Review: The Hunny Lounge in Pattaya, Thailand


The Hunny Lounge is one of the newer gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. It is fittingly located on Soi Honey not far from the well known LK Metro. It has been open for some time now but it doesn’t seem to have received much coverage. I aim to rectify that today with this review which is well overdue.

The Hunny Lounge is related to The Hunny Pot sports bar. That place has been fairly well known by Pattaya regulars for years. It’s a well run venue with reasonable prices and good attentive staff.

The Hunny Lounge ladies

Apparently The Hunny Lounge is a sort of spin off of The Hunny Pot at least to some degree. It is one of the many new gentlemen’s clubs that have sprung up in the area in recent years. Seeing some of the new places open at the same time as others disappeared is what prompted me to ask if there are too many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya not long ago.

Location and decor

The Hunny Lounge is easy to find if you know what you are looking for. It is so small that it would be easy to walk by otherwise. Pattaya is so cluttered with businesses and signs that everything seems to blend into the background at some point. It’s even possible to walk past famous Walking Street go go bars in the madness of Friday night crowds.

A glass sliding door leads into The Hunny Lounge. There is a curtain behind it blocking the view from the street. Inside the small venue there is a bar on the right side with some seats. After that there are some lounge style couches. Towards the back is some more limited seating with more room available upstairs.

The place is very well decorated. It was clearly designed with the intention of making a nice gentlmen’s club. At least in terms of the environment it was a success. However the experience is what matters most for the kinds of customers that go to these places. I have seen some real dumps that were extremely popular. On the other hand I’ve seen palatial spaces go out of business.

Staff and services

The term “hit or miss” is often thrown around in informal reviews of many types. It seems that it may very much apply to The Hunny Lounge. Some pictures and reports that have appeared online portray The Hunny Lounge as a wild and popular place filled with partying people. I can confirm that it is just as possible to find the place nearly empty with just two or three people on staff.

The limited staff can be restricted itself too. There is at least one somewhat large lady working at The Hunny Lounge who seems to be incredibly shy considering her line of work. The bar tender is attentive when required but is very drawn to the screen of a smartphone as is increasingly common today.

Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya are known be closed door venues were a lot can happen. It is normal to see quite a bit of “hands on” interaction between women and their customers in these bars. I don’t doubt that such a thing is possible at The Hunny Lounge but if so it isn’t made clear or obvious at all. Even an inquiry into such things can get a blank or empty response depending on who is asked.


I know that at least some of the women on staff must offer more in the way of services than clanking glasses and keeping customers company. If they are not actually in the bar however it is all a moot point. Even the best restaurant in the world wouldn’t be much of a draw to anyone if it lacked staff or actual food.

The Hunny Lounge is a newer venue with a nice design. The location is very central in Pattaya and it is very easily accessible. It is a nice spot with reasonable prices and a cheerful if limited staff. I believe that more is probably on offer than drinks but I cannot confirm that. I offer the above observations instead. One star.

Address:Soi Honey, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:2:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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