Review: Lalo’s Club in Bogota, Colombia


Lalo’s Club, which is not to be confused with the nearby Lalo’s International Night Club, is one of many bars in Bogota that serves as a place for guys to meet up with prostitutes from around the country.

Unlike Lalo’s International which has a large neon sign out front the more discreet Lalo’s Club doesn’t have any sign marking its location at all. Instead they keep one or two well dressed guys outside at all times trying to guide customers inside.

Medellin, Colombia

In some places that sort of thing can be a recipe for disaster but in this case it is simply how things work. While prostitution is technically legal in Colombia there are various regulations and stipulations. The lack of a sign at Lalo’s Club may have something to do with that. In any event the place is still quite easy to find as it is located directly across the street from the guest friendly B3 Hotel.

Once a customer indicates that they would like to enter the club the doormen ring a bell so that the front door can be opened. From there customers are lead to another door. Another bell is rung then another locked door opens. After that customers are guided through a total empty bar through a door and into another much more lively bar.

This main bar is essentially what Lalo’s Club is all about. The place is very large and its filled with red L-shaped couches that are spread all over. It almost looks like a pink salon inside though of course with much brighter lighting.

Ten to twelve women can be found in the bar at Lalo’s Club most nights. At some times there may be more women. At other times there may be less. They come from all over the country. Most are in their late twenties or early thirties and relatively attractive. The best looking women are often busy with customers while the less attractive women are more often free which of course makes sense.

Customers are free to sit anywhere they’d like. They can then order a drink from an extensive menu. After that they can call for a woman to sit with them or ask one of the male waiters to ask a woman over. Women will rarely sit with customers on their own accord unless they are invited.

The women at Lalo’s wear a variety of clothes. Most simply put on their regular street clothes. A few go all out and get into more sexy gear. Few if any can speak much English. They all of course speak Spanish since it is their native language.

Lalo’s Club is rumored to be a place where very beautiful women gather and ask customers for huge sums of money. I don’t know how these rumors originated but the majority of the women who work at Lalo’s are actually fairly average in looks by local standard and quite a few will actually spend a full night with a customer for 150,000 Pesos ($51 USD).

The people at Lalo’s Club have a very laid back attitude. It is a low pressure place. There is no hard sell and the wait staff and managers more or less leave customers alone until they ask for assistance. Many women who work at Lalo’s Club are even happy to meet with customers after the club closes at 3:0 AM so that customers don’t have to pay an exit fee to the bar. Two stars.

Address:Carrera 15 #88-33, Bogota, Colombia (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 3:00 AM
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