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Review: TYO Lubricant

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TYO Lubricant is an incredible and versatile water based lubricant. It’s been claimed that this lube is as good as silicone based alternatives. I can’t really disagree. This lube is long lasting, clean, odorless and easy to clean up. What more could you ask for in a product of this type?

Lubes have a whole host of usages. They can really enhance masturbation and sex for both men and women. They’re basically a requirement for anal. Though they’re also good when you want to spice up a regular love making session. Or if you want to play around with a sex toy. You can never have enough lube.

TYO lubricant review

That doesn’t mean that every lube is good. I’ve found some really terrible lubricants over the years through sheer trial and error. A major American magazine once lauded a particular lube as the best thing for anal sex. When I tried I found it to hinder more than it helped. So I tend to not trust everything I read on the subject. Or even most of it.

TYO Lubricant is genuinely good. I am not sure if the “TYO” in the brand name is short for Tokyo. But if it is then the name would be apt. That’s because this lubricant is very reminiscent of the high quality stuff used by happy ending massage experts in the land of the rising sun. I can’t tell the difference between this lube and the gel used by the gals at a high end place like Tokyo Style.

All about TYO Lubricant

TYO Lubricant comes in an easy to use 12 ounce squeeze bottle. The container is clear with a white nozzle. This allows you to get just the right application without any waste. This stuff is very viscous and a little goes a long way. Like Brylcreem used to say, “a little dab will do ya”!

The nozzle also makes this a great choice for use with male masturbators and onaholes. Even if they have a small entrance you can still squeeze the proper amount of lube inside with easy. Of course it also works well for everything from sex to a hands-on session with yourself.

review of TYO lube

This lube is made of just four ingredients: water, sodium polyacrylate, sodium dehydrogenate and disodium edta. No wonder the stuff has absolutely no smell. Somehow these basic materials have been blended in a way to make one of the most useful and long lasting lubes I have ever tried. And I have tried a lot!

Water based lube is good for a number of reasons. It’s economical and easy to clean. It doesn’t leave stains either. The biggest problem with water based lube has always been that you need to keep applying more. I am not sure what the people behind this lube did, but they’ve managed to make a water based lubricant that is incredibly long lasting. You can actually get through an entire session with just glob of TYO.

Putting TYO Lubricant to the test

I got my hands on a bottle of TYO Lubricant a few months ago. Soon after that I got my hands on myself. I was very pleasantly surprised by the high quality of this lube. You can stroke to your heart’s desire with a very moderate amount of the stuff.

TYO works similarly well in real-life sexual applications. It’s thicker and longer lasting than standard water-based lubes like Astroglide. At the same time it is easy to wash off with a quick rinse of soap and water. As a Japanese massage technician once showed me doing a basic pat of the hand on the lubricated area in a shower will get all the gel off in no time.

I have also tried TYO Lubricant with several male masturbators including the Slut Angel DX and Big Slut Angel. I have never had such a small amount of water based lube go so far. A small application on these toys and my own unit was enough to get through an entire session. This bottle of TYO is going to last me a long time.

TYO Lubricant is fairly prices, easy to use, long lasting, discreet and pleasurable. This is the best water based lube I have found in many years of searching. It has now become my go to water based lubricant. Especially when using sex toys. I give it five stars.

TYO Lubricant is available from Motsu Toys in Europe and in the United States.

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