Review: Barra Ejecutiva in Medellin, Colombia


Barra Ejecutiva is a strip club Medellin that sort of doubles as a brothel. That’s because the dancers on stage are also happy to leave the bar with most customers. As long as said customers have sufficient money and are willing to part with it of course. It’s like Lefty Frizzell used to sing: “If you’ve got the money, honey, I’ve got the time.”

Prostitution in Colombia is legal. I am not a legal expert. Nor have I studied the laws of Colombia. But I do know that this is the case. Some argue that regulations restrict sex work to a few “tolerance zones.” If that is indeed the case it is difficult to tell. Working women can be found all over the city. Strip clubs like the previously reviewed Fase II even have short time rooms next door where dancers routinely take their customers for sex.

Barra Ejecutiva isn’t as large and expensive as Fase II. But it isn’t as small and let’s say “economical” as Conejita’s either. The place is decidedly mid-range. In fact, it looks a lot like many strip clubs in the Middle America. The main difference is that that sex is sold openly in Barra Ejecutiva.

Location and layout

Barra Ejecutiva is located on Calle 53. There are a lot of parks in the area. In the daylight hours they offer a nice respite. As night falls and the bar opens they are not nearly as inviting. The area contains a mix of residences and businesses. But there are some adult entertainment facilities around too. They include a place called New Life which is a sort of upscale version of the local casas.

The bar technically opens at 6 PM. But it doesn’t really get going until a little later. Sometimes it never seems to get off the ground at all. The business model doesn’t require a loud party like atmosphere however. If guys are coming in, buying drinks, and leaving with women, then they are most likely making money. Why else would they be around?

barra ejectiva medellin colombia

The guys in front sometimes check patrons on the way in. Presumably the door staff are looking for weapons. Yet they let some people right in without as much as a second glance. That includes obvious foreigners as well as some locals.

There is a large elevated stage in the middle of the bar. The rest of the room is sparsely filled with tables and chairs. Waiters come around and take orders. And they are quick to come around again to take more. A beer costs 4000 Pesos ($1.22 USD). For whatever reason a bottle of water costs more.

Chicas at Barra Ejecutiva

The big stage doesn’t get much use. There are usually less than a dozen dancers in the bar. And none of them seem all that keen to get up and dance. That is understandable. There is no real tipping culture at the strip clubs in Colombia. It definitely happens. And ladies can even walk around to solicit tips. But local guys don’t seem to “make it rain” in the way their counterparts in the United Stats are apt to do. Instead they give money to dancers in exchange for sex.

The women at Barra Ejecutiva are for the most part attractive. There may not be any supermodels walking around. But there aren’t any overweight trolls scowling around either. Dancers range in age from twenty to over thirty. A few have clearly given birth. Others have very fit bodies. No one speaks much English. The older women are most able to muster a few phrases. They’re also the most likely to approach foreigners.

The ladies are in the bar to make money. They will take drinks offered to them. But they clearly prefer to make a lump sum by leaving the bar entirely. The dancers could accurately be described as “action oriented” even if they aren’t always up on stage dancing.


Barra Ejecutiva has a barfine in place, even though they don’t call it that. There is a release fee of 50,000 Pesos ($15 USD) to leave with any of the women on staff. The gals themselves usually want another 50,000 for 30 minutes of their time. They ask more money for more time. But prices are negotiable.

The women provide services dutifully outside of the bar and deliver what they promise. That typically means they give a blowjob followed by sex in multiple positions. Some men complain that the ladies are too mechanical in bed. Others say they provide an energetic session for a low price. Like anything else, it depends on the situation.

Barra Ejecutiva isn’t anything extraordinary. It is a middle of the road strip club in Medellin with a few eager dancers on staff. But everything is delivered as promised. And the prices are reasonable on both a local and international scale. I give it three stars.

Address:Cl. 53 #49-70, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia.
Hours:6:00 PM - 3:00 AM
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