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Review: Daisy Pro Porn Sex Doll

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The Daisy Pro is a large and impressive sex doll. It is realistic in both size and feel. In addition it wiggles and jiggles in a way that many women could only dream of doing. This is the sort of sex doll that could get any man with a pulse and working penis interested. Once again Tantaly has created a masterpiece.

And what a piece of ass this is! Weighing in at a whopping 41.2 pounds (18.69 kg) this is one of the largest of the many sex dolls I have tried over the years. It is over a pound larger than the Nicole Papaya Tits Doll that I wrote about previously. So we are talking about a serious piece of pleasure here.

Tantaly Daisy Pro sex toy review

Human beings have been using sex toys since man started assembling the first tools. I have personally been using male sex toys for decades. I started out back when they were mainly crude plastic pussies sold out of the back of magazines and in shady adult shops. I have been astonished and amazed by the developments since. The Daisy Pro is a prime example of why. This pro model builds on the success of the Daisy Big Ass Doll that remains one of my favorites of all time.

The Daisy Pro is one of the most significant and alluring sex toys I have ever laid my eyes or hands on. It has many features including a realistic skin tone, interchangeable vaginal inserts, incredible jiggly action and a tight and deep asshole. All of this combines to make what is one absolutely amazing sex toy.

Daisy Pro big jiggly ass doll

At this point Tantaly has created a whole line of very good sex toys. I am always exciting to see what they are going to come up with next. In this case they have created a big fat ass that any butt fun would love to take home and enjoy.

The Daisy Pro is designed in a way that allows you to enjoy the ass and holes from many angles. You can do it doggy style, cowgirl style, Asian cowgirl style or even missionary. It’s large but also flexible and pretty easy to use. Swapping out pussies takes little effort. The biggest task is getting the large unit up to the place where you want to use it. That could be anything from a bed to a table. It’s ready for action.

close up daisy sex toy

The Daisy Pro pussies are 5.9 inches deep. The anus is just a little shorter at 5.51 inches. Though the soft and forgiving material means that even those endowed with larger schlongs can push in full thrust with no problem. Any man should be well accommodated by this ass.

At the widest point the Daisy Pro has a circumference of 44.88 inches. That’s a massive 114 centimeters around for those measuring with the metric system. When seated upright the toy stands 10.63 inches. The waste is just shy of 24 and a half inches. So Daisy Pro has some pretty good curves going too.

Unboxing the Daisy Pro

The Daisy Pro is delivered in a totally discreet and unassuming brown box. Inside that box rests another more colorful box decorated to catch the eye. The toy itself comes packed inside of a large black bag complete with handles and zippers. Two dense pieces of foam are perfectly molded to hold the Daisy Pro sex toy as well as two different vaginal sleeves in their own boxes. There is also another vagina sleeve already inserted into the toy.

As mentioned this is no throw away toy. It weighs over forty ponds and costs almost 600 dollars. So the Daisy Pro is a serious toy. I almost hesitate to even call it a toy at all. This is an expertly crafted unit meant to please the men who use it. And in that this things definitely succeeds. You can get a lot of use out of the Daisy Pro. In between uses you can privately store it inside of the unmarked black bag and form fitting foam provided.

Daisy Pro 41 lb big ass sex doll

The Daisy Pro is designed for big ass lovers. It is also made for those who a realistic ass experience. The toy is made with Tantabutt technology that makes it move like no other. Each touch or tap of the toy sends waves across the ass end. This booty even seems to “splash back” at you with every forward thrust. I don’t know which genius or team of geniuses came up with this material. But they certainly did a great job.

Smooth and supple is the only way to describe the flesh toned skin on the Daisy Pro. I also have to mention the movable skeleton inside of the hips and legs. This allows the toy to be adjusted significantly to make it easier to use. That in itself is a huge upgrade over most of the stiffer hips and asses on the market. The toy also comes with three different pussies that provide various sensations. There is a beginner hole, a regular hole and a super stimulating hole. Don’t forget the night tight asshole either!

41.2 pounds of pleasure

There is some correlation between the size of ass end or “hip” style sex doll and the amount of good feelings it produces. Maybe it is the heft or density. Or it could be that that the ass is the size and shape that any derriere fan dreams of doing. Whatever the case may be this big ass sex doll delivers the goods.

It is fairly easy to use too. Once you get the thing in place all you have to do is lube up your holes of choice. All three pussies and even the tighter butthole are easy to access. They provide plenty of pleasure too. All of the holes are designed to make you enjoy without numbing your dong. You can have a marathon sex session with the Daisy Pro. Or you can pound it out for a quick and easy orgasm. Either way is all good.

sex doll pussy and asshole

I have tried all the holes on the Daisy Pro. I’ve come at the toy from every position imaginable too. I had a really great time putting the Daisy Pro through its paces and testing out the toy for this review. What a workout!

I have found that kneeling missionary or a slow pump are both delightful. Yet doggy style is where the toy really shines. Especially if you utilize the anus with its tight inner rings. Just be forewarned. It can be difficult for even an experienced old hand to hold out long in such conditions.

Trying out different pussies

The most interesting aspect of this sex doll might be the interchangeable vaginal sleeves. You can swap out the pussy hole on the Daisy Pro with ease. The long sleeves are perfectly fit to slide into the unit and then style there while you do your business. I have to admit that I was skeptical about this whole thing. Yet the system works surprisingly well. It is one of those things that you have to see to believe.

The beginner sleeve is quite good on its own. If the Daisy Pro only came with this one vagina I would be fully satisfied. It has a sort of straight forward canal lined with nubs that gives the excellent ass hole a run for its money. But wait, there’s more.

tantaly pocket pussies

The “regular” sleeve switches things up a bit. The canal starts out with a series of rings before giving way to a change up in the middle. The second half of the sleeve is lined with twisty and turning chambers that stimulate the cock head nicely.

Finally there is the super stimulating sleeve. This one is not for the faint of heart. Any premature ejaculator would be lucky to get two strokes into this sleeve before blowing a load. It contains all kinds of different odds and ends that feel about as good as any real pussy you would find.


The Daisy Pro is at the top of the list when it comes to the sex toys I have tried out. I am no stranger to this sort of thing. But I can’t say I have found many toys that rival the Daisy Pro in terms of size, makeup, or entertainment value. The three sleeves only mean there is more to love here. I can imagine this well made toy lasting many years. Especially when stored inside the purpose-built box.

It costs a few bucks. But in my view the Daisy Pro is more than worth the price considering all that is offers. With proper care you could easily get hundreds or even thousands of mind blowing happy endings from this doll.

How could you go wrong with your own big wiggling ass that is open and available whenever you want to use it? Should you choose to go that route you would be hard pressed to find a better ass to own than this. Get yourself a bottle of your water based lubricant of choice and maybe a drying stick for post-use clean up and you’re off to the races.

The Daisy Pro is the top of the line when it comes to hip and ass style sex dolls. In this case bigger really is better. I give the Daisy Pro sex doll a full five stars. If the scale went beyond five I would be tempted it to give it an even higher score.

The Daisy pro: 41.2LB Big Ass Removable Vagina Porn Sex Doll is available from

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