Review: Maggie May in Pattaya, Thailand


Maggie May is an Irish pub style bar that employs some women meant to keep customers company. The place has been around for several years but it seems to have made a sort of conversion into a more private men’s club rather recently. It is not alone in that regard.

More bars of the sort seem to be opening almost every day. At the same time some of the older bars of the same style are disappearing. This is is the sort of thing that led me to ask if there are too many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. Some people may say there could never be too many bars but any viable business requires a customer base.

Location and decor

Maggie May is located on Soi Chaiyapoon. On many maps this street is listed as Soi Chalerm Phrakiat 25. In any case the road is just off of the much better known Soi Bukhao. The bar is very accessible though it does sort of blend in with the surroundings. This happens often in Pattaya which is packed with businesses. There are so many shops and signs that individual places are easy to gloss over.

Maggie May Pattaya Thailand

The bar is about the size you would expect for a business of its type in Pattaya. It is about as large as any of the bars on Soi 6. It has a green themed interior that does look a lot like an Irish pub. There is a bar on the left side and some more private booths in the back. The booths each contain sofa style seating and large solid tables crafted out of big logs.

In fitting with the Pattaya gentlemen’s club theme there are curtains that can pulled around any of the booths for privacy. This is the same sort of thing that is seen with the booths in the back of other local gentlmen’s clubs like Pirates and Excite.

Food and drinks

Drinks are reasonably priced for the area. As one might expect from an Irish bar Guinness is available along with all the other standards. Everything is served up by a very obvious ladyboy who works behind the bar. Besides serving up drinks she does not seem to get involved with customers. There is no attempt to pass her off as a natural born woman or service provider.

Irish and other foods are available too. Everything is reasonably priced. The food menu is rather large and varied especially considering the size of the bar. It is clear that the owner wants to make sure customers can get the full experience. When people enjoy and embrace running a bar it shows.

Staff and services

Pictures of the bar posted online show a lot of customers and a full staff of women inside. The reality nowadays seems to be a bit more dim. Rather than a full dozen of women on staff one may wander in to find just one or two women working.

There seems to be an issue with the staffing of these sorts of venues in Pattaya. In a recent review of the nearby and somewhat similar Hunny Lounge I noted a limited staff. Veterans in some of the more popular gentlemen’s clubs in town also report difficulty in finding and keeping employees. This may be connected with the overabundance of such clubs in Pattaya.

For a time there was a very short but incredibly busty young woman in her early twenties working at Maggie May. She was also quite skilled in the erotic arts. Apparently she is not longer employed at the bar however. She has moved on to another location.

The women who can be found at Maggie May do their job sufficiently. They are not pushy or aggressive in the least. In fact customers may actually have to approach them if they wish to have a drink or partake in more intimate activities behind one of the curtains. The usual services are offered at the normal rates. That means customers can spend 700 to 1000 Baht for oral or full service.


Maggie May is nice enough even with the bit of clutter evident inside the bar. The issue is that the place is located in Pattaya with all its various venues and adult entertainment options. Even the best businesses staffed by lots of lovely ladies have to deal with this.

With other bars like Bliss and even competing gentlemen’s clubs so close by Maggie May could have a tough time of it. Then again there is a whole row of gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya now that gets its fair share of customers.

Time will tell how Maggie May will develop. It is quite possible that the place will prosper as a local watering hole with some women around even if it never becomes a destination that men coming into the city feel a need to seek out and visit. One star.

Address:Soi Chaiyapoon, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:11:00 AM - 2:00 AM
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