Review: Red Garden in Bogota, Colombia


Red Garden is one of the many bars in Bogota that basically doubles as a brothel. These sorts of establishments are relatively common in the capital city of Colombia where they are frequented by a customer base made up of foreigners and locals alike.

Like the nearby Lalo’s Club the exterior of the building that houses Red Garden has no special markings indicating what goes on inside. Instead the management posts a man outside who beckons in customers as they pass by. Customers who know the place simply walk right up to it as they are able to find Red Garden by street address.

Bogota Colombia

Once customers enter the front door they travel up a flight of stairs into the main lobby that looks like a sort of lounge. There are several private rooms connected to the main lobby and that is where customers typically sit down.

The lounge rooms are large and fairly well appointed with leather couches shaped like the letter L and big flat screen televisions. Some also have private restrooms inside so that customers don’t have to leave the room to use the toilet.

Once customers sit down in one of the lounge rooms they are greeted by a Colombian man in a tailored suit who asks what they would like to drink. Normally he also asks customers if they would like to see the women on staff.

There are around ten women working at Red Garden though as few as four or five might be on hand at any particular time. Others get busy with customers or simply don’t show up for work at times. That is the name of the game when it comes to the local commercial sex industry.

The available women on staff are brought into the rooms with customers. They line up and greet the customer one by one. The women are mainly in their twenties and for the most part attractive. As is typical in Colombia a full range of looks is represented by the women on staff. Most nights there are petite women, tall women and full figured women. There are also women who have pale skin, others who have black skin and more who fall somewhere in between.

Once customers select a woman or two to sit with them they will be asked to order a drink. They also get the opportunity to order drinks for any women with them. Drinks are reasonably priced and the women are only interested in the liquids when they are actually thirsty. They don’t see it as a money making opportunity.

Food is available but it basically means having someone on staff run out to get takeout from a nearby restaurant then add a surcharge. So a hamburger and fries from a local fast food place can end up costing the equivalent of $10 USD at Red Garden.

The Spanish speaking women who work at Red Garden make their money by offering sexual services to customers. They provide those services inside and outside of the bar. There are no set prices and everything is negotiable but guys in the know typically pay 150,000 Pesos ($50 USD) for a short romp or 300,000 Pesos ($100 USD) for an all night session outside of the bar. Tourists who don’t know the going rates can be asked for double or even more.

Customers who opt for services inside the bar are taken to another lounge room where porn is available on the television. The door is left slightly ajar probably as a sort of safety measure but it is normal for Red Garden.

As is usually the case in Colombia all services including oral are provided with a condom. The women are generally very sensual and skilled and most even seem to enjoy their work. Ultimately though it is work and things can often approach the mechanical or even theatrical.

Red Garden accepts cash and credit card payments though use of a card requires giving a copy of an identification card and a fingerprint to prevent fraud. Charges apparently show up on bank statements as coming from a local karaoke place. One-and-a-half stars.

Address:Calle 86A #13 A-44, Bogota, Colombia (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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