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I first started covering Prague on this website more than a year ago. There are countless adult entertainment facilities throughout the Czech Republic. It’s unlikely I would be able to write about them all even if I continued on my current schedule for another ten years. Still I persist with the goal of expanding coverage and entertaining readers.

The AAA Exclusive Club or “AAA” as it is more commonly known is a sort of strip club brothel not far from the heart of Prague. It resembles Maxim in Vienna. These sorts of clubs are common in parts of Europe probably in part because they don’t require as much expense as a sex sauna but still allow for a lot of income. The model is one of a strip club even though the women don’t necessarily get nude. They are more likely to hang around the lounge with one or two occasionally getting on stage to dance in a bikini or something similar.

AAA Exclusive Club in Prague

While AAA promises to pick customers up anywhere in Prague if they call ahead it seems that this is not always possible. At times calls are met with dismissal or confusion. Prague isn’t necessarily the most cheerful place in the world in any event. That extends to the reception at AAA even when they are actually attempting to be helpful. Customers are free to travel to the place themselves and it seems that is how most arrive. The business is situated inside of a large old house. The address is correct but some online maps show the wrong location. The neighborhood is quite and the signs for AAA are a little understated so it can be an easy place to miss.

When customers arrive they see a gate. After going through the gate they have a door opened by a large doorman. After passing him they come to the front desk where they pay a 200 Koruna ($8 USD) entry fee. If the customers are new the system will be explained to them. If not they can simply pass inside to the lounge. The entrance fee includes one free drink served by a bartender who many times is the most attractive woman in the place. Further drinks are sold at regular prices which aren’t too bad considering the location.

The main lounge is rather large. There is a bar on one side and a stage with poles nearby. The rest of the room is filled with couches and seats. There are also tables and small candles which help illuminate the otherwise dark room. The seats are comfortable though some of the viewing angles are a little strange. Probably this is due to the place being originally built for other purposes. The women on the stage do subdued dances in lingerie or similar outfits. On theme nights they wear appropriate gear.

A handful of women roam the floor while one or two others dance on stage. They tend to be European and in their late twenties or older. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think most men would describe the majority of women who work at AAA as average by local standards. A few are a little large or worn. Some of the women will approach customers but others will not. The waitress and bartender are able to call the women over to customers by request. Most of the women are happy to chat with customers a bit hoping it will lead to more.

The women working at AAA provide full service on premises in rooms located in other parts of the building. The rooms themselves are rather nice. They are fitted with nice clean beds and the rooms are well maintained. Thirty minutes of service costs 2000 Koruna ($80 USD) most times. There is a small discount for service before 10:00 pm and a slight surcharge after 5:00 am. There are also longer sessions available for more money. Fetish services are also available by request.

AAA also serves as an escort center. Women working there can go outside to meet customers for rates that start at 3000 Koruna ($117 USD). It is possible that the best looking women are popular for this sort of outcall service which would explain why they are rarely seen inside the club. Since AAA is a straight forward place that isn’t out to scam people this is a likely scenario. Another possibility is that the local talent pool is thin or that the best looking women in the city prefer to work in more local and low key brothels which does seem to be true.

The AAA Exclusive Club is pretty well run and clean. The women perform their jobs and the rates are reasonable for the area. The place is a good example of a European strip club with extras but it is really nothing special. I give it an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Address:Srobarova Street No 6, Prague 10, Czech Republic (Map)
Phone:(+420) 077-507-7775
Hours:7:00 PM - 5:00 AM
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