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Sukhumvit Thai Massage (スクンビット タイ古式マッサージ池袋) is one of the many Thai massage parlors scattered around Tokyo. The shops are usually on the upper floors of various buildings. They often advertise with nothing more than some signage visible from street level.

I have written about Thailand extensively over the last seven years. Recently I expanded coverage to the large Isaan region that many adult entertainers hail from. I have also written about Thai shops and service providers in other parts of the world. Years ago I covered a Thai massage parlor in Berlin that provides happy endings as a standard service. Prior to that I wrote about two adult oriented Thai massage parlors in Tokyo called Asian Relax and Asian Feeling. I’ve also covered Thai deliver health agencies like Erotick 311.

Some Thai massage parlors around the world commonly offer extra services. But others do not. For example there are Thai massage shops in countries Hungary and South Korea that strictly stick to “legitimate” rub downs. In Japan many Thai massage parlors in Japan employ women who will offer extras to male customers in exchange for tips. So the mileage may vary from one place to the next.

Sukhumvit Thai Massage in Tokyo

Sukhumvit Thai Massage is located in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo. It is not far from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station. The actual shop is located on the third floor of a walk up building that is otherwise fairly nondescript. While there is a hotbed of adult activity nearby the Sukhumvit Thai Massage parlor is in a basic commercial area that all sorts of people use.

The Sukhumvit Thai Massage parlor entrance is clearly marked. There are signs over the door in English. In addition there is a stand up sign on the sidewalk that lights up at night. That sign too is in English for the most part. There is just a single line of Japanese on the signboard. And there is no Thai script at all.

Ikebukuro massage parlors

Up the stairs and beyond a small bar to the left there is a door with a bell. It opens to the small lobby at Sukhumvit Thai Massage. There is a window straight ahead for the office. To the left there is a small waiting room where customers can sit down and take off their shoes.

On the wall there is a small and brief menu in a few languages. There are also pictures of the women on staff. The female manager of the shop is middle aged. She speaks fluent Japanese and Thai. Her English is much more limited. Customers seem to be accepted no matter where they are from.

Prices and staff

A Thai massage at Sukhumvit Thai Massage costs 6000 Yen ($55 USD). There are a few other options for longer sessions and such. But this is the basic all inclusive rate that most people pay when they visit the shop. Payment is made up front in the waiting room.

There are several Thai women who work at Sukhumvit Thai Massage. They all seem to be in their thirties and of average looks. There are no overweight or unattractive women. Though a few gals are a little better looking than others. One even seems to be sporting some big bolt on breasts.

Sukhumvit Thai Massage in Ikebukuro

All of the ladies at Sukhumvit are friendly and chatty. Besides Thai they can all speak Japanese very well too. Most seem to have spent significant time in the country. A few can also speak decent English though none seem to have formally studied the language.

Inside the Sukhumvit Thai Massage looks a lot like the previously reviewed Moon Love Chinese massage parlor which is not far away. There are small individual massage rooms that are more like booths. They are surrounded by thin walls that do not go all the way up to the ceiling. Each has a mattress on the floor along with hangers and basic Thai decorations.

Service and summary

There is a basic but very clean light colored shower room at Sukhumvit Thai Massage. Customers are invited to use it both before and after a massage. But the service providers do not enter the massage at all. So it is different from places like the aforementioned Moon Love and Asian Relax where the gals help wash their customers.

Sessions start with a warm cup of tea. After that it is a fairly standard yet thorough Thai massage. A towel is used to cover the private bits but not much attention is paid to how much it actually conceals. In the throws of stretching and pushing it can easily fall by the wayside.

And that seems well and fine since the ladies who work at Sukhumvit Thai Massage offer happy endings by end to customers who are interested. I don’t know that there is actually any set menu price. But the going rate is 3000 Yen ($28 USD). The soft touch is expertly done with oil and there is absolutely no rush. But nothing more seems to be available even if a service provider may flash a sweater stretcher or two or permit some basic roaming of the hands.

Sukhumvit Thai Massage is a basic Thai massage parlor staffed by friendly ladies. The rates are about par for the course considering that Tokyo is widely billed as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Many Japanese guys seem to identify local Thai massage parlors with the kind of service that is offered at Sukhumvit Thai Massage. So it is an average place with no surprises. Two-and-a-half stars.

Address:2 Chome−3−5 3F, Ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo, Japan, (Map)
Phone:+81 03-5391-4199
Hours:12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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