Review: Pam at Doki Doki Massage in Bangkok


Pam is one of the most popular women on staff at Doki Doki massage in Bangkok. I reviewed Doki Doki almost a year ago. Since then numerous people have left comments on that review praising Pam. I now see why she is so highly esteemed.

Pam is one of the best nuru massage practitioners in Bangkok. As there are many people doing similar work that means she really stands out of the crowd. Pam is quite possibly the top provider working out of Doki Doki Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 31. I gave their shop five stars. Pam’s presence there sets a general tone that help explains why Doki Doki scored so highly.

Nuru nuru is a common Japanese onomatopoeia. This gitaigo describes a slippery feeling. In its most basic form then, a nuru massage is a massage using slippery nuru gel. This specially designed Japanese gel is made from seaweed. And there is really nothing like it.

In fact, the practice of nuru massage is now recognized and sought after all over the world. Those who really know how to do nuru nuru massages can aptly slide all over a customers body with the aid of the aforementioned gel. It doesn’t necessarily have to be erotic, but in most cases it is. And when Pam does a nuru nuru massage, it is truly top notch.

Pam at Doki Doki

Pam is a Thai gal in her twenties. She has a slim body yet at the same time is curvy. That is in part thanks to some very prominent man-made enhancements. But it is easy to see that her underlying frame is also feminine and alluring.

Pam at Doki Doki Bangkok

Most guys are naturally attracted to good looking women. Of course guys have differences in opinion about the looks of ladies. But there are some general standards that most guys abide by. Pam is the kind of gal who can turn a lot of heads when she walks by. In the buff she could most likely stop even the infamous traffic of Sukhumvit Road.

Pam’s nuru massage

While there has long been a nurture and nature debate, I doubt anyone believe that people are naturally born with nuru massage skills. Like other things, doing a nuru nuru massage well requires a combination of motivation, training, experience, and intuition.

I am not positive about Pam’s trajectory through the world of the Bangkok massage parlors. But it is very clear to me that she was trained by someone with real expertise along the way. I am going to guess that it is was in a Japanese shop. The truly Japanese-style nuru shops in Bangkok have been providing the best in erotic massage around for years.

Pam Bangkok nuru massage

Whatever her history, Pam can today glide around a male body with ease and aplomb. She is truly an expert at the craft. I would say that she makes it seem like an art form. But the truth is that it’s hard to analyze that or anything else when sharing an wet mat with her.

Pam does a great job at mixing eroticism into the act of nuru itself. But she doesn’t go overboard. The same comes with activities beyond the mat. She is quite skilled at those too. Though keeping with the general Japanese service theme, she seems to be totally focused on the customer.


Miss Pam must be quite sought after. There are countless ladies working the massage circuit in Bangkok. Yet only a few really standout. Especially to old hands like me who have “been around” enough times to beat a well-worn path into the ground.

At some of the more modern shops like Doki Doki, customers can actually book session in advance. Of course walk-ins are also welcome. But there is always a chance that a guy will walk in with high hopes only to find a popular lady booked. It seems like Pam stays quite busy, and it is easy for me to see why.

There are many service providers in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And different people like different things. But when it comes to adult services there are standards. Services sold as such are perhaps easier to quantify. And when it comes to delivering a nuru nuru massage services, there are few whoa re as talented as their jobs as Pam.

Over the last seven years I have reported on hundreds of venues and service providers all over the world. During that time, I have only given out a dozen or so five star reviews. Based on my varied experience I believe Pam is as good as anyone when it comes to providing erotic massage services. Five stars.

Address:3/25 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. (Map)
Phone:+66 098-569-8794
Hours:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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