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Review: Mitu Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


I first reviewed Mitu Massage in Bangkok back in the third quarter of 2015. A lot of time has passed through then and even the location of Mitu has changed. I recently wrote about the newer Dozo Massage that has taken the place of the old Mitu Massage but I have not yet reported on the new Mitu Massage location nearby.

Mitu Massage is located more or less across the street from the old location. It is on a short side alley that connects to Sukhumvit Soi 33 near the S33 Compact Hotel. The place is still quite easy to find even the entrance is a little discreet. The same Japanese character that marked the old location is displayed prominently over the door to the new place.

Mitu Thai massage Bangkok

Inside the new Mitu Massage is quite similar to the old location. The is a desk on the left staffed by a helpful multilingual Thai woman. Around there corner there is a large lobby like area lined with couches with a large flat screen television on the wall.

The menu is more or less the same as it was in the past too. There are a variety of options available but the general idea is that a forty minute massage in a standard room is 1800 Baht ($58 USD) while other options including a ninety minute session with two ladies in a soapy massage style room for 6500 Baht ($208 USD).

The rooms at the new Mitu may even be nicer than the rooms at the old location. They have sturdy high quality beds on one side and elevated large bathtub lined by tiles and decorative stones on the other. On top of that the rooms are easy to reach unlike the old Mitu and current Dozo location which requires customers to climb a mountain of stairs to get to their temporary quarters.

As previously there are quite a few women on staff at Mitu Massage. One thing that sets the shop apart is that the staff seems to be selected with a view towards service in mind. Many other places seem like they would take nearly anyone who walked in off the street but Mitu gives off the sense that they are a lot more selective.

That is not to say that every woman working at Mitu is the most attractive gal in the industry. All of the women are indeed slim and would be found attractive by most men but there are single moms in their thirties working at Mitu. Of course beauty is subjective anyway.

While Mitu does not do an in person lineup for customers they do list accurate statistics and photographs on their website. So customers can easily look up the age and height of any lady they are interested in spending time with and even find out whether or not they have had any children. That too sets Mitu apart from much of the competition.

Finally there is the level of service. As I have explained in the past Mitu might offer the closest thing to a Japanese soapland experience outside of Japan. That starts when customers enter and ends when they are bid a found farewell on the way out complete with complimentary drink in their hand.

Mitu is not an exact clone of the much more expensive soaplands of Japan but it does come close. It is even more like the soaplands of Yoshiwara than the more elaborate big soapy massage parlors in Bangkok that seem to have actually been inspired by their Japanese counterparts at some point in the past.

Without going too far into it again soapy massage sessions at Mitu generally follow a similar pattern. Customers select a lady. Then they meet her and are led to a room. After mutual undressing customers are showered by their attendant. Then the customer lies down on a large inflatable mattress as the provider slides up and down in the body to body nuru nuru or “soapy” portion of the session. Sensual activities sometimes start and even finish there but more usually there is another rinse off because everything moves to the bed for full service. After that there is another shower and occasionally even mutual bathing before the session concludes. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 33/4, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 095-851-0672
Hours:11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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