How much sex does two thousand dollars buy?


In the short history of this site I’ve received a lot of comments and emails asking about prices, the rate in various locations, which areas offer the best value, and a lot of similar questions. I’ve tried to respond to all of these as best I could though I haven’t come up with anything definitive. As always I don’t recommend or advocate anything to readers other than to be entertained by what’s written here. This post won’t change that, but it may help put things into perspective. Here you have a list of things two-thousand US dollars could get a person if they were in a spending mood; theoretically of course.

stacks of cash

If you were in New York City you could get hand relief at a Chinese massage parlor each afternoon and score a full round of fun at a Korean massage parlor each night for a total of six days, train fare to and from each shop included.

If you were in Angeles City, Philippines, you could stay at a 4 star hotel for four nights, score a short time romp each of the five days you were in town in the afternoon, do a bit of drinking and bar hoping each evening and take two girls out of a bar for some threesome fun each night. Your taxi rides to and from the airport and all meals would also be included. Plus you could catch a movie or two at the cinema in SM Clark with one or more of your new bar beauties.

If you were in Pattaya, Thailand, you could stay in a decent hotel for 2 weeks, do a decent amount of drinking, hit a blowjob bar every afternoon and take a bar girl back to your bed every night. You could also throw in a few massages and all the food and baht bus rides you’d need for the trip.

If you were in Bangkok, Thailand, you could stay in a lower range but still acceptable hotel, throw back your share of drinks, hit a blowjob bar every afternoon, hit a massage parlor every evening and still get a short time romp with a sexy go go dancing gal every night. You would have enough left for taxis to and from the airport and you fair share of food.

If you were in Seoul, South Korea, you could spend 4 days in quality hotels, visit a kiss room or jack shack each afternoon, hit Hooker Hill each evening, and still have enough left for a visit with an independent escort and a stop at an Anma.

If you were in Macau, you could stay in a five star hotel for 2 nights and spend several hours of each day in a sauna getting jerked, sucked and fucked. Your food and drink and taxi back to the airport or ferry terminal would also be included.

… or you could stay home and buy this:

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