Review: Goldentime in Vienna, Austria


Goldentime is the most well known of all of the FKK style sex saunas in Austria and possibly even Western Europe. Nestled in plain sight in the city of Vienna the club is too large and well advertised for most people to miss.

While Goldentime is easily accessible by both foot and public transportation I would imagine that most people reach it by vehicle. Plenty of locals and others from around Europe drive themselves as evidenced by the large parking lot which is normally filled with automobiles and taxis bring in many more. Most cab drivers know the place by name and even those who didn’t wouldn’t have a hard time locating the building decorated externally as it is by large pictures of partially nude European women in sexy poses.

Once customers enter the club they come to a sort of open lobby with a desk at its center. Above the desk large flat screen televisions show a video loop featuring thousands of mostly blond European women who look like supermodels. Behind the desk sits one of several attendants.

The people who work behind the scenes at Goldentime are multilingual. All can speak the local version of German and will typically start with this though most can and will quickly switch into English or any other language they are capable of speaking if they realize they are dealing with a foreigner.

The front desk workers are all fluent in English which is probably a requirement of their work and not out of the norm in Austria in any case. A lot of guys from Austria and Germany do visit the club but a fare share of others from places as far away as Canada and Japan also stop through on a normal basis. Regular customers simply pay the 90 Euro ($99 USD) entrance fee at the desk and walk in. First timers get a rundown of the way the place works. Those who have been to FKK clubs around Europe will already know the deal.

Guys get a wrist band with a locker key when they enter. They put their street clothes inside and shower in the large locker room before putting on the provided robe and slippers and heading out into the even larger lounge area. There they can find a buffet with free food and a bar that serves an unlimited supply of free non-alcoholic drinks. The entrance fee also gives access to the rest the facilities which include things like comfortable chairs to lay around in. The main draw of course is the women.

gals at goldentime sauna

Dozens of women can be found working at Goldentime on any given day. Most are Romanians and Moldovans in their twenties who are normally attractive. A few come from other countries. A real European variety can be found at Goldentime with women from places like Hungary and Bulgaria often making appearances. Women from other parts of the world are rarer. Women come to the club to sell sexual services. They pay the club a fee to enter then negotiate with customers for sex. In practice there is an understanding that a session of uncovered oral and full sex goes for 60 Euro ($66 USD) with extras like an ejaculation on the face finish going for thirty more. The club simply provides a meeting place for these women to meet interested men and rooms for them to get busy in. The club doesn’t take a cut of what the women make from the sale of sex. This is all permitted under local law which is much more rational than the rules in some other places that make it legal to give away sex for free but illegal to sell it.

As previously described the lounge area at Goldentime is large. In fact it is probably one of the largest lounges that can be found in any FKK club. This gives a lot of room and reduces chance for the kind of crowding that can be found at popular places like Artemis in Berlin but it can also make the place look a little dead in the early hours. For those solely seeking to meet women this can be a good thing. Those looking for the kind of party atmosphere that can sometimes be found at clubs like Oase in Frankfurt on the other hand may be disappointed. I would expect that most guys visit these kinds of places for the women though and I don’t imagine that most would be disappointed in that regard.

Most FKK clubs have at least one cinema area where porn movies are played in front of some assortment of bench seats or beds. These kinos as they are locally known are the main places where public action takes place. Some women have no problem playing the kinos but others aren’t enthusiastic or refuse the activity outright. At places like Oase most of the women are up for public fun. At places like Mainhattan in Frankfurt only a few are. There is a cinema room at Goldentime but few of the women are into using it.

All are into the private rooms however which are large and clean. They contain big beds with clean linens that leave customers with little to complain about. There are also enough around that guys are never left waiting for a place to go which unfortunately can happen at other similar places during the busiest times.

Goldentime is good in that regard. As mentioned above the locker room is even large and well thought out. Instead of the strangely shaped doors with wider tops than bottoms that can hit unsuspecting guys in the head the lockers at Goldentime have normal straight doors. The showers are also large and always kept clean by the staff. The same goes for pretty much everything else in the club too. There is a high standard.

It may seem odd to spend much time talking about facilities and surroundings but after all that is what customers are really paying for when they plop down the price of admission at any FKK club. Besides there is a huge variance with any large group of women that makes it near impossible to talk conclusively about the staff. The women at any FKK aren’t necessarily any different than the women at any other FKK. Many even move back and forth between clubs. Since the women are all independent there is not much clubs can even do to influence them besides baring the most egregious rule breakers. That’s rare though with most FKK clubs being very safe and laid back places where everyone seems able to hold it together.

All in all Goldentime is a good example of what a FKK club in Western Europe is like. It is a little more expensive than most of the other clubs in the region but as they say Vienna is an expensive city. With little to set it apart from other FKK saunas besides from its large and well kept interior I give the place a slightly above average score of three stars.

Address:Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, 1110 Vienna, Austria (Map)
Phone:+43 019-699-090
Hours:11:00 AM - 4:00 AM
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