take a while to get checked in and through immigration. Cheers.

          1. I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. I have written extensively about the commercial sex scene in Tokyo. That material can be accessed by clicking “Sex in Tokyo” on the side of every page of this website. Cheers.

        46. Hey Rckitreports, thanks for the resume on this place!
          I’m going to Japan this summer and i’d like to stop here at Jan Jan, but i wanted to know, is there possibility to add some cash for some extra services ?
          Thanks :)

          1. No. Pinsaros only offer oral sex. There is one set price. There is no tipping. Foreigners trying for more in similar places have caused owners to ban all foreigners from their shops. Cheers.

        47. I had never been to a BJ bar before and I was pretty nervous. Got a girl probably around my age (30 years old) who had a nice B cup chest which I liked a lot. The place was kinda private, although I’m shy so it was kinda hard for me to get excited when I got there. The woman that walks back and forth by the booths definitely gets to see what’s going on with all the guys there. I tried chatting with the girl before, but I don’t speak too much Japanese so it didn’t go too well. She undressed and I opened up my jeans and I was hard so I pulled my dick out, but she motioned for me to pull my pants down to the ground instead.

          She definitely knew how to give a blowjob – her technique was really great. I love how she concentrated on my head. She sucked my balls too which was surprising. She let me touch her breasts and I fingered her. I wasn’t sure if I could, but I made a motion with my finger and she nodded her head so I went in. Her pussy was really surprisingly tight which was great. There was no kissing or anything like that, but I was going at her pussy really good with my fingers. I asked her to stop sucking me twice because I was about to bust but I didn’t want to..she stopped for a few seconds each time. Sometimes it takes me awhile to cum from a blowjob, but I was on vacation and hadn’t jerked in about a week so I was really horny. About 15 minutes into it, I busted. My load was huge but she didn’t seem to think anything of it. She knew just what to do with her tongue on the head while I was cumming.

          I tried to make some more conversation afterwards but I was really nervous after I busted. My jeans were still pulled down and I was still hard and guys were walking by so I wanted to get out of there before anyone got a look at my dick so I pulled up my jeans, said goodbye, and walked out of there, trying to hide the fact that I was still hard in my pants.

          I would definitely go back here. The price is crazy cheap and the girl was cute and gave me a great BJ.

          1. Thanks for the detailed report. Believe it or not but there are much less expensive blowjob bars in other parts of the world and most of them offer more privacy. Cheers.

        48. I was wondering what do you have to do if you want to bust more nuts after the first load, simply ask for another and pay more or something? What am I supposed to do

          1. Customers who want to go for a second round indicate that either to the girl who serves them or the manager in the front. The manager will collect money for the second round and then it will be performed. Cheers.

        49. Pretty terrible time, went in and paid. Out comes this disinterested 50 year old. Starts going through the motions but wouldn’t let me touch her at all. Felt so uncomfortable I couldn’t even get hard. Waste of time more than anything

        50. Will it be weird for a young guy to go pink salons? The review really make me want to go for a try. Is it ok to deep kiss and play with the girl’s boobs if I busted before the time limits.

          1. I’m no expert on law in Japan but I think that guys must be 19 years old to visit pink salons in Japan. Those are the requirements. What is weird is a subjective question. I think the idea of marriage is weird. For some that alone would make me weird. Cheers.

        51. Went to Jan Jan today for the first time. Everything was the same as described above. I probably waited 6-7 minutes until my girl was done with her other customer. Asami was the only one working at the time but it was just me and another guy there. She was in her mid to late 30s and fairly attractive. She was very kind and tried to communicate with me in English until I started speaking Japanese. I don’t know if opened up something but she became completely surprised and started getting all giggly. She was very interested in me at that point. She talked for a little then starting to clean me up. After that she got naked and went to town. This was the best blow job I ever had in my life. She let me touch everything, and I mean everything (butthole included). I didn’t attempt to kiss her but how she reacted to me I’m sure she would have let me. Her technique was flawless using both her hands and mouth to get me off. She also had nice tits. She worked the entire shaft not just the head. She sucked and licked my balls for a little bit and even played with my nipples. She was a champ when I came too. I know my load was big because I hadn’t had any action for over a week and a half. She slurped it all up and cleaned me up. She excused herself to clean up and came back. She finished cleaning me and we had some small talk all while my dick was still out! After a little side talk I pulled up my pants, thanked her and was on my way to go shopping. Japan is great!! Overall, the place was a shithole but for 3000 yen to have a girl take a shot in the mouth it isn’t that bad. I’m going again tomorrow or the next and hope I get the same amazing blow job as I did from Asami. Hopefully, I get her again but I’m not paying extra. If I do maybe I’ll possibly try 69! Thanks for the great info!!!

          1. Went again today and it was the same story getting in. Super easy and hassle free. The guy at the front held up 3 fingers and I gave him the money. I got the same girl again today as yesterday. She was surprised. Pretty much the same thing but the blowjob was better today. Again, she let me do anything I wanted to her. She added in a bonus rim job though. Boy was I blown away!!! Asami for the win! I came so fucking hard she couldn’t keep it all in her mouth. She cleaned me up well though. Overall, I am very happy with my experience at Jan Jan and would recommend Asami to anyone. Fuck are her blow jobs amazing!!!

        52. Checked out JanJan early Nov and it was super easy like everyone said. Dude was standing outside and called me over saying “Jan Jan” to let me know I arrived. Only thing is, Jan Jan is now on the 2nd floor and is opposite of the JanJan sign. That was the only thing that had me skeptical at first. But no problems whatsoever.

          1. Thanks for the report. I’m not aware of any change in location. I guess it’s possible but other places on the street are known to try to lure customers inside. Cheers.

        53. As the previous commenter mentioned, the tout on the other side of the alley beckoned me over all the while saying JanJan. He pointed out to me that their gate was closed even though it was after noon. But I didn’t worry about it too much as they were more than happy to accept me. Afterwards I asked the manager about JanJan and whether it was closed. He told me that it would be until around the 28th of December. Weather this is because they’re doing renovations (hoping against hope) or because of some infraction of the law I do not know but I thought it was worthwhile mentioning.

          1. Thanks for the comment. Jan Jan used to have a website that later disappeared. This looks like a second incarnation of it. Cheers.

        54. Just went to Jan Jan, first bj ever pinsaro or otherwise so didn’t know what to expect. Was deliberating for a day whether to go ahead, ehh… What happens in Tokyo stays in Tokyo.

          Got touted by another bloke on the way but I knew what I wanted and the place is the same b1 shop in the picture. Paid the ¥3000 and sat for a few minutes thinking what did I just pay for. I got kaede, looked 50 something, flat and wearing a one piece. Once she cleaned me down she went completely naked and immediately put my finger in her slit and refused to let me take it out. Only one finger mind you as I tried to take it out to roam but she put it back in and said only one. Started with some nope licks and a hand job before going down. In the middle of blowing me she stopped for some tit sucking action, her nipples though were probably half there. Afterwards it was back to the bj, and I tried a little 69. Soon enough with that familiar feeling welling up I decided to go a bit faster with the finger before busting my nut. She was still sucking afterwards for a good 30s to milk it for all it was worth. Got cleaned up, got wiped down and she went to rinse. Got another towel for the finger which was clamped down there, got a hug and on my way.

          Was it what I expected? Not quite I’ll be honest but I’ll chalk it down to kaede leading start to finish. She probably knew I had no idea what the hell to expect.

          For ¥3000, I’ve blown more in less than 15min(no pun intended). However I can now say I’m wiser for experience. Would I go back? Maybe/probably depending on if I’m alone.

          1. I might add, just as I was busting my load I realised I actually knew what Eurobeat was playing and it is one of the songs I keep on favorites while driving. Everytime I hear that song now it will almost always remind me of my first bj, in Tokyo, down a dark basement while vigorously fingering and 69ing a lady for ¥3000.

            Memories much?

        55. Good experience. First time ever to pinsaros, I’m not very experienced in this business in general, and usually I avoid street hookers. Have zero experience in Asia. In my opinion, this is a cheap way to get a nice bj in a safe place, quite old and creepy, but safe and straightforward. Went two days in a row.

          The place is easy to find, you’ll need to remember the sign so you don’t get into another place (there were 3/4 guys bowing at me in the same small street)

          Day 1
          The first time I got an old lady. I think in her 50s, not fat, but old, with teeth pointing in all directions.. I was a bit freaking about the place, as I usually in my first time, but she put her bra and panties off and went straight to the bj and in a few minutes I was able to relax and cum after around 15 minutes. Tried to finger her, but she won’t open her legs, so I let it be. Her technique was good, no teeth, smooth bj with cim, not mechanical, but changing pace and technique. Good for the money I paid (3000)

          On my way out I glimpsed a younger better looking lady doing her make up in another booth. I decided to come back next day to see if I were more lucky. This time I couldn’t see any other customer

          Day 2
          Another 3000 yen paid. There was a japanese customer in the booth next to me, doing the same lady I had the day before. Hopefully I would get a different lady, and so it was!
          A younger lady, skinny nice body and a funny face/hairstyle, not particularly pretty nor ugly, I think she was in her late 20s. She just took off her bra and offered for kissing, letting me lick her breast and “grab her by the pussy” (I didn’t try under her panties)

          Her tongue was smooth and I could smell mouthwash, she went down after some play and gave me another nice bj with cim for around 12-15 minutes non-stop. At times she was a bit more rude with my willie than the older lady, but she listened to me and slowed down her pace when requested. People next booth were engaged in some conversation that distracted me a bit. It added some spice that they got up and walked by my booth just when I was cumming in the mouth of my young helper.

          Nice experience and not expensive. I but I had no chance for a third try because my trip to Japan ended next day. Definitely would like more pinsaros to be gaijin-friendly, as I use to go to Japan every other year and spend some time in Tokyo.


        56. Just to add to my previous review:

          I walked around Sugamo station and found pinsaros all around, but Jan Jan and the other pinsaros in the same street are the only ones were the guys bow at me frantically. I couldn’t see door guys bowing in any other pinsaro, and I assume that means when the staff ignores you the place is not gaijin-friendly, am I right?

          1. Generally speaking any place with a tout who beckons to foreigners allows them inside. On the other hand there are places where doormen seem to show no emotion whatsoever but foreigners are still allowed inside. Cheers.

        57. Hi RockIt,

          If you guys came off from the JR (Yamanote Line), it’s the South Exit. Those from the Subway (Mita Line), it’s A1 Exit.

          I was contemplating whether I should try Jan Jan or not, considering there were 2 other touts beckoning me saying 3000¥ for 2 girls! But being skeptical I went in to Jan Jan (because so many have reviewed it before making it ‘trustworthy’).

          Unlike other foreigners I only had to pay 3000¥ for a 12-15min blowjob. Maybe, Ann ew price change with all the competiton? Mind you this is my first time ever going to a Pink Salon.

          Nonetheless, after paying the tout, he led me to a small open cubicle with a mirror wall on my right. From what others have said, I expected it to be near pitch black but upon my girl arriving, I could clearly see her face even while dimly lit. Speaking what broken Japanese I had, she also tried with her English. She was more on the curvier side, told me she was 42 years old but looked quite young.

          She told me to drop my pants, and after wiping it with a cold towel, went down town. Technique was interesting, licking the tip and then taking it all in (or tried to for that matter). She even allowed me to touch her anywhere and everywhere, roaming all over her body in our semi-awkward positions.

          Got to finish in her mouth, she sucked it all in before spitting it out on a rag. We then flirted for a bit till the timer finished. She then personally walked me out of the place and bowing as I left.

          Fun times?

          1. Thanks for the report. The price is 3000 Yen during the day. The more expensive price starts in the evening. The pricing has been the same since at least 2012 and perhaps earlier than that. Cheers.

          2. Yeah man, forgot to mention I came around 11pm/12am and they gave me VIP price according to the sign. Weird lol

        58. Went there today, as a Asian male, all touts started to beckon me in until I started speaking English, then directed me over to janjan. Like what most have said, dingy, smoky place. Only customer early evening. Got a lady in her late 30s, slightly chubby but really enthusiastic. Asked for a CBJ, brought my own cap. Managed to pop my load in 10 mins or so, even cbj. Cheap and cheerful, the Aldi of p4p I guess.

          1. Thanks for the detailed report. Jan Jan is one of the more inexpensive places in Japan. Of course it is all relative. Very good looking women in their early 20’s do the same kind of work in Vietnam for less than half of what Jan Jan charges! Cheers.

        59. What happen if I cum on her face instead to her mouth? is it approved or I need permission beforehand. The last thing I expect is any kind of drama after I cum on someone’s face.

          1. I don’t have any specific answer. I guess it would depend on the situation. The women are pretty skilled and usually stay in control so I doubt it happens very often. I can say that foreigners have been banned all together from some other pink salons in Tokyo after some non-Japanese customers caused trouble. Cheers.

        60. Saw all the reviews on this site, thought I’d give it a shot (literally) as this establishment was still available. As others previously mentioned, you get touted by several gents, tonight in particular just wearing a black hoodie and black jeans Infront of the basement entrance waving and bowing. Walking down the flight of stairs was greeted by an older lady, who might have said “in for 30 minutes” in Japanese. She quickly picked up I didn’t know Japanese and said 3000 yen in Japanese. As I understood that bit at least. The place was smoky and dark, red lights. Was quickly ushered into the cubicle with only one other guy present. Was walking past another cubicle that had a pretty and somewhat young girl in white see through lace, not with anyone in it. Waited around 5 minutes, then got this older looking lady (don’t know her name) asked if I speak Japanese and no. So she made small talk in English. Soon after cleaned up my junk, then got into the lateral position to suck. The job was subpar but hey, you pay for what you get! For the life of me I don’t know why I couldn’t bust a nut and I was 20 minutes in already, she even stopped at one point and said “no cum?”. I didn’t want to leave blue balled do I then tried to bust one out, 5 minutes later success! She cleaned me up, ushered me out quickly. Was rather disappointed but I am hoping to try again, maybe get a younger gal, or just pay the nomination fee.

        61. Went there cos Golden King was not open today.
          I got a very old lady, around 55-60y i think (or maybe even 65 by her voice), very small and skinny.
          She just finished a guy in the sofa in front of me, but i think the guy didnt make it. After 20 min, she came to my sofa.
          I kept my mask, couldnt look at her face to face. I told myself just close your eyes and think about a young lady. She get all naked, legs spread apart to invite me to touch her but didnt want. She insisted several times. Her technique was weird, very slow sucking, no variation, no acceleration, no strength in arm. Sometimes she even stopped for few seconds like to get a rest. She kept my dick hard for few minutes. Then she told me to lay on the sofa. I thought she just wanted me to be in better position to load the stuff, but she get on me for a 69! I kept my mask, didnt want to lick her old pussy at all. I had her tiny flat old bottom sticked in my head. She tried to suck my balls to excite me more but didnt work. Boring as hell. Time over. She said sorry. Lied on me to rest, she looks drunk, almost couldnt stand up clearly. I felt she was tired as hell, under drugs or i dunno. Those old ladies has no choice doing this job to get some money but cos of their age they might not get the full money reward if they cant finish the customers. Such a pathetic experience and issue, think about it.

          I might be not lucky this time but guys, go there only if you are desperate and had no BJ since age, or if you into gerontophile things.

        62. Small update in 2022:
          Had my first visit to JanJan and it is still as described. The huge sign on the building seems to be gone but it is still easy enough to find with signs almost in the middle of the street. Inside was a bit smoky but not as bad as some love hotel rooms. There was one guy just getting sucked of on the seating behind me. Saw a glimpse while entering. Dude seemed to have fun with his girl. Loud music couldn’t overplay the moaning and sucking in the place. I liked that.

          Everyone was very nice and it was no problem getting in. Price 3000¥. They seem to have an official website by now. Schedule stated the age range of girls 29 to 38. I don’t think that was accurate, maybe I was just unlucky. The girl I got was not very beautiful though the open atmosphere and how casually she undressed was nice. Her plump body and small tits felt good enough as well. And it was dark.
          Her headjob was ok. Felt like an onahole. She didn’t take it deep but sucked hard. Even allowed me to pump in rythm to her own and hold her head down a bit at the end.

          All in all got the job done but probably won’t go there again. Would only recommend it if looks aren’t important to you and you just want to pump a load into some random mouth. I will prefer the onahole for the quick nut.

          1. Thanks for the detailed report. Since Japan is still closed to most people this is great information. What is your favorite onahole? Cheers!

            1. Update 2 weeks later: Bad news, I not only got a suck job but also some STD from the shop. I didn’t got the results in yet but looks like Chlamydia &/or Gonorrhea. Treatable but still a bummer. Definitely not again. Everyone else who wants to visit such a shop: enjoy and best wishes to stay safe.

              PS: Regarding the onahole. I really like the ones with a double sided opening. Also the clear or see through ones are nice for the optic. Any recommendations from your side?

              1. Thanks for the update. Best wishes for a full recovery. I reviewed some great Japanese onaholes earlier this year. The Koji Rase Virgin may be the best on the list in my opinion. At least you can be sure it won’t give you chlamydia or gonorrhea. Cheers.

          2. Thank you! Hope it goes away quickly. I’m still inclined to visit other establishements after my recovery. Especially Dolce sounds like it would be fun to try.

            Also thank you for the recommendation! It was a good read right now. Besides the good infos I really like your fun writing style. I actually saw the Koji Rase Virgin one. But opted for the W niko niko imouto from Toys Heart that day. Sounds like I need to try Koji Rase Virgin as well.

            1. Any sort of sexual exposure to other people can carry risks. Though I haven’t heard as many accounts of infections from places like higher end soaplands. That doesn’t mean it isn’t common. Just that I haven’t heard much about it. The Koji Rase toy is a lot of fun. I have also enjoyed the Julia Plus+ quite a bit. Have you tried any full size sex dolls? Cheers.

              1. Definitely. I have the hopes though that some establishements and their workers take more care with frequent tests. Did you ever have this unpleasant experience over all those years? It’s probably not something people just state openly so it’s not common to hear it often.
                I haven’t had the pleasure to try a full sized one yet. I would love to but I honestly have no clue where to store it. Did you try one, or more?

                1. Testing is not as common in the commercial sex industry as you may expect. Reliable testing may be even less common. Testing wouldn’t be done in anyone’s throat or mouth in any case. I may write about sex dolls at some point in the future. There are even some sex doll brothels around. Including at least one in Tokyo. Cheers.

          3. Testing appear to be rare in Thailand these days, a bit different 20 years ago, but back then some Barowners let the girls work positive – otherwise the girl could just move to another venue. Stickman wrote about a Nanapong contest in Bangkok and he knew that one of the girls performing was HIV-positive.

            Why is it like this in Thailand? Resistent STDs are uncommon despite what people say. HIV is less of a problem, and the numbers are going down. Getting pregnant from unprotected sex is sometimes a bigger issue for the girls.

          4. Testing for a throat STD has low specificity. I have returned from SEA with a bad pharyngitis, tested my self at a hospital in Europe and got a negative result – could very well been an ordinary infection?

            Regardless, Non-resistent oral gonorrhea – for example- is hard to heal and multipel Antibiotic treatments can be needed, in any case it usually recovers by it self but it can take quite a long time.

          5. I’ve been to this place a few times in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Never had any issues. Tried going again at the beginning of September 2022 twice. Once on a Friday in the evening and the following week Saturday late afternoon. Both times no luck and I was not allowed in. Unsure why as I don’t speak Japanese. I am a relatively tall northern European looking guy, don’t know if that matters.

            1. Thanks for the report Simon. Xenophobia has been on the rise worldwide since the outbreak of the pandemic. Though I don’t know if that is what barred you from entry at Jan Jan. Cheers.

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