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Review: Nezuko’s Double Tooth Blowjob

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Nazuko’s Double Tooth Blowjob is a great new onahole style sex toy out of the Far East. This is no run of the mill plastic sex sleeve. Rather it is the latest in a long line of oral sex simulators that can really blow you away. I wanted to try the Double Tooth BJ toy as soon as I discovered it. I have to say I was pleased with the findings.

Pocket pussies have been around for some time. They have gotten better over the years. An even better improvement has come in the form of blowjob style sex toys. Once a thing of imagination you can now find a bunch of toys that will virtually suck your dick.

nezuko onahole

How do you know which one to choose? You could try them all like I have. Or you could take my word as an experienced enjoyer of both real and artificial suck jobs. I’ve been reporting on blowjob bars for over a decade. So I just might know what I am talking about.

I have found the blowjob sex toys with teeth to be some of the best on the market. This might be counterintuitive. Normally guys prefer blowjobs sans teeth. But when it comes to soft sex sleeves there is something about having harder teeth inside that just tickles the fancy. Or at least the todger.

Checking out the Double Tooth BJ toy

Nezuko’s Double Tooth Blowjob comes packed in a really interesting round container that looks like it could have come right out of Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. Well except for the illustration of an anime girl with pointy fangs. When you pull apart the two pieces that make up the container you are greeted with more drawings of the same gal. It is something to note. Especially since it can be reused to easily store the toy after use. Though of course the main point of attention is the toy itself.

The actual toy is almost as big around as the container. Which means this round unit is pretty sizable. The bamboo stylings are shown on the outside of the sleeve. That makes it easy to handle. The toys is also incredibly soft. It could almost be described as silken. The color is a peachy pinkish skin tone.

nezuko blowjob toy

On the one end you find two soft lips that part to make way for a realistic mouth complete with top and bottom teeth and a slightly firm tongue. The other end is sealed to help create suction when you use the toy.

Using the thing is easy. Just pour some water based lubricant inside and you’re ready to go. There’s no struggle to enter Nezuko’s waiting mouth. The softness allows the toys to expand and make way for even a significantly sized unit to slide on in.

Getting head from Nezuko

The biggest question with these BJ toys is whether or not they feel like an actual blowie. Since head is one of life’s greatest pleasures this is a fair inquiry. In this case the toy does a pretty good job of replicating oral sex.

Of course you do have to move the toy with your own hand. So it’s not simply a case of kicking back and getting sucked off. At the same time Nezuko’s mouth is quite similar to the genuine article. Though with a few additional flourishes. For example the sleeve is lined with a stimulating yet soft section in the back half that is different from a real throat.

nezuko's double tooth blowjob

Many guys do not have access to that anyway. At least not at all hours of the day. That is where a great oral sex simulator can really come in handy. The Nezuko toy fits that niche quite well. With the right amount of lube and a few twists of the wrists it comes about as close to coming in a waiting mouth as you are going to get.

What about the teeth? They are a constant presence. Yet they are not intrusive. As designed they help to stimulate the shaft from top to bottom while the head is worked over by the flexible little tongue and squidgy reservoir end. In other words you are glad Nezuko’s teeth are there when you’re in the midst of enjoying the rest of her oral cavity.

To sum up, Nezuko’s Double Tooth Blowjob is a nice oral sex toy. If you’re in the market for a toy that feels a lot like a lightly toothy blowjob whenever your heart desires you will love it. The price is great too. Considering all that I give it four stars.

Nezuko’s Double Tooth Blowjob is available from Motsu Toys in Europe and in the United States.

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