Review: Loutron in Bogota, Colombia


While Medellin is a favorite location for many travelers and expats alike, the city of Bogota is clearly the center of Colombia. Bogota is much larger than Medellin and is home to a majority of business and finance in the country.

As is normal in any financial center, the city of Bogota attracts a lot of people looking to make money. For many an obvious route to making money is the commercial sex industry which is quite large in Colombia’s capital city.

Like Medellin the city of Bogota is home to a wide variety of adult entertainment venues. They range from decrepit brothels to high end coffee shops where bartenders in bikinis serve drinks and flirt. Even the casas themselves have a lot of variety. Some are not much more than converted houses while others like Loutron aim for a more luxurious look.

Loutron in Bogota

Loutron is located on Carrera 11A in a building surrounded by white walls. There are no signs marking the shop. The only indications it even exists are a small plaque bearing the street address and an armed security guard standing in front of the entrance.

After customers pass the grimacing security guard a bell is rung to notify the management. When the customers enter the lobby they are greeted by a female manager who speaks Spanish and a bit of English. The manager guides the customers inside to a couch in a lounge area that contains a bar and some cushioned seats. Drinks are available though they can are on the expensive side. A bottle of water alone costs 10,000 pesos ($3.36 USD).

Louotron in Bogota Colombia

The manager then organizes a lineup for the customers. One by one the available women file in. They introduce themselves then take off a shawl to reveal their bodies in a bikini or lingerie. They do a little spin and sometimes shake customers hands. On a normal day there may be anywhere from three to six women available though the staff is usually on the smaller side. A wide range of women work at Loutron though they don’t necessarily represent the vast diversity of the Colombian population. There are no overweight women on staff. Most are tall and relatively fit with very large breasts and butts. The vast majority have had plastic surgery performed on their bodies. It is rare to see any natural women there. Most of the ladies have light skin and dark hair though there are some black women and blondes who work at Loutron too. Although the staff is small there seems to be a different mix almost every day.

Loutron has several locations across Colombia. This particular shop has a reputation for hiring the most beautiful women. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is always subjective. Two people may have two totally different ideas about who is beautiful and who is not. That said it is pretty clear that most of the women working at Loutron would be considered at the very least pretty or sexy by the most common standards of beauty around today.

Prices and services

After customers view the available women the manager returns to see if they’ve made a choice. At that point customers either depart or mention the name of the ladies they like.

There are different types of sessions available at Loutron but the most common is undoubtedly the one hour session that costs 300,000 pesos ($101 USD). Customers pay up front to the manager. After paying they are greeted by the woman of their choice and led back to one of the private rooms.

To put things into perspective Loutron sort of resembles an oily massage parlor in Thailand, though it is in fact much larger and cleaner than most of those venues. In terms of size and atmosphere it is actually quite similar to Thonglor 2 in Bangkok.

Services at Loutron are pretty standard for the region. As with nearly every other shop in Colombia the women working require the use of condoms for everything. Most sessions start with a bit of chit chat and quickly descend into physicality. Typically this means a bit of touching followed by a blowjob and finally sex in several positions.


The women who work at Loutron are clearly pros. They may even be described by some as being hardened. Still they do put effort into their jobs. Some are either genuinely sweet or Oscar worthy actresses. Others really seem to enjoy having sex and would probably find some outlet for their desires even if such work didn’t exist. There are some on staff who simply go through the motions though. Perhaps that is to be expected.

Loutron isn’t the most well organized place in the world. At time lineups can be clumsy or take more time than they should. Other aspects can also seem disheveled. Still it has a staff that most men would be attracted to and operates in a relatively safe area of Bogota. It is a popular place among foreigners and some locals too. Three stars.

Address:Carrera 11a #98-49, Barrio Chico Reservado, Bogota, Colombia (Map)
Phone:+57 06-164-562
Hours:12:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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