An overview of prostitution in Prague, Czech Republic


The rather large commercial sex industry in the Czech Republic has long been known about by people in nearby countries such as Germany and even further away in the United Kingdom. On the other hand people on some parts of the world don’t seem to share the awareness of the widespread abundance of prostitution in the Czech Republic. Although there are no go go bars or soaplands with neon flashing lights, there is a lot of prostitution in Prague. The sheer amount of Czech porn available ought to give you an idea.

Czech prostitute in car

Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic. But there are restrictions. Things like pimping are illegal as is the case over the border in Germany. Still there are plenty of commercial sex venues that operate openly and even get visited by law enforcement regularly which bring the laws relation to actual practice into question.

Strip clubs

Strip clubs in Prague don’t have the best reputation. There are stories of guys being overcharged or ripped off in Prague strip clubs going back decades. While some places may practice dubious methods of doing business there are more legitimate strip clubs with set rates that allow for a lot more than the average look but don’t touch strip club in the United States.

The previously reviewed AAA Exclusive Club and the now-closed K-5 Relax Club have long been two of the most well known and established strip clubs in Prague. Both offer well laid out facilities where a team of five or six dancers parades around in various states of undress and offers sex sessions on premises for a fee starting around 2000 to 2400 Koruna ($98-117 USD).

The women who work at these strip clubs are usually not the most attractive in the city by any means but they do tend to be local Czech women in their twenties and perhaps thirties. Services are rendered as promised even though it is all typically done with a professional feel.

FKK sex saunas

The German FKK style sex sauna model made its way into other parts of Europe years ago. While it is more common in countries like Austria and Switzerland there is one proper sex sauna in Prague. That is Sexy Sauna Erotic Club which was reviewed on this website.

Located in an area laden with adult entertainment the Sexy Sauna Erotic Club operates more or less like any German sex sauna though it is slightly more subdued and significantly more expensive. With an entrance fee of 2000 Koruna ($98 USD) and a typical asking fee for sex of 1900 Koruna ($92 USD) the Sexy Sauna Erotic Club surpasses even Goldentime in Vienna in cost.

As with any FKK the sauna is filled with nude women hailing mostly from Europe who lounge around waiting for customers. The place is large and has a hot tub, bar, lots of televisions and things like an open bar and free food.

Red light districts

There are only two red light districts in Prague and they do not operate on the traditional model. In famed red light districts like De Wallen in Amsterdam or Miari Texas in Seoul are basically districts where sex is sold out of shops. In Prague the red light districts are actually privately owned buildings that function more like markets.

In both the previously reviewed Showpark DaVincci and its sister shop Showpark Market working women pay the building owner to rent rooms. Similarly customers pay to the enter the buildings.

A variety of women work the Showpark facilities including quite a few gals of African origins. Other Europeans including Italians and Romanians are probably more common but there is a real mix of nationalities. Most of the ladies seem to be in their late twenties or thirties and there are few overweight women to be found.

Inside the Showparks women and men are free to mingle and if they strike up a deal they can go to the private rooms for a session. The prices at the Showparks are up for negotiation but a regular rate for a thirty minute romp with covered oral and full service is 1,500 Koruna ($73 USD). The service is typically very mechanical.

Apartment brothels

Apartment brothels could in some way be described as the bread and butter of the commercial sex industry in Prague. Although they are not nearly as visible as the strip clubs and sex saunas there are definitely more apartment based brothels than any other kind of sex venue in Prague.

Some apartment brothels like the previously reviewed Mazlive Studentky are more well known than others. But even the most prominent of the apartment brothels are somewhat discreet. They have websites and promotional material but they don’t reveal their exact locations publicly.

Instead these places wait until they are contacted by customers to give directions to their places of business. Apparently this has as much to do with the neighbors as it does with staying within the letter of the law.

Sex at an apartment brothel in Prague can be surprisingly inexpensive. For example a common cost for a short thirty minute session with oral sex and full service is 800 Koruna ($38 USD). That’s not much different than the prices charged for short time session in the bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya.

Freelancer prostitutes

As with nearly any other place in the world there are women who work on their own in Prague. Some search out customers online while others still work the streets in a more traditional if perhaps dangerous fashion.

Rates and conditions with freelancers vary wildly. Some street workers still sell sexual services on the cheap while some high end escorts may want hundreds or even thousands of Euros for a single session. There is no uniformity nor could there be among such a desperate field of individuals.

Prague is still a place where organized sex work prospers perhaps even in spite of any laws that are on the books. The majority of sex workers in the city either work under employers or team up with other sex workers. Independents exist but they are in the minority.

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