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Review: Pretty Getter in Tokyo, Japan

Pretty Getter is an oppai pub in Tokyo. Japan is well known as a source of all sorts of kinky sex play. The land of the rising sun gave the world bukkake and hentai anime along with stories of erotic geisha and more helping to build its reputation.

Rockit Reports has been covering the commercial sex scene in Japan for years even assembling a dedicated website to cover the place in depth. Write ups on pinsaro blowjob bars and nude photo clubs have appeared here along with reviews on foreigner friendly massage outlets, soaplands and more though much still must be written if the industry is to be covered in real depth.

Aika titty bar girl in Tokyo
Aiki from Pretty Getter

I still remember when I first heard about the massive fuzoku scene in Japan. It was many years ago. Someone was telling me about no pan kissa or “no panty cafes”. Supposedly guys would go to these cafes and look down at mirrored floors as panty-less waitresses wearing skirts walked back and forth between tables and the kitchen.

As the internet first became a part of everyday life for people similar stories of these cafes swept around the world. But by the time this website was being assembled they were all buut gone. Even the traces of the bottomless bistros had been swept away with only a few passing bits in English even appearing online. Most of the stories have disappeared just like the panties on the bottomless women who served up the coffee in these fabled haunts.

Pretty Getter oppai pub

Another notoriously naughty type of shop in Japan is the oppai pub or breast bar. Stories of these bars were also plentiful among men traveling internationally and early netizens alike in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Unlike the no pan kissa these titty taverns are still around. A post on them is long overdue. With so much other coverage from around the world waiting to see the light of day information on these breast bars has not yet appeared here. That changes today.

Pretty Getter is one of the better known oppai pubs operating in Tokyo. The shop is nestled in a web of small streets in the Ikkebukuro section of the city near exit C6 of Ikebukuro Station. While it is well marked with large and colorful signs it can be easy to miss especially since it is located on an upper floor of a building.

Customers enter Pretty Getter by heading up four flights of steps following the signs to Pretty Getter along the way. Once they reach the entrance they are met by a male attendant who explains the rules and guides them to the front desk where they can pay the admission fee.

A lot of adult shops in Japan prohibit foreigners. One reason given for this is that foreigners cannot understand the often complicated rules of these shops since they cannot speak the local language. In some cases shops actively discriminate against non-Japanese people for reasons unrelated to language. Pretty Getter is not like that. The shop accepts foreigners who can speak at least enough Japanese to understand the rules and have enough sense to follow them.

Prices and services

As with most adult shops Pretty Getter offers a variety of sets. These basically amount to different amounts of time inside. The most common set is a 40 minute session with a three girl rotation that costs 5990 Yen ($60 USD). Longer sessions are available at higher cost and customers can also “nominate” or chose a particular gal they fancy for an additional 2000 Yen ($20 USD).

Once customers select a set and pay their entrance fee they are guided to a small wash room where they are instructed to brush their teeth with the provided tooth brush and paste. This is like the beginning of a session at a Korean kiss bang except that the bathroom is more public and at times occupied by more than one person simultaneously.

Once customers clean their mouths out they are guided to a seat. The interior of Pretty Getter isn’t all that big. There are several rows of long bench like seats that are separated by small walls. Customers can’t really see what’s going on behind or in front of them though during busy hours other customers will be placed next to them on the same bench. In any event most everyone faces forward or looks at the lady they are with. As is the case in the country’s many suck shops it is very bad form for customers to look at or even acknowledge one another so this is never done.

After customers are seated they will meet one woman after another in rotation. When a woman show up she introduces herself and gets into some small talk before taking off her robe and exposing her breasts. Sometimes the women will straddle the customers but this is not always the case. Kissing can also occur but it is up to the discretion of the women. The customers usually mix a bit of chatting with touching and sometimes lightly kissing or licking breasts.

Women at Pretty Getter

The women tend to be attractive. As the shop’s website shows a few of the ladies on staff are even gorgeous. Most are in their twenties. A few may be in their thirties. Few can speak English. They all know how to do their hair and makeup and keep themselves smelling good. They all typically have nice breasts as well. Most of the women don’t have kids or if they do miraculously don’t show it in the form of wear and tear on the tits.

The rules state that guys cannot touch women below the waist. Typically its okay to lay a hand on a leg but touching anywhere near the vagina is definitely not allowed and will get customers unceremoniously removed from the premises. Any kind of hard kissing or biting that would cause pain or leave a mark is obviously also prohibited.


There are no real rules as to where the customers can be touched. It is up to them to decide. Some of the service providers at Pretty Getter will go as far as rubbing a customer’s penis through his clothes. It rarely goes further than that however and even that is not a given.

Once a woman’s time is up an announcement will be made. She will put her robe back on and politely excuse herself to make way for the next woman. At the end of a sessions guys are given the option to extend for more money. If they do not want to do that they will quickly be escorted back out of the front door.

Pretty Getter is one of the better known oppai pubs in Tokyo for good reason. The place operates openly and has been in business for some time. It has built a good reputation with punters as a place on the up and up. I give it an above average score of three-and-a-half stars.

Pretty Getter. 2-chome−4−6 Tokunaga Dai Building Number 3, 4th floor, Toshima City, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day 6:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Website:

12 thoughts on “Review: Pretty Getter in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. On the one hand, I am intrigued by the opportunity to fondle and hopefully suck on three sets of gorgeous Japanese breasts. On the other: blue balls? Thanks man. The land of the rising sun never fails to help the “son” rise lol

    1. Many people express similar dismay but I think it just like any strip club in America though with better rates and guaranteed contact. Probably a lot of these women would avoid the sex industry if not for these sorts of options so some more conservative and beautiful than average ladies appear with regularity. There are also many other places around that finish customers off if they have a need for that. Cheers.

  2. Been to their sister club, Pretty Resort, in Dogenzaka a few times. lot of fun but basic Japanese required. costs also include free booze though you somehow end up not drinking much. There’s also Pretty Vacation around the corner. As always YMMV but met some fun, foxy Japanese women here and one or two stunners. Great way to start an evening before going elsewhere. There’s a fuzoku introductory place right opposite Pretty Resort that will organize ‘health’ (hotel bj) services from a variety of providers, but you do need good Japanese to be accepted there. Otherwise you can walk 5 mins to Shibuya Seafari for a $90 naked Japanese milf BJ / titfuck

    the set up in Pretty Resort is little 2 seater sofas separated by curtains, same 3 girls in 45 mins deal with options to extend. there’s a teenage thrill about it, like going to a party at 16 hoping to cop some girl’s tits, but knowing it’s a sure thing. and seeing the stripper shoes appear under the curtain as each girl approaches – there’s a wide variety of looks and empathy / action – is part of the fun. but don’t expect any real sex here. good early evening warm up or post dinner warm down if you’re not up for anything serious.

    1. Thanks for the report. Each pub is different. Oedo has mattresses on the ground and customers lay down with their service providers. Cheers.

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