Review: Lan Massage in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


Lan Massage is a brand new Japanese style soapland massage parlor in the Phrom Phong section of Bangkok. While Bangkok is a large city known for its many massage parlors the truth is that most venues of the sort are difficult to distinguish from one another. Lan Massage is an exception. The place is a real standout that offers some of the best service to be found anywhere.

It almost seems to me as if Lan Masage appeared out of nowhere. It seemed to have popped up overnight a few weeks ago. Almost instantly it was on my radar. Obviously opening a shop takes planning and work. What I know is that the shop opened one day and instantly drew my attention.

Lan Massage soapy in Bangkok

Some people wonder how massage parlors in crowded markets like Bangkok can make money. Especially when they are in out of the way places. But places with good service or something else special about them can get very popular.

Lan Massage is unique in some aspects. It excels in terms of service. And it is also in a very easy to find and convenient location. I have no doubt that it will become quite popular in the very near future. This review should help explain why.

Location and layout of Lan Massage

Lan Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 22. It is at the end of the first side alley on the right when traveling south from Sukhumvit Boulevard. The place doesn’t really stand out. But it is easy to find if you are actually looking for it. There is a big purple and white sign out front with a large kanji and the word “Lan” spelled out in English.

The shop is entered through two darkly tinted glass doors. Inside it is very clean and smelling of a newly constructed shop. Although the lobby is small the place doesn’t feel crowded like some other Soi 22 massage parlors do. There is a desk at one side staffed by a lovely multilingual lady. On the other side there is a small comfortable couch.

nuru girl lan massage Bangkok

Several private rooms can be found upstairs. At first glance they appear a little small but they are actually just the right size for the job. Each has a full firm bed along with a tiled wet area that perfectly fits a nuru massage mat. The place is quiet inside too. The Lan Massage rooms most remind me of the rooms at the Paradise soapland in Yoshiwara. The fact that Paradise is actually in Japan really says something.

Overall Lan offers a nice respite from the heat and clamor of Bangkok. It feels like a private and out of the way place even though it just a short walk from the main Sukhumvit thoroughfare. The place is well organized for a shop of its kind and booking a session is a real breeze.

Staff and prices

The menu at Lan Massage is mercifully uncomplicated which again helps the place stand out. There are just two options spelled out in plain English. A 60 minute massage is 3300 Baht ($108 USD). A 90 minute massage costing 3900 Baht ($127 USD) is an even better value.

Although it is not spelled out specifically the service at Lan is basically that offered in the famous soaplands of Japan. That means customers get a thorough nuru nuru massage on a genuine purpose built inflatable mat using real Japanese gel. The women are well skilled and deliver from beginning to end. In Japan they say the customer is god. At Lan Massage it certainly feels like it.

masseuses at Lan Massage in Bangkok

For years most adult massage parlors in Bangkok offered a brief massage followed by full service if indeed they offered a massage at all. And service beyond that was often mediocre or lacking all together. The appearance of a select few new soapland shops in Bangkok really changes things. And when it comes to service Lan Massage is really at the top of its game.

Customers are shown a lineup in person when they enter. The available women come out and make a greeting wearing nice and moderately revealing clothing. There are several women on staff at all times. They range in looks from average to very attractive. All have proportional bodies and good attitudes. A couple are absolutely stacked. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder I don’t imagine there are many men in this world who find staff members like Parery or Naya unattractive.

Nuru massage and more

Several years ago few people outside of Japan had ever heard of a nuru massage. Now the practice is increasingly common and popular. Over the last few years more and more shops have started adding “nuru massage service” to their menus in Bangkok. Yet most of service providers in those shops are not really skilled or trained in the practice. So they can only go through the motions. At the real Japanese style shops the women truly know what they are doing. And at Lan they know as good as anyone.

Providers like the aforementioned Parery are absolute experts. At this point it is easy for me to become somewhat jaded. At times I can even find things like nuru massage to be boring or mediocre. That is certainly not the case here. The nuru massages delivered at Lan Massage are absolutely fantastic and cover the full body from top to bottom in ways some could only imagine.

massage ladies on nuru mat

The providers don’t appear to be shy either. Extended body to body sliding is standard procedure. So is Asian style service like the cat bath and extended rimming. On top of that all the standard services are also provided as expected. That means oral and full service are done as a regular aspect of a session. And they are also done well.

On top of all of this the providers at Lan Massage are not selfish or standoffish. They offer as many shots as possible in the time allotted. I don’t have the vigor that I used to but I have to say that the service providers at Lan Massage invigorated me to a state that made me feel like a young man again. At least until it was time for me to go back through the tinted doors and into the the streets of Bangkok to join everyone else in the heat. I am unable to find any flaws in Lan Massage. So I would remiss if I did not give it five stars.

Note: Heaven Above has closed.

Address:2/21 Soi Sukhumvit 22, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei Sub-district, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 (Map)
Phone:+66 084-096-8704
Hours:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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