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Shady Motion review – Japanese escorts

Shady Motion is a popular Japanese escort agency in Tokyo for foreigners. This safe and secure gaijin friendly shop is even registered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission. All of the women who work are Shady Motion are genuine Japanese gals. Yet the front end staff is made up of people from around the world who can speak English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean!

Shady Motion is managed by a Japanese guy named John Nanjo. The honorable Nanjo-san is a very lighthearted guy who is open about his appreciation of foreigners. This is something special in Japan where the local adult industry remains mostly off limits to those who are not Japanese or at least Japanese-language speakers.

In fact Shady Motion was founded by John Nanjo precisely because he wanted to make it possible for foreign guys to connect with Japanese women in the sex industry. He made sure to set up Shady Motion in a way that would prepare all parties for their interactions. So he explains the ways of foreign customers to his Japanese staff. And he explains the way the Shady Motion service works to his foreign customers!

Escorts in Japan operate a little differently than some of their counterparts in other parts of the world. Because of this I will explain the mode of operation at Shady Motion. While this business works to make things as easy as possible it is still nice to know how things work in practice.

What Shady Motion offers

In Japanese terms Shady Motion is a deri helu or delivery health shop. In practice this means that it is an escort agency. Guys pay a set amount of money for a set amount of time and some included erotic services.

A basic session at Shady Motion costs 26,000 Yen ($190 USD). It includes things like tongue kissing, mutual groping, licking, cunnilingus, blowjob, 69 and simulated sex (sumata). The standard is to use a condom for the oral services. But for 3000 Yen ($22 USD) more the condom can be ditched in favor of some bareback blowing.

japanese sex workers

Of course sessions offer more than just straight ahead head jobs. The ladies at Shady Motion are indeed escorts and even with limited English they are able to make things nice with small talk, petting, showering and more.

None of the women working at Shady Motion would officially or openly offer full service. That is in keeping with the rules of the land. In private however many in fact do offer it to their customers for a surcharge. It is important to note that this isn’t standard service and it is up to any individual provider to decide when they want to put full service on offer.

Booking a session at Shady Motion

Booking an appointment at Shady Motion is easy. There are multiple methods to get in touch and they have English speaking people on staff. The shop can be reached over the phone, through apps like LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp and Skype, through the Shady Motion website, or by simply rocking up to the Shady Motion shop in Ikebukuro.

Customers can pick from the many ladies on staff. The shop maintains an accurate schedule and knows when each women is on or off work. Popular ladies can be booked ahead to insure an appointment. But frankly I can’t really imagine be disappointed by any of the many gals working here.

how shady motion works

Sessions can be incall or outcall. Outcall sessions are easy enough. Shady Motion just sends the ladies right out to the rooms of the customers. Incall is only slightly more involved. Customers walk up to the shop then walk with their lady to a nearby love hotel. Both incall and outcall sessions cost the same amount.

The timer on incall sessions doesn’t start until the love hotel is entered. The timer on outcall sessions starts once a lady enters the room. A standard appointment lasts one hour though of course longer sessions are available for a bit more money. Other things like escorts for couples and special requests like costumes and stockings are also available for a set rate. Cash and credit card are accepted.

Shady Motion escorts

There are more than fifty women Japanese women working at Shady Motion. It is no exaggeration to say that each and every one of them is attractive and indeed sexy. Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder but anyone attracted to Japanese gals would have to admit that this shop has assembled a fantastic lineup of ladies.

There is a nice range of Japanese women working here too. Every type of Japanese gal from the bombastic blond gyaru to the demure office lady type can be found in the lineup. I am particularly partial to a couple of these babes. But I can honestly say that I would be more than happy to spend time with any of the honeys on this roster.

shady motion escort

At the same time there is no huge fluctuation in age or weight classes. You won’t find any obese women or grandmothers working at this store. But you can find slim petite women as well as curvy busty babes. You can also find 19 year old beauties and more experienced lasses in their early thirties. In between they have model types and even Japanese porn stars too. There’s truly something for everyone.

Each and every woman working at Shady Motion has several photos on her profile. As you might expect these photos are well done and made to show off each lady’s best features. But they are also pretty accurate and look a lot like the ladies themselves do in real life. There is no bait and switch going on.

Foreigner friendly escorts in Japan

The commercial sex industry in Japan is huge. I have been writing about Japan’s adult entertainment as an outsider for over ten years. Yet I have not even begun to scratch the surface of this truly massive scene. However I have written nearly all of the places in Japan that will accept non-Japanese customers.

That is because the vast majority of adult shops in Japan simply will not accept foreigners under any conditions. Some chalk this up to racism or xenophobia. And while that may have something to do with it I think the real reasons is a lack of mutual understanding.

sexy ass Japanese prostitute

Japanese sex shops are varied and can have incredibly complex rules and styles of play. Most Japanese people cannot speak English fluently. Most foreigners who go to Japan cannot speak Japanese at all. So there is really no way for the two groups to come to an understanding. Especially when it comes to the world of adult entertainment. Why would an already popular shop go to the trouble of trying to accommodate a small number of foreigners when it can just work with locals and eliminate any possibility for trouble?

Shady Motion has solved this conundrum by going full force into the world of foreigner friendly business. Rather than use a small Japanese staff to try to deal with a handful of foreign customers they have set up a business that is fully oriented to non-Japanese customers. This allows them to bring in an increased number of foreign customers. Enough in fact to maintain a successful business complete with foreign-born front end staff who can help customers navigate the Japanese escort industry with ease. With John Nanjo at the helm this has worked out nicely.

Video guide to Shady Motion

To make things easier Shady Motion has released a video guide to their services. The video shows how private sessions booked through the delivery health agency typically proceed. This explains things in a language that everyone can understand.

shady motion escort agency in tokyo

While something like an escort service might sound straight forward and simple to the uninitiated, the reality is that some words mean different things to different people. Especially in Japan. After all we are talking about a place where porn is common but censored. And where sex work is permitted in some forms but not others.

So Shady Motion has created a video guide to its services that gives an up close and personal look at what goes on in a normal appointment. Colorful shop manager John Nanjo stars alongside the sexy and attractive Sakuri Araki. The professional shot and edited footage is both erotic and educational. It also helps that Anri is a real natural in front of the camera.

Anri Naruse on video

As mentioned earlier, Anri is a very attractive twenty-three year old Japanese escort from the Shady Motion agency. She has a tight body with full breasts that can really get your blood pumping.

In my opinion, Anri is also one of those women who looks better in person than she does in pictures. That is not to say that her pictures are not good. It’s more likely that modern technology is still not able to capture such beauty in its full essence.

Some recent shots have popped up on Anri’s profile that do point to her good looks. I like these natural shots a little more than the professional photos that appear above though. Obviously there is a place for both.

The video Anri has done with John Nanjo is definitely best of all. Seeing Anri in action is a lot different than just looking at some still photographs. Watching the video gives you a real sense of her sensual way. Everything from her warm laugh to her great oral abilities shine through.

How accurate is it?

Since this video was created by Shady Motion you might wonder how accurate it actually is. We all know how advertising works. The signs at McDonald’s show large fluffy burgers that appear nowhere inside of the actual restaurants. At this point we almost expect to be lied to when we view any sort of advertising or promotional material.

Having experienced countless sessions with Japanese escorts I have the ability to judge the realism of this video. I have to say that the video plays out just as I would expect a session at Shady Motion Tokyo to go.

Anri Naruse from Shady Motion
Anri Naruse from Shady Motion.

It starts with some mutual bathing in the shower. Anri drops to her knees and starts blowing John as soon as he is rinsed free of soap. She even does some deep throat! Now that is no so common in Japan. But it does happen when the provider is skilled enough to deliver.

Next things move to the dry bed area where lots of kissing and mutual oral sex is performed. Anri even goes down and does some rimming, which truthfully is common if not guaranteed at Shady Motion. Finally the two go at it in multiple positions before John unloads right in Anri’s waiting kisser.

Art meets reality

Anyone who has been paying attention to my numerous reports from Tokyo written over the last several years will find that this video reflects much of what I have written. Sessions normally follow a general pattern even though there are differences between people and instances.

The lovely ladies working at Shady Motion provide a particular sort of sensual service. You are not going to get the exact same session twice. But you will have a general idea of how each session will go in advance.

In other words, foreign customers can expect to get washed, touched and sucked in any Shady Motion session like this. Things can even go further if the mood is right and the provider decides she wants something more. It’s a sort of firm yet flexible thing can only really be found in Japan.

Although the hot and heavy aspects of the video are certainly riveting, I was most impressed by the interview Anri does at the end. She introduces herself, gladly admits that she “really likes” foreign guys because they are gentlemanly and kind”, reveals that she “really loves” sex, then invites those who are still curious to “come see” her in person. What more could you ask for?

Review of Shady Motion

John Nanjo has fourteen years experience in the fuzoku industry. The Rudie Group that both he and Shady Motion belong to has been around even longer. The combined years of experience show in every way when dealing with Shady Motion. This is really a professional run outfit.

The entire team at Shady Motion goes out of its way from beginning to end to do things right. You can tell how high quality this business is as soon as you take a look at the Shady Motion website. The professional pictures, videos, and in-depth profiles of each of the escorts who work here are done right.

women from shady motion tokyo japan

The ladies themselves are a sight to behold. I am not one who falls back on easy stereotypes often. But Japanese ladies overall tend to be very kind, loving, and sincere. That definitely applies to the women working here who are as hospitable as they are attractive. They’re also good in the sack!

Not only is Shady Motion one of the easiest escort agencies in Japan for foreigners to navigate. It is also one of the only escort agencies in Japan that is actually set up specifically for foreigners. The prices are on par with the local scene and the ladies are lovely and accommodating. This is the perfect sort of place for admirers of Japanese ladies like me. So I give it five stars.

Reviews of Shady Motion providers

At this point I have reviewed hundreds of venues from all around the world. This gives me a somewhat unique perspective. Especially considering that I was visiting Japan and dabbling in the local adult industry long before this website was even imagined.

I am lucky enough to have crossed paths with some of the women from Shady Motion. I have to say that I was impressed all around. That is not so easy anymore. Especially since I have now reported on the commercial sex industry across four continents.

I have written reviews of the individual providers from Shady Motion I am familiar with below. I hope to add to this list in the future if and when the opportunity arises.

It should be clear that these are not reviews of the women themselves. I am not in the position to provide anything like that. Nor would I even attempt to review another human being. What follows is my assessment of these ladies as service providers. I am looking at relevant things like appearance, attitude, and talent. As always I simple report on what I see for the enjoyment of those who read this site.

Review of Anri (4.5/5)

Anri is one of the many escorts working at Shady Motion. She is a beautiful woman with a lot to offer. Although she is just 23 years old she also behaves in a rather mature and experienced manner. That is not to say that she is hardened however.

One could argue that Anri has a typical Japanese look about her. On the other hand that would be to write off Anri’s beauty. Because to be frank she is not that typical at all. Sure there are many beautiful women in Tokyo. But how many are thin gals simultaneously sporting large E cup breasts?

gaijin friendly escort named anri

Not only are Anri’s tits large. They are also quite full and nice to the touch. This is not the sort of thing you find often in Japan. Or anywhere really on a frame like this.

Her relatively large bust is complimented nicely by a flat stomach and tight little ass. She applies her cosmetics expertly in a way that really show off her beautiful eyes too.

Anri looks great both in and out of clothes. She also has a lot to talk about. She is an avid snowboarder who loves to show off her riding skills in various different ways. Her skin is as soft as fresh snow though she is no snow white. Her skin has more of a golden glow to it that could honestly be described as radiant. Perhaps this is due to her other hobby: surfing.

While Anri says she gets horny when she drinks she also appears to really enjoy her work. Either that or she is an undiscovered acting talent hiding right in plain sight in Tokyo.

She has worked in other adult shops in the past. That shows through in her work. She has a great soft touch as well as nice oral skills. Anri provides a nice sloppy blowjob that is slow yet intense. Even as a person who has been blown back and forth around the globe several times over I have to say it is fantastic.

Apparently Anri has a sort of fan club of past and current customers who have followed her over from her previous place of work. I totally believe that as I would be tempted to do the same. It is also easy to tell that she is popular as meeting her requires making an appointment in advance. She gets booked out all the time. But the advanced booking is well worth it. Four-and-a-half stars.

Review of Maina (5/5)

I have seen a lot of women in my many years on this earth. Especially over the last few decades. The research required to publish Rockit Reports weekly over the last ten years alone has brought hundreds of ladies into my field of vision. Because of that you might think that the gals would all start to blend in with each at some point. And too some extent you would be right. But then there are those who stand out and shine in my mind like bright diamonds. Maina is one such gem.

Looks are of course subjective. And I try to paint an overall picture of things when I write. But I have to say that from my perspective Maina is one of the prettiest dames I have had the pleasure to see in recent years. After all we have been through over the last couple of years she is truly a sight for sore eyes!

Japanese deli helu escort

Maina is fit but with curves in the right places. Her E cup bust fits exquisitely on her immaculate frame. She is a physical specimen from head to toe. And she is perfectly setup to sport a pair of stockings.

Her rack is firm yet flexible to the touch. Her hairs flows to her shoulders around a beautiful face with a warm glowing smile.

Maina isn’t all looks however. She is a giver and a taker with extremely sensitive nipples. She is just as comfortable giving or receiving which makes her one of the best practitioners of the famous sixty nine position in the field today. In fact she is so fitting for that position that I’d be willing to go one further and make it a seventy!

While Maina says she gets turned on by the act of going down on a man she seems to be just as into a man going down on her. That is only fair and in keeping with the way these things tend to work. But the fact that Maina even gets into giving pleasure shows exactly what kind of feminine wonder she is.

At just 21 years of age Maina may not be the most experienced provider around. Her oral skills are very good however. She is attentive and clearly aims to please her paying customers. She says she doesn’t get much action in her personal life. So she saves up all her sexual energy for her clients. Based on what I have seen I tend to believe her.

As time goes on I am less likely to be taken by a lady I meet. Especially in this industry. But I have to say that Maina left a great impression on me that will surely last at least as long as my conscious memory does. Five stars.

Review of Mika (5/5)

I can best describe Mika as an AV star straight out of an air brushed Japanese porn magazine. I don’t know if she has ever actually appeared in any adult video. But she is at least as good looking as some of the top stars in that field. On top of that Mika possesses oral skills that would put most porno gals to shame.

Shady Motion says Mika has the highest level looks in their shop. It’s difficult to argue with that. And I don’t think anyone would. Especially when they are busy trying to book sessions with this modern wonder. At her third day of work Mika was reportedly booked out solid by repeat customers. That really says something about this woman.

foreigner friendly japanese escort mika

Mika is the kind of Japanese babe that most guys wanking off to internet porn dream about. Even those who live in major centers like Paris, New York, or Tokyo would only see a babe of this quality once in a great while. And I don’t think I am exaggerating.

The fact that Mika works as an adult entertainer and makes herself accessible to foreigner punters from around the world is miraculous. Years ago I could never even imagine a J-gal of this quality working in such a shop. Then again I couldn’t have imagined a place like Shady Motion at all decades ago when I went from one sex shop to another only to hear “sorry, no foreigners”.

While Mika is a consummate professional she at times comes across like an amateur babe that you might have luckily picked up somehow. In other words being with her in private is a lot like being with a new girlfriend for the first time. There is a shy playfulness to Mika that goes along nicely with her gentle demeanor.

But even if Mika is not the type to aggressive attack a guy and start ripping off his short pants she is skilled when it comes to the sensual arts. Mika gives a romantic sort of blow job that could only be described as a “loving touch”. She is no super hardcore tiger in the bed. But she doesn’t shy away from a stiff prick either.

No sir! Mika gets into the oral and sucks with a commitment that can only come from someone who likes what they are doing. She really seems to genuinely enjoy bobbing on the bone.

Mika is hot enough to simply lay back and let horned up guys get off on her appearance. But she doesn’t rest on her laurels. Instead she steps forward with her orals. This is what makes her a great all around package. And it means she deserves a solid five stars.

Review of Mugi (4.5/5)

Mugi cha is a Barley tea beverage served widely throughout Japan in the warmer months. Mugi Chan is a hot Japanese women at Shady Motion serving select customers who book her for an erotic session.

The nineteen year old Mugi is a powerhouse packed in a small package. While she has her own way Mugi is exciting to be around and excited to be with other people. She is jubulent and enthusiastic about everything from dancing to getting into bed with guys who shell out the yen to see her. I mean she actually gets into the whole thing.

Japanese escort Mugi

Why do I say that? Well Mugi gets incredibly wet to the point that she actually sprays out and squirts when really turned on. I guess that is something that could possibly be faked by a real pro. But Mugi seems to be really into her work. She wryly says one of her favorite thing to eat is “dicks”. That’s not something you expect to hear out of the mouth of a 19 year old Japanese gal. Even in this day and age!

Mugi really does have a hankering for hard-ons though. Either that or she has one of the best grin and bear it work ethics anywhere in the world. Combine that with her sexy and supple body and you have the material to make goes go gaga.

The always smiling Mugi is a true pleasure to be around. One meeting with Mugi will show why even elderly men appreciate the company of a young lady. Not every women approaching her twentieth birthday has the power and zest of this babe though.

I can’t say I have met many women inside or outside of the industry who are active and vocal about trying to expand their horizons and their sexual skills in the process. But this babe is just one such woman.

Mugi-chan is still studying so her schedule is more limited than some of the other ladies working at Shady Motion. She is usually only available for appointments on the weekends. But good things come to those who wait.

Mugi is an absolutely incredible young lady with a nubile body to match. I can’t find any real flaws with her whatsoever. And I would gladly spend a lot more time with her if given the chance. Mugi is just a great gal. Four-and-a-half stars. And If I was especially attracted to squirters I would probably have given her the full five.

Review of Ramu (5/5)

Anyone who has been reading this site since the very beginning will know about my appreciation for Japanese gyaru. These “gals” have a subculture all their own with key features being things like prominent makeup, bronze skin and blond hair. In my opinion it is an incredible look even if it does seem to sadly be waning in popularity.

It can be tough for foreign guys to meet women in Japan. It can be nearly impossible for foreign guys to meet genuine Japanese gyaru. I had the pleasure of rendezvousing with one sexy gal at Kirari Community Cafe several years ago. Ramu at Shady Motion is another. And she is even hotter!

Japanese gyaru escort

Ramu is a super sexy Japanese gal with an attitude to match. She puts a lot of effort into her appearance and just as much into her line of work. Ramu must be spending some serious time in the gym because her abs are hard and her ass is round and toned. This all comes into play in the room too. She is an all over the place kind of babe with a true porn star style.

Even though Ramu can certainly be characterized as a gyaru she cannot be pigeon holed. She is an individual all her own. One thing that stands out about Ramu in particular are the numerous tattoos on her body. They can’t all be seen from her pictures. But she has ink up and down her leg, on her back, on her collarbone, and above her naval. This might be a turn on for some and a turn off for others. For me it just another thing to notice on an otherwise great looking lady.

Ramu is great all around. Her kissing style is active and erotic. And thankfully she does not smoke which is unfortunately a habit common among many Japanese gyaru. She is also well mannered and polite. Again these are not always things one expects when meeting an authentic Japanese “gal”.

When it comes to sucking guys off Ramu seems to have studied from the best. She puts on a real adult video style performance with lots of slurping and constant eye contact. The big doe eyes set off by the heavy gal style cosmetics and thick lashes makes this incredibly erotic.

Ramu has bright white teeth and a gorgeous smile. She can really light up a room with her presence. She doesn’t have the biggest tits or ass by any means. But her body is proportioned and great looking to a guy like me.

My fondness for Japanese gyaru has only been strengthened by Ramu. Perhaps I am biased but Ramu is the kind of lady I sought out to find in Japan so many years ago. I am glad I was able to find her through Shady Motion’s foreigner friendly services. Five stars!

Review of Mao (4/5)

Mao is a lovely Japanese twenty-three-year-old who exudes class and elegance. When you meet a lady in this line of work who says her hobbies include horseback riding and ballet you know you have found someone special.

With soft ivory skin Mao matches up perfectly with the most common Japanese standard of beauty. She is the kind of woman your Japanese friends and colleagues pine after. Never would you look at her and imagine that she is a sex worker. Not to say there is anything wrong with sex work whatsoever!

shady motion Mao

I am not sure exactly how Mao decided upon her line of work. She would fit in to many other careers just as easily. I could image her working at a high end shop or in a professional office just as easily as I could imagine her grinding on horny guys for a career. Though I am not upset with her decision in the least bit! How else would I have found a babe like this?

I would say that Mao is an escort in the true sense of the word. What I mean is that this is the sort of lady you wouldn’t mind having on your arm for a nice dinner or night on the town. I dare say she would even fit right in at a gala style black tie affair.

In private Mao is outgoing yet willing to work with her clients. In other words she can be forward and aggressive or passive and demure depending on the way things are going. She is very good at reading the situation and providing the sorts of sessions guys are after.

With prominent F cup breasts she is really something to see. Mao fills out lacy French style lingerie particularly nicely. Though of course she also looks great in her birthday suit. Especially with her back arched as she shows off her horse riding skills.

Mao’s body is practically flawless. I can’t say I find any fault with her personality or skills either. She is a very well rounded lady. And she clearly has her head on her shoulders. To paraphrase Lou Reed she never seems to lose her head, even when she is giving head. But she is not necessarily one from “the wild side”.

In comparison with many or perhaps even most of the women working this sort of job around the world Mao is head and shoulders ahead. It is only when she goes head to head with standout providers like Mika or Maina that I can even imagine describing her as less than perfect. Even that is probably an overstatement. Mao is a fantastic young lady. Four stars.

Shady Motion. 29, 東京都豊島区29 西池袋1-29-4 グランドビル3F Toshimaku 29 Nishiikebukuro 1-29-4 Grand building, 3F, 29, Toshima City, Tokyo 171-0021, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +81 80-2120-8984. Website:

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