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K5 Relax Club is an adult hangout that is a sort of hybrid mix of strip club and sauna. It is not exactly like the various “FKK” saunas that can be found around Europe and indeed even in the city of Prague. As well it is not exactly like the strip clubs that double as brothels that can also be found around Europe again including within Prague itself.

Club K5 Relax Prague

Apparently the sale of sexual services is permitted in the Czech Republic which would explain why it goes on so openly with places like K5 advertising online and even out in public. On the other hand there is a sort of confusion and even a repressive atmosphere that leads to places like the previously reviewed Mazlive Studentky operating in partial secrecy and as I will describe in a future post even “inspections” carried out by huge groups of fully armed law enforcement officers of above ground and fully licensed places that operate in full view of society.

Prague is not the most crowded or complicated city in the world by any means but its winding streets and various numbered districts can make navigation a little confusing for the uninitiated. Even under those conditions K5 is incredibly easy to find. It is located on Korunní in Prague 2 just steps away from the street car and the famous Church of Saint Ludmila.

There is a large sign that says “K5” attached to the exterior of the building that houses the club on the corner. Just up from that is a door that leads inside. Once customers enter they find a large lobby like room with a staircase and antique looking elevator. Before they can really enter the place a large security guard emerges seemingly from nowhere to greet them. Well perhaps greet is not the right term but I don’t think it could properly called a confrontation either. It is a sort of announcement that the club is under control without explicitly saying so.

The security guard seems to pat down some locals and select foreigners but guides most others to the elevator without much of an issue. He also presses the button inside the door in case the customers are incapable of finding the round circle.

Once the elevator doors open customers are met by one of the floor managers. Many hail from other areas with one of the most upfront being from Italy. The managers can typically speak several languages including which makes sense considering their work.

While return visitors can simply enter the club the managers explain the way things work to new visitors. This can seem unnecessary or even annoying in some places but at K5 it is probably justified by the way things are set up. The managers give tours of the facilities that allow customers to make an informed decision about the sort of service they want to pursue.

As the managers are keen to explain there are two ways to enjoy the club. The first is to pay a 500 Czech Koruna ($20.50 USD) entry fee which gives the customer access to a bar area that looks like a strip club where women lounge around and sometimes dance along with a relaxation room complete with beach chairs. The other is to pay 2400 Czech Koruna ($99 USD) to chose from the available ladies to have an immediate thirty-minute session in one of the private rooms.

Customers who pay to enter the club can also get full service sessions at various rates depending on the time period. Costs are not much different than what guys who walk in off the street for a quicky pay. Once in the room and showered the women who work at K5 are fairly straight forward and offer the usual European brothel style oral and standard full service. As is the case in most of the Czech Republic the oral sex is performed with a condom unless the customer pays an extra fee to remove it. Other extras such as facial finishes and anal when available also come at a premium. Tips are generally not asked for or expected outside of the fees associated with special services.

Customers can either select their service providers from an informal line up or walk around the club or by selecting one from a portfolio of photos. Those who opt to enter the club and hang around can actually invite the woman over for a drink before deciding to go into a private room. Obviously this costs money but the rates are not much more than the regular drinks at the bar.

The women who offer full service at K5 tend to be of average looks at best. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can only write from my own experience and view though after traveling the world endlessly for years I do think that I have some sort of a basis for making an objective observation. The average age is in the mid to late twenties with a few being a little older and few if any being nineteen or twenty. Most are European with Czech women being in the majority but other countries as far away as Brazil are also represented.

Most times there are a little more than a dozen women working the club. According to the management there can be up to forty women working during the highest periods but I have no idea whether this is the truth or hopeful marketing that aims to get customers back in the club at a later date.

The rooms at K5 are clean and in some cases rather unique. They can even be down right impressive considering the aged classic style building they are housed in with some being fully mirrored or decorated with sky lights and heart-shaped beds. Ultimately though this is probably not a reason for most people to visit the place.

As is the case with most saunas customers receive a numbered wrist band when they enter the club. This occurs whether they enter the place officially or simply opt for a quick session. When customers exit they return this wrist band to the front desk and pay their tabs. European women who like the bar tenders in the mainstream bar around the corner are often more attractive than the K5 club’s full service providers run the modern cash register which accepts cash and most major bank and credit cards.

Club K5 Relax is a good example of an above ground and straight forward brothel in the Czech Republic. The place obviously has high aspirations as indicated by its various options and thought out theme rooms. The prices reflect the idea that the place is a high end entertainment zone in the middle of one of Europe’s most visited city. On the other hand the place has a bit of an underutilized and at times even empty feel which makes the rates seem higher than they should be especially considering that places like Showplace DaVinci and some large saunas are only a short walk away. I give it a below average score of one-and-a-half stars.

Note: Club K5 Relax has closed after two decades in business.

Address:Korunni 5, Prague 2, Czech Republic
Phone:+42 022-425-0505
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