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As Rockit Reports approaches its sixth anniversary I am pleased to present another in my long going series of interviews with people in the sex industry. While the majority of the interviews published on this website have appeared in my “Sex Talk” book, this interview with a Japanese oppai pub worker is completely and totally new.

inside an oppai pub

As explained in my recent review of Ooedo in Tokyo, oppai pubs are exactly what they sound like. Oppai is the Japanese word for breasts and pub means the same thing in Japanese that it does in English. Generally speaking oppai pubs are bar where guys can fondle breasts. More information on these types of venues follows in the interview itself.

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m from Hokkaido. I grew up in a town outside of Sapporo. I am 22.

That’s interesting. Even though Sapporo is a large city I don’t seem to meet many people from there.

Really? You should go there. It’s nice.

But you left. You’re in Tokyo.

Haha. Yes, that’s true. I guess it’s boring in Hokkaido. Or if you want to make real money you have to come to Tokyo.

So you make a lot of money?

No, not really. Hey, don’t make me look bad!

Sorry. I was sincerely asking. But you work in an oppai pub. I thought you made a good amount of money.

It’s just like part time work. I work a regular job in the hospitality industry. I only come to the oppai pubs to make extra money. It’s not like a career.

Do you make more money in your regular job or at the oppai pub?

I make more in the oppai pubs. But the other job is more serious. I don’t want to do this kind of thing forever.

Have you worked in any other sex shops or only the oppai pub?

I work in many places. As I told you, this isn’t regular work. Some days I go the oppai pub. Another day I might go to a different place. There is no schedule for me.

Oh, so you work different places. I see. I was under the impression that it was a regular thing where you worked set hours. So you even change the place you work at times?

I have tried a lot of places. I tried a dating club. I worked in a delivery health too.

How was that?

It was a job. I got some customers. Sometimes it is boring if no one comes. I can’t believe I am telling you this. I don’t even tell my friends I used to work at a delihelu.

Don’t worry. The interview is totally anonymous.

I know. But…

So how was it working at the delivery health place?

I just met customers. I would give them a hand job or a blowjob. Sometimes I wore a costume. I can’t think of anything special about it. But I always remember the taste of dick in my mouth. If you suck a few dicks your mouth will taste like dick all day and night. You can’t do anything. It is gross right?

Sometimes I got ojisan [old man] customers. They usually smell bad. Their dicks taste so bad too. It’s like decay. It is worse than salary man smell.

Wow. Horrible.

I don’t know. I guess they also want a blowjob. They can’t get it unless they pay. It is okay. But I think any guy who wants a blowjob from a girl like me should have to suck a smelly ojisan dick one time to see what it is like. Haha.

It’s only fair!

That’s one way to look at it. So how did you end up working at the oppai pub?

Many people said I have nice oppai. I think they are good too. Don’t you think?

After I worked in a delivery health I tried the oppai pub. First I went to a different one with my friend. We tried it for one day.

You just show up and they let you work one day? Or you signed up for the job and then quit after a day?

Yeah. I just showed up. There’s not much to learn. If you have tits you can do the job. But it can be stressful.

After I left the first place I decided to work again later. But I went back by myself. My friend doesn’t know. She thought I just tried it once like her.

Tell me about it.

It is easier than the other places but sometimes it is so busy. Some days I don’t get any rest between customers. It is one guy after another. I heard guys have to make appointments and come back when it is full.

I am working in hospitality all day which is tough. Then I go to the oppai pub some days. I get extra money.

Does the oppai pub pay as much as delivery health?

No. But it is not the same work. It is not so difficult. It is just tiring. And I don’t have to give blowjobs to old men.

But you have to kiss them right?

I don’t know. I didn’t get many old men at the oppai pub. If the guy has stinking breath I don’t kiss him. I just put my tits in his face.

So how much money can you get at the oppai pub anyway?

It depends. I usually get a few Man [ten thousand] yen.

You get that much every time you work?

Yes, usually.

That’s not bad.

It’s okay. But I won’t do this work forever.

How much longer do you plan to work in the oppai pubs? What are your future plans?

I just want to get money to travel the world. I want to go to America. That’s my plan. After I will continue my career in hospitality.

Did you ever think of working somewhere else like a pink salon or even doing AV?

Ew! Pink salons are dirty.

And porn?

I wouldn’t do AV. I made videos with my ex-boyfriend before. I don’t even know what he did with them. I am scared my dad will see them someday.

You’re not scared your mom will see them?

No. She is different. My mom has big boobs! She would be the oppai pub queen. Haha.

Now that’s very interesting. I hope we can talk more soon. Thanks for answering these questions.


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